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Хочу подякувати усім за цей День народження💓
Традиційне вітання в 12 ночі від найрідніших🙈як почну розповідати,то 10 постів не вистачить,просто скажу,що люблю їх💓
💓а потім святкування з моїми котусиками💞то було весело😂🙏🏻
Дякую усім-усім за привітання в інстаграмі,фб,вайбері і численні дзвінки🙈💓🙏🏻
На рочок старша,то страшне🙀😸🙈


Просто таке щире фото🙈😍🙏🏻

Вино & м'ясо

Real Friends are as rare as four leaf clovers but you on the otherhand are family a super pack of ; real friend and royalty in Christ ... we're blessed with the joy n hope you spread ....keep shinning Beautiful one the world needs more light


Elizabeth! Youre a year older today! There, there. Its okay. I mean... Your old, but not quite as ancient as me! All relative concepts of time aside, I want you to know how happy I am to have you in my life! Your puns never fail to make me laugh (even if im internally groaning), your witty phrases leave me feeling attacked yet impressed, your turns and extensions are literally amazingggggg, I love helping you with all the AP Bio shennanigans (even if it is like 12:30AM), i love the fact that we were simultaneously ‘married to the same guy and each other (???), I miss getting to dance with each other all day, I miss being hella spicy with you in Spanish, but I loved getting to do Nutcracker with you, even if Alexei did have to put us in separate casts for party scene bc lets face it, that sass would have been WAAAAAY to much for anyone to handle! I love ya so much dear and I hope you know how happy I am to be your friend☺️ #Kisses4Liz #Lizzy #Lizard #LizardUrMyFav #ILoveLizzy #WhenYouHaveToStandOnAStaircaseToLookUrFriendInTheEyes #ThatsTheDiltsStruggleForYou #Nutcracker #AABallet #PartyScene #CarolDiltsTheCrossDressingWonder #HappyBirthdayElizabeth #YourTheDancingQueen #YoungAndSweet #Only17


Dirty για της Ελιζάρρρας τα thirty❣️🤗🤗🤗🤗🎉🎊🎈🎁🎂🍰🍓🍪🍕🍾🍸🍷🍻 #happybirthdayelizabeth 🔳3🔳0 😘❤️


I hope you never lose your sense of wonder.
May you never take one single breath for granted.
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed.
Never let a hell bent heart leave you bitter.
If you come close to selling out reconsider.
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.
I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance.
I never want you to settle for the path of least resistance.
I want you to actually live life even if that means taking chances,because they're worth taking.
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance.
Please give the Heavens above more than just a passing glance.
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance..... {{ I HOPE YOU DANCE ELIZABETH }} #happybirthdayelizabeth


good morning☀️


Celebrating a birthday and eating bomb food like a 🐷


Hoy de Cumpleaños una Hermana Amiga que quiero mucho @ayv_eliti quien con poco comparto pero cuando Dios nos da la oportunidad de hacerlo lo hacemos y nos divertimos como amigas! Hoy celebro el Don de la Vida porque arribas a un año mas, pido a Dios que te bendigan s Nuestra Madre Maria Santísima en la advocación del Rosario intercedan por ti. Que El Espíritu Santo siga derramando su gracia en cada uno de tus dones! Que sigas diciendo un Si a cada llamado que te haga el Señor. #FelizCumpleañosEli #tequieromucho #quetuvidaestellenadeColores🌈 #CristoyYo ❤️ #happybirthdayelizabeth 🎂🎉🎊❤️🌈 @ayv_eliti


Heading out to the Halsey concert! Early b-day present for the niece. 🎉#exhaustedbuthappy #halsey #happybirthdayelizabeth @loveebethxo


When it’s your first day living in Nevada, your best friend is leaving tomorrow and it’s rumtober you make your sister do the rum raid with you #takemetothecaribbean #alltherum #nevadaresident #happybirthdayelizabeth


I am saved as Mum on her phone. She was with her friends when I called her one day,  turned to them and said, "My Mum says hi guys." I am her Mum minus the induction of pushing, tearing, diapers etc that allows you entry into the coveted club.

Today my sister would have been 44.

I remember a relative chastising her for being pregnant outside marriage. It was not a good look for a famous doctor's daughter. My Dad defended her. "I will take care of the baby," he admonished the family members bothered by what people would say.
But who knew my sister was having a child for me? Was bearing my gift?

We are extremely close. She is hilarious. We laugh so hard. Our chats are full of the LOL emoji.  Her worries about my health are palpable.

I can do no wrong in her eyes. Even if my haters locked her up in solitary confinement for a decade and force fed her with propaganda against me daily.
I adore Nicole and anyone causing her angst becomes my enemy. Imagining her unhappy or uncomfortable gives me cold sweats. When did I turn to those parents who cry when their child goes to kindergarten albeit I "faked" my way to the club? To be in my good books and have access to my future earnings be nice to Nicole. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (Don't say you were not warned.) She is the key to every inch of me.  She knows how loved she is and has blossomed in that love. She is a beautiful, mature and responsible young girl.
Soon I will take full financial responsibility of you, my darling.

Happy birthday Elizabeth. Thanks for this gift that adds so much in my life and gives me the strength to overcome anything. I miss you. #sorrylongpost #imisswriting #writer #iamwriting #happybirthdayelizabeth #sunshine


Here is the solo shot of my mani for #happysweetbdayebadilla Elizabeth's birthday collage! I did a subtle gradient with 2 polishes from #lacquester and then stamped with #BundleMonster black and an image from #ciciandsisi . #happybirthdayelizabeth ! #indiepolish #indienailpolish #shopindie #supportindies #supportsmallbusiness #indiepolishlove #indiepolishjunkie #nailstamping #stampednails #gigisnails #nailsofig #polishswatch #indiepolishaddict #wocn


Happy birthday Elizabeth🏊🏼. Love you very much. You’re beautiful! My problem solver. 🌹💋🌹 #spreadyourhappy #happybirthdayElizabeth

Earth House Studios

Happy Birthday Elizabeth 🍰🎊🎁🍾🎈🎂. Celebrating @ratacafe. 📷 : @eyemac23

Zealandia Ecosanctuary

Cuando la vida te regale a personas extraordinarias no te extrañes, tal vez las merezcas.
Debo decirte @epmp20 que le doy gracias a Dios por tu amistad, compañerismo, hermandad y además por permitirme pasar momentos increíbles juntas... Aún recuerdo como nos conocimos en aquel salón de clases, fue sencillo hacer amistad porque eres una increíble mujer, ambas estudiamos la misma carrera #ComunicaciónSocial , tenemos sueños en común, de la mano construimos una marca que a diario se está dando a conocer y sé que en el futuro dará mucho de que hablar... @aquavelswimwear.
Hoy deseo que sea un día para celebrar la vida, tus logros y los que vienen.. Recuerda que aquí estaré incondicionalmente, que sean muchos añitos más mi gorda. 👑💋🍰 TE QUIEROOOOOOO MUCHOOOOO.. PD: Esto fue en su boda civil, es un mes súper especial para ella porque se acerca la boda eclesiástica 😍
#happybirthdayElizabeth #friendship #loveyou #happiness #instgood #newday #celebration #instfriends #me


We having so much fun on Cynthia's best friends Birthday Party #HappyBirthdayElizabeth 🎂

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