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Choose to focus your time, energy and conversation around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow you into your happiest, strongest, wisest self 💞 #choose #people #focus #time #energy #inspire #support #happiness #strong #wise #you #me #beyourbest #forgettherest #dontbeliketherestofthemdarling #proud #risetothetop #work #workhard #dream #dreambig #positive #friends #family #instagood #instadaily #instamood 💕


Part Two: Mom taught me how to be a mom! She was there when each of my children were born. She always gave the first bath and I let her have the honors of cutting their nails first! Mom knitted "boo boos"(blankets) and booties for the babies. They did crafts, cooked and she would listen to them play their instruments or watch them play sports. Mom taught me to "not sweat the small stuff" even during the teen years! Mom was an amazing Daughter, loving Wife,Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. On this Mother's Day, she would not want us to feel sad. My heart is just grateful for all the memories and the things she taught me. And yes Mom, I try to keep my hair out of my eyes and wear lipstick 💄 because it makes you happy 😊. And just like Sara in Shirley Temple, I am being brave and strong - just like you and for you !#happymothersday #missyoumom #blessed #learnedfromher #memoriesforever #rememberthebest #forgettherest #loveyoumom


I don't understand why so much hate and negativity goes on, especially on social media. It saddens me to see. Run your own race, be confident and remember why you started. True passion will always shine through 💫 Here is to uplifting, supporting and encouraging one another and nothing less ❤️#noplatformfornegativity #bepositive #inspire #support #happy #happiness #shinebright #forgettherest #localbusiness #supportlocal

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Today is yet another day where I could have totally justified not working out!
So tired the kids need me! Ya da ya da ya!
Nope drink your energize and just do it!
That's it no big secret just show up and finish!


Armor Lux et. Madewell #armorlux #madewell


Reminder: Sometimes it's easy to succumb to stress and it can cloud your vision. Keep your goal in sight and do what feels right. You are important. #dontstress #forgettherest #youareimportant #striveforsuccess


These are @dubnutritionbyrebekah personal result for the #reset90challenge half way point! “I am down 23 pounds as of today in 45 days. The Reset 90 Challenge is based on transformation alone! So you have to make sure your body is eating enough, doing cardio enough, lifting enough and taking the right amount of dub supps! All I have to say is go burners and thank god for my coach @bodybybigjohn”❤️❤️❤️❤️ A strict diet pays off even though it is hard!!! Keep up the good work everyone!! #bodybybigjohn #trainwiththebest #forgettherest


This woman, she was smiling on the outside but struggling she on the inside.
I think at this point she only had 2 knit wrap dresses that she wore and was probably still in maternity pants even though her new baby was about 7 months old.
She was trying so hard to embrace happiness and joy. She didn't want miss out on the joy of baby #2 which she thought would be her last. She was trying to manage a 4 year old, manage her law career, and keep up the household while her husband travel in pursuit of his dream career ( a decision that she encouraged ). But it was hard. She was embarrassed by her appearance. She thought she was eating right and she was walking and walking to an in home DVD that had helped her lose weight after baby #1 but little to nothing was happening. There was no way she could go to a gym since her husband was always traveling for work.
It was her husband that help her find a solution. He asked her to do a home fitness program with him. It was exactly what she needed to shed the baby weight and reshape her body. In 90 days she dropped 3 pants sizes and 20 lbs. she kept going .
That woman was me ( I talk about her in the third person because that weight gain was an out of body experience --for a good year I didn't recognize the reflection in the mirror). 8 years and another baby later using some of those sane home workouts and meal plans I am in the best shape of my life ( actually wearing size 2 👖) and about to turn 40!
More than the weights loss is the confidence that I gained! And loving the reflection in the mirror is priceless!
Want to know how I did it, send me a message!