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by @fit.n.classy

Just being here, breathing in the air I've been longing for for so long, listening to silence, embracing the change and enjoying the sun and my freedom so much 😊 I am where I belong. ❤
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by @macdaddybrooklyn

When all your cards seem to be falling into the right place, you celebrate by going to a concert with your bestie. 🥂⠀ I have given up a lot to be in LA. The journey to my dream has been mostly rough, sprinkled with baby steps and small victories here and there. I know I make it look easy 😉, but there have been so many times I wanted to quit, move back home and go back to school for an engineering degree - which there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it was the route my mother took. But something keeps calling me to stay in this movie town of dreams. There’s a reason my higher power won’t let me stop believing in myself.⠀ A couple months ago, I started doing a lot of personal development work on myself to help me reach my visions of success. I started reading, writing, envisioning, meditating and exercising (almost) every day. Before, a lot of fear drove me to being too timid to ask for the things I truly wanted. Fear of the words spoken by small minded people inhibited me from allowing myself to imagine a universe where I can have wild dreams. Fear of their thoughts enveloped me when I would tell them that my dreams were bigger than what average Joe would find appropriate or attainable. I would never speak up.⠀

Fuck them. Fuck being scared. I’m bold. I’m brave. And I’m fighting for it everyday. I am filming with friends almost every week. I co-created and co-host a growing podcast based on people reaching for their dreams. I booked the lead in a hilarious commercial written by an Emmy nominated writer - after several avails and a couple other bookings. I am in the process of writing two short films and finally finishing my pilot. I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m about to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding and got to travel with her and other incredible women to party in the streets of New Orleans, LA. My step by step plan to beasting next year’s pilot season is perfectly on schedule. And I have a pretty awesome cat (something I never thought I’d say in a million years), who I love more than anything. I truly believe there’s nothing I can’t do. And I truly believe everything I ask for will happen - BECAUSE I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Greek Theatre

by @julietjacobsenkastorff

Find that special place...that place you go to to listen to your heart rather than your head. And from that place, dare to go where your heart leads. The destination may have unintended consequences, but the journey will be filled with love and joy, tears, nights under the stars, heartache, and dances in the moonlight. And then come back to your special place to reflect on that journey. #itsthejourneynotthedestination #followyourheart #livelovelaugh #yourspecialplace


by @adventure__sparkle

Guys I just came back from Portugal! A little break from the world to get a bit of sunshine and the usual running around between houses! I think I am more tired now then when I went! .
Looking at the positive side of if I had the sun shining all the way through our stay and we took loads of pics! .
Do you live away from "home", does this happen to you too!? .
. ✈✈✈✈
Amigos acabei de voltar de Portugal! Uma pequena pausa do mundo para apanhar um pouco mais de sol e a usual correria entre casas! Acho que estou mais cansada do que quando fui!
A olhar para o lado positivo o sol acompanhou-nos sempre é tiramos imensas fotos! .
Também moras longe de "casa", isto tambem te acontece?

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Tulum, Mexico

by @kenneth_meimerstorf

Season withdrawals are starting to hit me. Just want to go out there and compete again! Until next year. The fun is gong to begin soon enough.
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by @evolveworkshops

Testimonial from @vaughntastic from our Joshua Tree Workshop: “Part of an amazing few days in Joshua Tree!​ Evolve Workshops​ inspired me so much this particular weekend, that I made a new ​preset​ that’s now my go-to!”


by @daisys_creationsbyd

When ur Brows are LIFE🙌🏽


by @daniwilder.rf

6 beautiful blendable shades 💞


by @creatingatrulydivinelife

As I stand here in Salt Lake City for dōTERRA global convention I’m thinking of how my life has unfolded to bring me here.
I realise that my heart has been guiding me all along.
I could have made it easy by tapping in, getting quiet, and hearing its song, or I could have made it difficult by trying to figure it all out with my head.
I tried the latter of course being a strategy type person, but in the long run, when you trust in the divine, the heart always wins.
So my advice for you today? Stop, get still, listen, you have everything you need within you to reach your wildest dreams!

If your heart is whispering that there’s more to life than this, LISTEN! There is! And if you’re not sure what it is - watch my feed over the coming few days, I’ll be sharing some things that changed my life and continue to do so every day!

If they resonate with you - let’s chat, I’m ready for some new play buddies to build dream castles with! 💕💕 And then manifest them in reality!

Hotel RL

by @brittanybailey__

My house is a disaster and so am I (hence animal ears lol) but I am so grateful that I am finally pursuing my dream 💉❤️ #followyourheart #sweatpantsalldayeveryday #nursingstudent #alwaysstudying #abouttimebritt


by @calliecgunn

What makes you happy?😁
If you look really closely here, you might see the fear in my eyes for the end of this beautiful mood-boosting sunshine.
Six months later and still loving these shades 😆
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Cambridge, Ontario

by @pellowahenergyhealing

Do you feel like you don’t know yourself? Are you walking the path less travelled?
Pellowah is about you and your consciousness! Your clarity, your life choices and directions!
Pellowah is for everyone - you don’t need o be, or become a Practitioner. Most people undertake Pellowah training for their own growth and expansion... #pellowah #healingvibrations #healingvibes #pellowahenergyhealing #glastonburyworkshops #glastonbury #lifepath #spiritualconsciousness #higherconsciousness #discoveryourself #awakening #clarity #purpose #direction #soulpath #followyourheart #followyourdreams #livelife #bethelight


by @dr.amanda.bowen

There is always a way. There is a solution to every problem. When we get out of our own way, the way will appear! 👍😉✨

New Brighton, Wirral, United Kingdom

by @dorydreamcatcher

“Los diamantes para mi, son las personas que dan sentido a nuestra vida que se sitúan entre el amor y la amistad.
El mundo de los diamantes es el mundo de los descubrimientos, ese gran descubrimiento que hice hace diez años cuando empecé la universidad. Entré en un mundo especial y diferente y descubrí el nuevo escalafón de la amistad, esas personas que no son ni amantes, ni amigos, ni hermanos, esa gente que se cruza en tu vida y que con una sola conversación puede llegar a cambiártela.
Tus diamantes te enseñarán lo sencillo que es creer en la amistad para que esta se cree. Y es que el creer y el crear están tan sólo a una letra de distancia. .
Cada ochenta o noventa perlas aparece un diamante. Y un diamante, para que me entiendas, es una de esas personas que se hace tan básica y tan importante en tu vida que parece creada únicamente para ti.
En aquellos años pudimos conocer una media de 200 personas, y la pregunta es: ¿por qué elegiste a ellos y no a otros?Simple. Ellos fueron los únicos que vi brillar entre tantísima gente. Para que me entiendas, son de esas personas que la magia se le sale por los poros.
Descubrí que los desconocidos pueden ser tus mejores aliados, que gracias a ellos el miedo pierde su significado, y la vida y la amistad es lo más valioso. .
La teoría de los diamantes habla de todo esto, de todo lo que sentimos y no decimos, del miedo a que nos quiten lo que tenemos, de reconocernos enteramente por mucho tiempo que pase y apreciar quiénes somos y quienes nos rodean cada segundo del día.
Y llega un día que te das cuenta que no podías haber elegido mejor, pues ya elegiste a los mejores. “
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