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It’s here! Clean colon time! 🦄🦄🦄🌈🌈🍦🍦 #happycolon #squattypotty #betterflow



All cleansing begins in the colon - a happy gut = a happy body.
The main purpose of consuming fibre is elimination. Without fibre elimination is almost impossible.
All toxins from every part of the body end up daily in the colon BUT in order to eliminate, the body needs fibre.
There are two kinds of fibre: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre is found in fruit 🍉, beans, peas, oats, chia seeds etc. Insoluble fibre is found in greens, nuts, seeds, etc. Insoluble fibre acts as a sponge absorbing every piece of toxin it can find. It grabs the toxins and takes them out into the toilet. It is a magic sponge. If we do not consume fibre, most of the toxic waste accumulates in our body & sets us up for disease, aging & bad skin. We need to be eliminating daily. Just as we cannot clean a kitchen without a sponge, the human body cannot eliminate without fibre. If the body isn't eliminating, the first place it can eliminate through is our skin. Think spots, mucus etc. it needs to eliminate somehow.
Fibre can: •Strengthen a diseased heart.
•Fibre prevents many different cancers - it binds to carcinogens. •It can lessen the risk of diabetes.
•It can strengthen the immune system. •It keeps the bowels healthy.
•Encourages healthy intestinal bacteria. Feeds the good bacteria. •Helps curb overeating.
Not taking in enough fibre can also lead to premature aging.
Having at least one green smoothie per day is one sure way you are taking in enough roughage to pull all those toxins out of your body, keeping you healthy & beautiful. Flaxseed is also another great add on as it contains both soluble & insoluble fibre. Best to have them ground.
Green smoothies only take 5 minutes to make and are easy to clean up. If you consume way too much dairy, meat, poultry, processed meals etc. these contain zero fibre - in order to eliminate well you need to consume enough plant foods. For the sake of fibre and elimination, drink your green smoothies regularly. 🌱Think of fibre as your vacuum cleaner.


HOLY SHIT. Where has my cookie game been all these years? #happycolon #happy #cookie #colon #poop #chewy #honey #canadianpride #londondrugs


Lagi hobi makan sambel...eh emang doyan sih hee
Dapet salam dari selada air aka arnong,,sambelnya juga direbus..
Inget yaa...eat more protein less carbo (yang katanya pingin diet..yang pingin sehat)

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Hayuk lah cuss sarapan...
Itu sambel tempe kukus, semua dikukus..
Maunya goreng ayam juga, tapi karena sudah ada ikan jadi ayamnya di skip dulu.
Dalam 1 menu ikan dan ayam jangan disajikan barengan, soalnya...silahkeun gugling sendiri hehe
Banyakin makan protein, kurangi karbo (buat yg diet..buat yg pengen sehat n awet muda)

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Colon is either for chewing on or sleepy cuddles. There is no in between. #amysorganbank #puppieslovecolons #happycolon #puppiesofinstagram #chew #cuddles #colinthecolon


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Starting day ✌🏽 of my Cleanse!
I have used this product multiple times help get me back in to healthier habits after I lost my way a bit lol....and every time I lost 4 or more lbs(also a ton of bloat). Don't get me wrong, the weight loss is great, but that is not ultimately why I use this product. After this past weekend in North Dakota/Minnesota, I need it! So much cheese, meat and bread. Way too many alcoholic and sugary drinks. Not a vegetable in sight lol. Here are some of my reasons for using the product: 💃🏼Boosts energy
⚗️Detox 🕵🏼‍♀️Feel more mentally clear
🏃🏼‍♀️Helps me get back on track

CLEANSE helps to detoxify your liver with 12 amazing nutrients! Like a car filter, it helps for your liver to get cleaned up, as well! I am a believer that your body needs a system reset once in a while, and I've found that our CLEANSE does just that!!!


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Gravity North

This gorgeous beast of a plant is exponentially improving my health. And I'm in awe of how powerful it's healing properties are. I figured an easier way for my self to consume it daily without the daily mess:-) I've made Aloe ice cubes. I just Pop a couple in my smoothie or blended watermelon every morning. If you haven't already look up the healing powers of aloe. I also use the leftover peel daily as a healthy skin regime. I baste my neck face and other body parts with it. 😊