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by @_bren_flakes_

So today marks an incredibly big day for me in many ways: Realization, Strength, Self Love, Appreciation, Self Awareness, The list goes on and on... it’s a year to the day that I made an attempt on my own life. I can genuinely say that if I didn’t have My Mom and The best friend I could ever ask for, @jaymevdm , I definitely wouldnt be where I am today. Do I still struggle with my depression and anxiety, of course, but that entire event last year opened my eyes in so many ways and as hard as my struggle is now, I am still happy and thankful for the life that I have. I NEVER want anyone to feel the way I have, nor do I ever want to feel that way again. Looking back, thinking about how I felt, is honestly terrifying to me now, it is such a dreadfully sad thing that anyone should ever feel the way that I did and I will never let anyone feel like they are alone, unwanted, unloved, or unneeded, no matter if they are a stranger, family member, friend or acquaintance. I will always make time for anyone and everyone because as I said the pain I went through was absolutely terrible. For those who were there for me and have continued to be, thank you and I love you so much. To those who have felt or are feeling like I did, reach out to me and I will do anything in my power to help you, even if I don’t know you. To everyone and anyone I will always be there for you. You are loved, you are needed and wanted and most of all you do matter. Xoxo #SuicidePrevention #MentalHealthAwareness #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #FightTheStigma #MentalHealthMatters


by @saritafitdoc

This shirt sums up at least half of who I am! 🙃
Nerdy. I was a straight-A, valedictorian student. I’m a doctor. I love books and Harry Potter.🤓
Dirty. I tend to have the mouth of a sailor.🧜🏼‍♀️⚓️
Inked. I have 11 tattoos.🖋
Curvy. I’m Puerto Rican. My 🍑has been compared to JLo’s.🇵🇷
I used to dislike and would try to hide pretty much every one of these details about myself because I wanted to be “cool” and “accepted”. #
Thankfully, through a lot of self-reflection, THERAPY, personal development books, and becoming a fitness coach, I found some grace and self-LOVE.
Now I’m proud of every single detail I mentioned above. ☺️
What’s something you didn’t like about yourself that you have learned to ❤️?


by @jessbrucegreen

Larry and I saw @anthonybourdain in Columbus for my anniversary gift to him a couple years ago. I am so saddened. Whatever you're struggling with, you don't have to go through it alone. The Lifeline is here for you, 24/7, at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Or text CSIS to 839863.

Columbus, Ohio

by @sarahgladue

It’s so easy to pretend everything is perfect, especially on Social Media. There’s a stigma when it comes to being real, and not showing the bad parts.
It’s ok to not be ok. 💗

Fort mcmurray, alberta

by @breakingtaboo

It's okay 🌹🌹🌹
I hope everyone had a good Monday and a great start to your week! 📸- @positivelypresent


by @kittyoliviamt

‘mental illness shows weakness’ ‘you can’t be strong if you’re mentally ill’ ‘she can’t even get out of bed, she’s not strong’ ‘crying is weak’ LIES. ALL OF THEM. POISONOUS LIES. people that battle mental illnesses are flipping badass. the people that have their minds fighting against every action they try to take. the people who feel so worthless they don’t see the point in life who battle through another day. the people that put on a brave face every morning and smile when the world inside their head is falling apart. the people that curl up in bed and cry and don’t move all day. if you live through a day with your brain yelling at you that you’re not good enough, you’re not good enough, you’re not good enough then you ! are ! badass ! those that suffer from mental illness are so far from being weak. they are warriors. champions. queens. fighters. crying isn’t weakness it’s a demonstration of emotion. just like laughing isn’t strength it’s a demonstration of emotion. being mentally ill is not weak. being mentally ill does not define you. being mentally ill is not who you are. you are strong. // no longer slaves - melissa helser and jonathan david 🌹


by @reallybigknickers

🧠 💭 taking stroll back to #WorldMentalHealthDay last week and absolutely loved how so many people got involved - and some of you lovely lot wore your #ReallyBigKnickers loud and proud!
Big thank you to @tinysilver who coordinated her outfit PERFECTLY with her #LovelyBigGirlPants 😍 (thank you for letting me share this, too!).
What are your #BigKnickers helping you to do? Snap a quick pic + tag us so we can see you! 📸 📲 #ReallyBigKnickers #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #MensMentalHealth #MensMentalHealthAwareness #WomensMentalHealth #WomensMentalHealthAwareness #ChildrensMentalHealth #ChildrensMentalHealthAwareness #YoungPeoplesMentalHealth #YoungPeoplesMentalHealthAwareness #PinBadge #PinBadges #PinBadgeLove #FightTheStigma


by @notsotypicaltiffany

One of the hardest parts of having a loved one who is a lost soul is watching them self-destruct and knowing no amount of your love can save them.
I can’t tell you the amount of times I have nagged, screamed, threatened and cried for my brother. I’m his big sis, (even though he towers above me now) and watching him give up and become a person exteriorly I KNOW he is not internally has been gut wrenching.
I had to learn that there is a BIG difference between loving someone through their darkness and enabling them. I had to learn that me giving him money, helping him with a place to stay, even paying for his cigarettes was not helping him; it was helping me. No one wants to have their loved one hungry, homeless, out in the elements; hopeless. We help them to alleviate the pain it causes us to think of them in those situations. I had to learn, however painful it was, that the best thing I could do for him was nothing. I had to step away, withdraw my support and let him fall. It wasn’t easy to do, sometimes I still fight the guilt of letting him suffer (which is how I see it). While I have stepped away from his life, so long as he continues to spiral down, I continue to do one thing for him; pray. I pray everyday for him. I ask God to watch over him, I cry for the loss of the relationship I once had with one of my best buddies and I pray some more.
One day my hope for him is that all those loving words that God and the angels are whispering to him, finally do not fall on deaf ears. One day I pray for him that he sees his value in this world and opens his heart back up so that he can accept who he is without shame. I pray for him to move away from his past and present to make a new path for his future. I pray that one day his loves himself.
If you have a loved one who suffers with mental health and/or addictions issues know this: as long as there is still breath in their body, there is hope for them.
No one’s life is ever a lost cause.
#dontgiveup #fightthestigma #breakthestigma #addiction #mentalhealth #recovery #loveyourself #missmybrother #prayer #lovehimalways #hope


by @xjanexdoex

It's #invisibledisabilitiesweek and while realizing I'm still deeply ashamed about being ill I didn't want to remain silent so I decided to share a poem that says it all.

An Insider's Guide on How to be Sick by @andrewgibby

Never say the words ‘this is not my life'
This pain that wakes you screaming in the muzzle of the night
This pain that woke your lover, chased her to another room
to another life
This fevered fainting
This tremorring chest
This mangled kite
This panic like a cave of bats
This nurse drawing blood wearing doubled gloves
This insurance doesn't cover that
This hurried paycheck of doctor after doctor after doctor
This stethoscope that never hears your heart
This hospital bed
This florescent dark
This save your prescription with side effects worse than the disease
This please let me have one month where I read more poems than warning labels
This not knowing what the test will say
This pray pray pray
This airplane's medical emergency landing
This shame when you can't walk
Shame when you can't fuck
Shame when you're home alone sobbing on another friday night
Say ‘This is my life
This is my precious life
This is how badly I want to live'
Say Sometimes you have to keep pulling yourself up by the whip
Take punch after punch to the face forward
To the head up
And still uncurl the fist of your grief like a warm blanket on the cool earth of your faith
Say every waiting room is the clime where you will finally take shape to fit into the keyhole of your own gritty heart
To open mercy
To open your siren throat
Say every fever is a love note to remind you that there better things to be than cool
Fuck cool
Fuck every pair of skinny jeans
From the month your muscles started atrophying to a size two
Say fuck you to anyone who asks you if you eat enough
Say how do you not know that is so fucking rude
Remember you never have an obligation to quiet the hurricane inside your chest
Especially on a day when another healthy person suggests ‘you would feel so much better if you would just focus your breath into a Buddha beam of light" (continues ⬇️)


by @anabrduarte

My therapist told me to find my “happy place” and to me is not some idyllic beach. It’s Tempelhof. When I was in Berlin I was mesmerized with this place and spend a really nice time here, smoking weed, thinking about life and napping. Quoting the insightful @kyliejenner , I was here “realizing stuff” with this amazing blue sky. In my happy place I have a “safe box” where I put the people that hurt me in the past and the bad things that happened to me. I cannot think of a better place to have a safe box and have enough space to me and my happy thoughts than Tempelhof. I can put all the motherfuckers at the end of the park and still have enough space to me, to keep “realizing stuff” and walking freely of bad stuff.
#letstalkaboutmentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #fuckthestigma #fightthestigma

Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany

by @eventhestrong

There were times in my life I wanted to die
Sometimes I still wish I were never born
But I no longer long for a fantastic death
full of fury and drama and chop-socky action
I used to fantasize about a hero’s death
Going out on a note they won’t forget
With a body-mindstate charged with adrenaline
And testosterone
And screaming hot blood
I don’t know what I wanted but I wanted to be gone
To leave and be noticed and leave the loud mark
of someone who conquered someone or something else
Maybe an arch-nemesis
An invading monster
A shooter with mental health issues, 
my twisted twin through a TV screen 
whose defeat would signal a final quelling 
of the hurt in my chest 
and my 
directionless quest
I see my demise differently now.
Now I just want to be able to walk and laugh come death 
Old as a campfire joke and flickering too
To be healthy and whole
and present in love
Until the day I quietly slip through the sand
of my old-man sleep
A wave on a beach.
(First poetry attempt in a long-ass minute, be easy 🙏🏻) ⚫⚫🖤
[🔊 Black Milk, "X Chords"]


by @isabelapparel

the power of kindness- i found this picture a while ago and was so moved by it so i figure i would share it with yall. in any situation you have, ask yourself, can i be kinder? can i put my own feelings aside and show compassion?


by @mike_arnold_

Yes. Yes we do. 💜🙌🏼

#Repost @tellbetterstories2018 with @get_repost
Today is World Mental Health Day. We’d be remiss, when we talk about mental health, to not talk about alcohol. 👉For many years, beginning in college and extending into my 30s, I saw a series of therapists and a psychiatrist, for generalized anxiety disorder. It increased a good bit in my 30s, around the time my career was taking off, my family was growing, and I had more and more responsibilities. None of these medical professionals talked with me about the role that alcohol might be playing in worsening my anxiety. Instead, I was told to “be easier on myself,” take benzos (which I did and is an entire other story), and that what I was experiencing was just typical *busy lady stress*. Even when I said I thought I was self-medicating with alcohol it was always “You’re too hard on yourself!” “You can cut back a bit.” From what I have learned, this is a very common story. Fast forward to today, and what I’d like to tell a woman like me in her 20s or 30s:
1)Listen to your intuition.
2)Be discerning about what medical professionals you choose. Yes, I know access to health care is a HUGE challenge for many — keep fighting until you find someone who really listens to you. 3)When we talk about mental health, we need to talk about alcohol. Full stop. That means not talking about drinking like it’s self-care, that means talking abut the truth about the impact of alcohol on mental health, that means resourcing people who need help and are turning to a bottle ... because it works (for a time). If you are suffering today, I care about you. Let’s keep talking. 💛

Kent, Kent, United Kingdom

by @thescootyfund

Y’all know the drill: Tomorrow is #WellnessWarriorWednesday ➡️ We have a fabulous host, meet Matt! ➡️ Tune in as he takes us through his day and shares his wellness journey/practices ➡️ In the meantime, comment questions you’d like to see him address!!


by @lost_in_utah

Today's daily reminder. .
I am trying so hard. Last night I actually slept thru the night without a sleep aid and managed to even leave on time for work finally. .
I stayed up much later then I should have but today I am kind of feeling okay. Blank is still a thing and silence is killing me, but headphones and Hulu at work are helping a ton. #foreverbroken is still here but maybe just ever so slightly better today .
#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #stopthestigma #anxietydisorder #anxiety #depression #becouragouswithyourstory #bethechange #this #truth #quotesilove #quotes #bebold #twloha #towriteloveonherarm #somuchthis #thisisme #shareyourstory #bebrave #mentalillness #youarenotalone #yourstoryisimportant #inspire #share #shareyourstory #yourstorymatters #connect #fightthestigma #grateful  #somuchthis #peace


by @soft_pluviophile

Enjoying the sun shining on my bed. ✨☀️💛 Swipe to see Stöpsels opinion about me worrying too much because of the sick leave I am on right now... ;) (Of course, that's just my interpretation. But I think I wants my overactive brain to shut up for a moment so that I can just enjoy the sun and the cuddles....) Today is the last day of my sick leave and I will probably ask my boss if I can work from home the next two days. That will make it a lot more likely, that I can continue working right now without needing another break. I am very grateful for my understanding and kind boss. I wish everyone a beautiful/calm/okay day, depending on what you need most today. ✨💜💛🌈
#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalheslthmatters #fightthestigma #endthestigma #cuteandcomfy #cuteandfluffy #fluffyandcute #cuteandcuddly #sunsout☀️ #mentallyill #genderqueer #agender #genderfluid #genderfluidity #genderqueercuties #nonbinary #enby #nonbinarycuties #nonbinaryandproud #ftm #selflove #selfcareselfie #selfiesforselfcare #bodypositivity #bodyposi #bodypositive #allbodiesarebeautiful #fuckyourbeautystandarts #riotsnotdiets


by @speak_up_speak_now

I’m beginning to really like my new counselor. Had a great session with her last night! First small goal we’re going to work on is self compassion. My HW assignment is to repeat these 4 phrases everyday to myself either aloud or in my head:
1. This is really difficult
2. I’m not alone in this struggle
3. I’m sorry you’re going through this
4. I’m worthy of receiving self compassion

The last two statements are a little foreign to me - especially the last one (apparently that’s expected haha). I’ve allowed the self critic voice in my mind to take up too much space.
I deserve the same amount of love and respect I give others. I deserve to receive self love and self compassion. Now just getting myself to believe that is the hard part🙃
atingeatingdisorders #lifewithouted
#mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealth #mentalillness #depression #anxiety #eatingdisordersrecovery #eatingdisorders #bulimia #anorexia #ocd #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #fightthestigma #speakup #keeptalkingmh #youareenough #shareyourstory #counselingtips #forgivingyourself #perfectionist #selfhatred #selflove #selfharm


by @ashleymaggrah

Sometime you just have to try to smile through the darkest days and get through it... I spoke to a friend of mine just last week about how many people have to deal with depression and anxiety these days... Like has it always been like this but we just never talked about it?? Something recently happened that threw me off my game.. It can be the smallest or biggest things sometimes that throw us off track.
One thing that I have learnt is we have to try to pick ourselves up even in those gloomy days. 🌧
Picking myself back up and getting back into my workouts today.. So glad I haven’t missed out much because of this 4 day a week program!
The best part is the results I’m getting already and we’re halfway through!! #liift4 #postpartum #fightthestigma #postpartumfitness #postpartumbody #postpartumdepression #inspiration #motivation #mom #momof3 #momofboys #babygirl #transformationtuesday #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthy #goals #womenwholift #momswholift #strongwomen #positivevibes #strongnotskinny #workout #fitness #fitfam #momstrong @breannefreeman @joelfreemanfitness

Gatineau, Quebec

by @breakingtaboo

Hey everyone! Have you joined our #Themaskiwear challenge? Did I mention it's also our #Halloween giveaway? 👻🎃
Take a picture of yourself wearing a mask or just use the hashtag #TheMaskIWear in your picture and talk about the different masks you wear on a daily basis 🤗
Tag your friends, so they have a chance to do it and win some goodies too!
We will be posting everyone who does this in our stories and the winner will not only win goodies but will be featured on our page for a shout-out!!💗
What mask do I wear?
I wear a mask of a mental health advocate, woman, student, partner, and child.
There are so many masks that every single one of us wear.
So let me know what mask you wear! 🙌
📸- @spoookybutt

Davidson, North Carolina

by @justatravelingbee

A story of faith and fate.

Two weeks ago my phone was stolen. I didn't even realise how it happened. I had an anxiety attack. I was having a tough week and I wasn't sure what was going on.

The next morning I woke up. I went to work. I was exhausted. That night I went to sleep and I realised: there's nothing you can do about it. Life goes. It's not your fault when things happen to you. People do things, good and bad, and sometimes you just found yourself in the middle. I got better. I told myself 'that's how God wanted things to go'. For two weeks I didn't have a phone. That means I was not reachable when I wasn't at home. It was hard, but liberating at the same time. I got lost, because I had no GPS. I had to stop people and ask for information. I discovered streets I've never seen before.
Then I discovered that my phone has been found. The police arrested the thieves. I couldn't believe it!

I got my phone back. But unfortunately, they threw away my SD card. I lost all my pictures for the last months. All my travel memories, all my graduation pictures, last pictures of my grandfather, all the pictures that I saved for months to look at them when I was far from home. It was heartbreaking.

So I took a deep breath, and again told myself that this is what God (or the Universe, if you prefer) chose for me, and something good will come out of all of this. A fresh start. (Old picture from last spring in Scotland!)