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Stranger Things, S2 is almost upon us 馃檹馃檶
(And apparently, so is the truth - 馃槀)
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With social media, news, gossip etc we so often forget that we are our best teacher for doing what is right based on the application of our own prior experiences. We feel the pain, sadness the real ness of that event , no matter how big or how small that event and feelings are we all have the ability to listen to enrich our lives and make ourselves better. We so often make excuses as to the difficulty and give up on ourselves and our very own souls desire to be the best person we can be. We all fail to listen and we have all hurt but our soul continually will pull us in the right direction. Practice, practice and trust in yourself to set yourself free #goodreads #tuesdaymorning #coffeetime #foodforthought #imnotperfect #trusttheprocess


Fun Rule #3: Don鈥檛 apologise
This drink is Sorry Not Sorry ($15), a blend of vibrant red dragon fruit and creamy soursop. Cacha莽a, a Brazilian sugarcane liquor, forms the base spirit, while lime and lemongrass tie into this tropical mix nicely. With its bold flavours, visual flair and popping seedy texture, Bee Bee鈥檚 declaration of solidarity with the LGBTQIAPD crowd is right on the money. But hey, let鈥檚 not do a deep dive into the issue. Just tuck that cocktail umbrella behind your ear and focus on having an unapologetically good time.

Bee Bee's

Alot of people don't know the most important thing about becoming or being successful....staying humble is the fastest way to success and the only way to stay successful....i am RUDY FEELINGS and my HUMILITY drives my success.. ...#rudyfeelings #humbled #lover #peace #inspirationalquotes #inspired #sucess #talents #trinidad #trending #foodforthought #forever


The sea beet is being well munched as the tide washes the dead seaweed up the estuary and around the plants. No wonder this is such a fertile place!
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