Photo by @stephenwilkes. | The golden glow of late-afternoon sunlight makes the perfect backdrop for this posing grizzly, swimming in the Bella Coola river. To see more photos from my travels near and far, visit me @stephenwilkes. #DayToNight #StephenWilkes #BellaCoola #CoastMountains #Canada #Grizzly


Photo by @theastvibes
“When I saw the bond between the goose and the person, I just couldn’t resist myself from capturing it,” says 24-year-old Rahul Singh (@theastvibes), who photographed this #WHPkindness submission by the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India. “It’s so funny that we can create a bond with anything via compassion and love.”


Photo @stephen_matera// Snow covered La Sal Mountains rise above Fisher Towers in winter near Moab, Utah. Fisher Towers is a well known rock climbing area, with Titan Tower featured in the climbing book Fifty Classic Climbs in North America. Mount Peale is the highest peak in the La Sal Mountains, reaching a height of 12,721 feet. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Utah and around the world. #desert #winter #climbing #moab


#FotoDelDía | Una cámara trampa captó a este ocelote en un paseo nocturno. Los ocelotes pueden pesar hasta 33 libras (unos 15 kilogramos); su dieta incluye roedores, lagartos, perezosos, así como los pollos del agricultor Elias Machipango Shuverireni, quién es uno de los indígenas que viven dentro del Parque Nacional Manú de Perú. Aún así, dice que admira la belleza de estos felinos.
*Esta imagen fue originalmente publicada en www.nationalgeographic.com.


Amalfi - Italy ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨@timothysykes✨✨ go follow this self-made millionaire who travels the world while teaching others how to become millionaires too!


a pint in the fabled Leadenhall market 🍻⁣

Any Harry Potter fans out there might also recognize this as Diagon Alley 🧙🏼‍♂️


There Should Be Salmon… | Photograph by Douglas Croft (@douglascroftimages)
“A Spirit bear paces up and down a stream that should be full of water and salmon at this time of year,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Douglas Croft. “There has been a severe drought in the rainforest and the need for rain is immense. The whole ecosystem depends on good salmon runs and so far, those numbers are as low as the rainfall totals.” This photo was selected for the October 12, 2018 edition of our Photos of the Week series.

“This moment feels like pure magic to me Douglas. I love how the bear’s white fur is so stark against the lush green background while the perfect little rim-lights on her fur. I can’t get over how lovely the dappled light is in this forest. So beautifully done, thank you for sharing.” — @natgeoyourshot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas)


Next in my series of under visited places is Sukhothai! 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭
Sukhothai is the former imperial capital of the Sukhothai Empire. The ruins of the capital can be found in the historical park of the same name just outside of the modern city of Sukhothai.
Sukhothai is located approximately halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Despite being situated between two of the most popular destinations in Thailand, Sukhothai gets very few visitors in comparison. Most people either fly or take a train, which skips Sukhothai entirely.
It is really too bad because Sukhothai is an amazing place. I’ve often described it as a smaller, cleaner version of Angkor, Cambodia. There are almost 200 ruins spread over 70 square kilometers. There are very few visitors to the park and you can stroll about the grounds historical park is which only a few square kilometers.
The park has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is one of the most significant historical sites in Thailand. It think it is a superior visit to Ayutthaya which is usually crowded with visitors on day trips from Bangkok.
When I visited I pretty much had the park to myself. You can walk amongst the temple ruins or you can rent a bike. They have paved paths that you can ride on.
The easiest way to get to Sukhothai is either by bus or train, from Bangkok or Chiang Mai. I recommend people stop here if they are going between the two cities as it is one place in the country which should not be missed.
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The Reader, Saint-Michel, Paris 🕵🏻‍♂️🗞


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