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It's time to shift our energy and transportation systems from fossil fuels to clean and renewable sources. Visit our website to learn more about viable alternatives such as harnessing the power of #organicwaste.
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The sun in Holland shrouded by smoke from the forestfires in Portugal. #nofilter #smokeysky #shroudedsun #admosphere #globalwarming #savetheplanet


The pristine waters of Ganga. Can't wait to go back. #Travel IS life!
It also pains me to think that #globalwarming could eventually take such sights away from us. Let's not allow that to happen. Let us consciously start to think about our environment today so we can take some impactful steps towards environment conservation tomorrow.


Mid October and somehow these beauties are still growing #globalwarming #strawberry

Marché Atwater

We all love to go for a swim in clear and unpolluted waters. Who doesnt? However, with the constant release from factory residues into lakes and seas the level of polluted water is rising. Earth is 70% covered by water, and only 2.6% is freshwater which potentially we can drink. Over 97% is ocean water. What does this mean? Well with the constant pollutants entering our waters this water has to then be cleaned for us to be able to drink it. This causes water degradation ; the water quality deteriorates making it less suitable for use. Between water and deterioration and water scarcity we will reach a point were we will face water shortage. This however can be still be fixed, by doing the following:
1) Reduce domestic use of freshwater by using more water efficient showers, dishwashers and toilets
2) Turn off your tap when you are cleaning your teeth or hands.
3) Wash cars in closed water system car washes. Not washing our car in the streets reduces pollution by oil.
4) Reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides used.
5) Replace these with organic fertilizers
6) Choosing foods in the supermarket that aren't overly packaged with plastic, find paper or bare packaging alternatives.
7) get a reusable shopping bag, don't use plastic bags!


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