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Who said that you can’t be a mother of two, a wife, have a career, eat right and workout?? #healthy #musicalmommy #musician #fitness #getfit #stayfit #bestrong #willpower #hitthegym


Pike up!!!
Pike-ups are a quick but fairly challenging exercise that will engage multiple core muscle groups.
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NURSES, FIFO worker bees, SHIFT WORKERS, STIM JUNKIES... pay attention or try to 😴😴😴
There is no escaping your stressful work loads or hours and sometimes we're so stressed we can't sleep. You've probably tried every method, chamomile tea, meditating, soothing sounds and they're just not cutting it. We've created a perfect balanced stack to give you the best sleep you'll ever have.
We still want to utilise the fact that sleeping is our biggest time for muscle growth so our first choice is magnesium. Magnesium plays an important role in improving muscle contraction, blood clotting, energy production, nutrient metabolism and making new protein, bone and cell formation.
Our second and most important is optidreams. With natural calming ingredients such as phenibut and valerian root, this little gem will put you into that deep R.E.M that you've been struggling to get into without waking up feeling like a groggy mess.
Our last but our stores most popular product, CORT RX. Cort RX helps the body adapt to external stress. This is great for people who use stimulants in high amounts as it takes a lot of pressure off the adrenal glands.
Cort RX uses adaptogenic herbs to restore cortisol and normalise physiology, which stimulates energy levels during periods of fatigue and advocating restfulness in times of stress.
Let's fix these poor sleeping patterns πŸ˜‡πŸ˜΄

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Diet face starting to set in πŸ’€

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