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This chapter in #girlwashyourface is 🙌🏻 I read this chapter earlier this week on a very long hard day of work, dealing with a tough pregnancy and a testy toddler. I needed to read it at that very moment, gosh I love be when that happens. I found a new favorite verse Philippians 1:6 guys... it’s a good one! #thistooshallpass #giveyourselfgrace and #embracethechaos


That girl in the mirror. She’s not the girl she used to be.

The problem is it changed me, but it’s exactly what I needed to become a better person, to become a stronger person and to become a wiser person.

I’d be lying if I said it was easy. I’d be lying if I said it still didn’t hurt sometimes. I’d be lying if I said I don’t have fear.
But the truth is, I like who I am now more and I like who I’m becoming.


@shape 10/10 nailed this one.. 👏🏼 tag a pal who needs this reminder 🖤 happy Friday beautiful souls!


Burgers and mashed sweet potatoes for the win!! You know what would’ve paired nicely with it? Prosecco!! 🍾

And I’d be telling a lie if I said I didn’t want it and wasn’t tempted! But today marks 61 days of staying committed to my meal pan & workout program! And hat my friends was motivation enough to have seltzer instead! 💪🏼


Yesssssss!!! Longest week ever!! Who has something fun planned?


I am reminding myself today, that progress is much better than perfection. I am a recovering perfectionist. I was that person who would put something down on paper and if it wasn’t finished down to the fine details, it wasn’t done at all. I was raised to be 10 minutes early, and if I wasn’t there by then, I was late. I’m looking at little successes today as big successes in the grand scheme of things. The wall behind me is still a work in progress (and there may still be leaks in said wall), but at least we have a warm home and a functional fireplace for these cold winters. Give yourself some grace today, friends. We are all on this journey together and we gotta help each other out. 💗

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Let’s talk real life for a moment. I feel super bloated...and it’s probably because I had half a bottle of wine last night 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sure I could suck it in and twist my torso to make the abs pop, but that’s not real life. I can’t walk around all day long flexing my abs to look super skinny and toned. .

Sometimes I really struggle with imperfection. I look at the scale and it frustrates me when it goes up instead of down, or my waist measurement doesn’t change. I haven’t had the best week with food. But that’s okay, imperfection is okay—imperfection is real. .

My goal in life is to be real—to be genuine. I want to inspire others with my journey, by showing the good and the bad. I’m not perfect and I’m not super ripped, but I’m happy in my life. And happiness is all that matters ♥️ #fitgirltribe #bloatedbelly #winelover #girlswholift #girlswhorun #squats #restday #giveyourselfgrace


Life is about growth and not perfection. 🌼
Perfection is all or nothing, about the goal, concerns outward appearances, and what we do.
Growth is little by little, focuses on the journey, what happens on the inside, and who we're becoming.
Check out today's blog post about overcoming your inner perfectionist! 《LINK IN BIO》
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Another selfie? 😂
I promise this is different just like I’m different. Isn’t it wonderful that there is so much diversity in this world? Can you imagine how boring it would be if we all looked the same and did the same things? If we were all “perfect”? •
We’re all imperfect...we’re all human...and we have ALL the feelings. If you know me at all I’m the one that wears her heart on her sleeve. •
If you’re sad...I’m sad with you, if you’re happy...I’m happy with you and if you feel like you wanna punch someone in the face cause they made you mad...👊🏼 I’ve got your back. 😂 No I don’t condone violence and I’m not a confrontational person but dang it you don’t mess with my friends or my family! 🤨 •
I CHOOSE to live more fully in the sunlight, I choose positivity and I don’t enjoy the negative but it’s there...oh it’s there. It’s just how you choose to deal with that. Not everyone is going to handle things the way YOU would choose to handle it. •
So...let’s choose to be more compassionate and less judgmental on everyone especially on ourselves. We are our own critic and usually the very worst. This is something I struggle with but feel like I’m getting a better handle on it. •
It’s been a rough week for a lot of reasons but this morning with the sun shining made my heart swell and it reminded me that every day is a new day and a new chance for us to be better than the last. It reminded me that we must focus on today, this VERY moment and to not live in the past and not worry about the future because we are only promised TODAY. •
One of my favorite quotes by a late prophet of my church once said: “Stop seeking out the storms and live more fully in the sunlight.” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley •
There will always be hard times in life and it’s okay to acknowledge that and feel however you want to feel...just do your best to find the positive and enjoy more fully the sunlight. ☀️ .
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