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20lbs Down!!! This is our lovely client Deb she started RT Fitness in August alongside daughter and son in law
Deb had piled the weight on over the years and had not seen the gym floor for some time
When she moved to the North East in the summer she decided to give RT Fitness a go
Since that time her fitness levels have sky rocketed and is looking amazing for it
These are her results so far... 20lbs lighter, a cool 10.4% body fat down, 6 1/2" down on stomach, 5 1/2" off the hips

Deb is an absolute star and such a pleasure to work with
She enjoys the training (even loves the prowler) and enjoys life without restricting herself within the nutrition...the key thing is...she just turns up and gets on with it
Looking forward to the next 4 months with this lovely lady

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The team giving it a little shimmy last night



Following the birth of my second child I found losing weight seemed more difficult than before. I felt constantly exhausted, unhealthy and unhappy with my appearance. This is when I found RT fitness online and my journey to change began 2 days later.

With the support of Sarah I gained a better understanding of what carnage was all about, how to count my calories and the importance of eating (specially proteins) in order to be able to train hard and lose weight. I had lots of questions around nutrition which she answered with confidence. The most difficult part was finding the energy to commence the plan in the first month. Many of the exercises felt difficult to sustain as I lacked in physical activity prior to the birth. With the support from Dan and Mash I was able to push through the challenges even though my entire body was aching. Once the first month was behind me, it got a little bit easier and I still managed to train 4 times a week.

Despite the challenges, every session in the last 4 months have been a pleasure. I began to look forward to my next exercise routine especially when the results started to show.

RT fitness is a lovely environment for your work out. The owners and staff make you feel so welcome and are very approachable. I found that exercising with lots of other people that are there for the same or similar reason like you is very motivating.

Four months have now past and I have never felt healthier and happier. I can’t express enough gratitude to Sarah, Dan, Mash and Ross for helping me lose all my post-natal weight and getting my confidence back.

Thanks again for everything.




RT Fitness has been running since early 2012 in Houghton le Spring and moved to the Durham area in 2013 and still going...Its been 2 years since we opened the doors here in Southwick and the facility has gone from strength to strength

Churning out the results week after week month after month and now we can say year after year
Thank you very much to everyone who has been part of the team and who has supported us on this epic journey

Here's to another 2 years and beyond
We can't thank everyone enough
Sarah, Ross, Dan & Mash


Client James smashing his 100kg for reps


The prowler is a right bitch...but we love it 😍


The RT Family this morning


Have you ever wondered what it’s actually like to be a part of RT Fitness…

Does it work?

What are the coaches like?

Would I enjoy it?

Do you have any friends that attend RT Fitness?

If so, then it’s time you picked up the phone to them because this may be of interest…

This Friday the 12th of October and next Friday the 19th of October, if you have a friend who attends RT Fitness, we’re having a Bring a Friend Free Session.
Our infamous Team Carnage program is on trial and it’s not for murder!!! It’s on trial for you, to see what your training could look like, to meet coaches who you’ve often wondered if you’d gel with and be able to work with to get the results you’ve always wanted…

We like to keep a close-knit group and although many come alone, they never stay that way, we love to see people having coffee before a session, training hard and leaving full of smiles, goodbyes and see you next times.

So… if you’ve a friend at RT and you’ve been sat on the fence… pick up the phone… all we need is a message from them and we’ll see you at the session!!!


An awesome review from the lovely Erin


Squad in action from Monday


Client John's Awesome results so far...here's what he has to say... I joined RT Fitness in April of this year I had though for sometime that I need to be more active and to improve my fitness.

I was looking for a gym that would help me with my lack of motivation somewhere to train where I would feel comfortable at 46.

I had got into a rut not eating well doing very little exercise feeling tired having no energy.

From first contact with RT Fitness and speaking to Sarah going through my goals and what I wanted to achieve I was put at ease I initially signed up for the 90 day programme and straight away I was given advice on nutrition and on what I could expect from the sessions

Not going to lie I did find it extremely hard for the first month but with the advice and encouragement of the coaches Ross, Ellis and the other gym members

I kept at it...getting stronger and fitter every week helping me with diet and nutrition advice when I need it the staff are very professional and knowledgeable and make the sessions fun and relaxed in a great environment.

6 months on I'm still motivated and feel fitter and healthier than I have for years I've lost inches off everywhere as you can see from the pictures I've lost a stone and a half in weight (20 lbs!) and lost 8 percent body fat.

I'm unbelievably happy with the results thanks to the guys at RT Fitness if there's anyone who like me think they need to get more active or to lose weight get fitter whatever your goal is get in touch with RT Fitness these guys really get results



Team Carnage (90 day total transformation) have you got your space???


On this weeks challenge...300 rep ab killer

1. Touch toes 100 reps
2. Leg raise 100 reps
3. Butterfly 100 reps
Rest when you need but ensure you get all 300 reps!


Another super happy client


Team Carnage crew in action if you’d like to be part of our 90 day total transformation then drop us an inbox and we will get your space locked down


Our Northern Monkeys 🐒 Bulk clubbers hitting up some rack pulls


Taking wall sits to the extreme!


Ready, set, go go go go!!!!


It’s a family thing...here’s our lovely family the Hursts bossing some deads this morning


I joined RT fitness back in February 2017 and have loved the journey I have been on and the results are really starting to show! I have always trained but never stuck to something for this length of time – this is a combination of the sessions, coaches, members and results... a package I have not found anywhere else before.
For me RT Fitness is unique in their approach. Before I joined Sarah took the time to phone me and chat to me, understanding my goals and history. She was not pushy or judging, simply offering support and being encouraging. This is something that has continued throughout the 18 months I have been part of RT.

All the coaches are friendly and supportive and none judging. If you fall off the wagon they encourage you to get back on it and everyone at RT celebrates each other’s success and lifts each other when that final round feels unachievable! You feel part of something which means getting up at 5.35am for my 6.15am session isn’t a chore but a great start to my day.

The sessions are without doubt hard work, I’d love to say it has got easier but the reality is I work harder with every week that passes as I am able to. Not only has my body changed to look at (smaller) but I have built muscle and my cardio fitness has increased so much. Attending RT has become an important part of my routine and helps me focus for the day and take control of my health and well-being.

I would encourage anyone thinking about RT fitness to give it a go…..you won’t look back 😁


If you'd like to start on the same journey as Caroline then click the lick above^^^, fill out short form and we will be in touch ASAP


It’s the....EYE OF THE TIGER 🐅


Super good vibes on a Monday from our Team Carnage members (90 day total transformation)


Throw back and transformation all in one with our awesome Warrior Woman Sandy
As you can see this lady had made some huge changes
No pills, potions, fad diets, no restrictions, no filters, no fuckery...just hard work overtime with a balanced approach to nutrition still loves a biscuit and a drink, smashes her sessions and looks mint for it
Don't be fooled by short term transformations out there you aint going to get these results in just 6 weeks
Sandy has been with us 3 1/2 years!
She's had weeks off here and there and misses the odd session

The key thing is she's never stopped, she grinds away and has made this a part of her life whilst juggling 3 kids, looking after the house and a full time job

Amazing women...amazing RESULTS 💪

Sandy started off on our Team Carnage program and moved onto our Warrior Women program

If you'd like to start on the same journey Sandy did then click the link above ^^^ and working together we will help you on your journey


Row and grow!


Team Carnage 90 day total transformation...have you got your September space locked down?


Team Carnage giving it the big un week after week month after month


Rack pull bitches 175kg


Imagine if these where on Santa’s sleigh 🛷 around the world in 6 hours


Next time your at the counter and you hear the beep...think of the fun you could be having on supermarket sweep


Boing boing boing