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I did that! ✔️ I was working on the guns, abs and cardio today and I am smiling because I love it! I know that if I keep putting in the consistent hard work I will reach my goals!
This is the home stretch of Focus T 25 so i am putting in the hard work to make sure I hit my first weight loss goal. I am about 7 lbs away so I got to make sure I am pushing hard, eating clean and drinking my yummy shake!


Happy Saturday! Enjoy your weekend!


Good morning fit friends! Happy #flexfriday to you! Time to burn some goop and remove the crap from my body with a doubles day! Yay double the sweat, double the calories burned! And in my more weight I can lose for Staturday tomorrow lol!
So it's show time yup show time! Time to push play on my goals and dreams. Time to work on me. Time to get the body I have always wanted to have! Dreams don't come true without some work from you!


ThrowbackThursday it's been a 2 month journey with Focus T 25. Its been so amazing and I really can't believe I have 2 more weeks to go!

I am down 13 lbs! Wow wow wow. Its so funny to think if I didn't stick with it! Proud of myself for staying committed to me and finishing the program in entirety and not leave on the shelf to get dusty!

Can't wait to see what my final calculations will be and I am finishing right before thanksgiving how about that! ✔️ I so want you to know that you can do this too. You can get the results you want with a little determination and motivation and a little help from a coach like me!

I run small virtual support groups where I help you get results like me and other clients I have helped. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Comment I am in below then click on the form for immediate delivery of the details!



Change can be hard but don't let it stop your goals!


Yup back to the early workouts! If I want the change I crave for my body I have to keep pushing play on my workouts! If a change happens in your schedule you have to just adjust so you can still get your fitness in.

I don't want to lose my motivation just because I am working. I have 2 more weeks left and I have a goal weight for this program before I go on to the next one and I am really close to it so I can't stop now!

No excuses no stopping this girl I got goals to reach!


Scheduling your time as a coach as a coach can be tricky I made a video about how I handle working full time while running my business go to my fan page to check it out link in my bio!


I love this workout program! I can't believe how much fun I have had these last 2 months and I will be sad to see it end I'm 2 weeks but I am looking forward to starting my next thing!

Also I will be sharing my final results with the program and I hope that I will be near my target goal! I want to keep inspiring someone else who wants to get started that now's your time you can be just like me!


I love my chocolate shake. I have it every morning after my workout. It helps me feel energized throughout the day and I miss it when I don't have it. Oh yeah its full of vitamins and minerals it feels like a little scrub brush for my insides.

It keeps me from reaching for the breakfast sandwich before I go to work or the doughnuts I would have loved to have before. I also love that it's so quick and easy for me. I usually just add water and shake it up but my favorite recipe I add, peanut butter, a banana and almond milk and omg it's heaven in a cup!

I just love the way it makes me feel and also keeps the scale from going the way I don't want it to go lol!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am today going to enjoy family time and a lovely meal with my nearest and dearest! If you emailed me about my upcoming fitness support group I will be returning all messages tomorrow! I wish you blessing and love and i am thankful to all of you out there! #thankfulthursday #feliciapolkfitnessnutrition #dreamjob


Oh wow wow wow I just reached 2500 fans over at Felicia Polk Fitness & nutrition I am so excited I am thinking about giving you guys something for FREE tomorrow! Stay tuned! #2500fans #feliciapolkfitnessnutrition


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