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Building a great physique is a long never ending process. I love that. There's always something to work towards, to improve, to 'perfect'. You're never quite satisfied and always looking to do more. It's a passion. I want to look back to my early days and be proud of my accomplishments. Currently on a lean bulk phase looking to fill out some more.
What are your current fitness goals ?


Workout DONE βœ… . S/O to coach @d_a_lew for not allowing me to settle for a scaled workout today, coach Herm for the breathing techniques while running and @cowboytre81 for pushing me, @slummberrho, Haley, and Kisha to do the extra run to the levee and back non-stop. #NoManLeftBehind #LeveeCrossfit❀️ #StrongWoman #ImMyCompetition #Consistency #ItsALifestyle #NotADiet #SmashingGoalsDaily #HardWorkWins....... Excuse my face on the last picπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ...... SWIPE⏩


Don’t Settle. Keep Pushing. Enjoy the Work. Happy Monday.
#mondaymotivation #grindtime #hardworkwins


BJHS competitions begin this week #HardWorkWins

Prairie View High Lacygne

There are 2 reasons why I prefer black/dark colored t-shirts πŸ€“
1. Fits my skin color better and makes me look good 😏
2. I like to get dirty at work and I really don't want to think about filthy looking clothes.
But that's not the point of this picture: HAPPY MONDAY, GUYS!
I love love love Mondays ❣️
And Tuesdays.
And Wednesdays.
And Thursdays.
I don't like Fridays, because so many of you are happy that your work week is over. If you're a TGIF-kinda person, your game is fcked up.
I like Saturdays.
I like Sundays.
Are you ready for this week to get your hands dirty and work on your dreams? Go get it. Work for it. Get your hands dirty. Nobody is going to send you an invitation to work on your dreams. HAPPY MONDAY!

Munich, Germany

Congrats @jonbakero7 on NCAA player of the week! Been amazing seeing you grow! #hardworkwins #bakero #barecelona #wakeforest #deacons


Done traveling???? Get back here and fast. Time to get to work. Photo is of JGPA client and multiple junior world champion, Alexa Pano. #letsdothis #destination50 #militarycoachwaiting #hardworkwins #2018goalsinfulleffect #nextleveltraining @alexapanogolf

Quail Creek Country Club