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My Jam! My Jam! 😍😍
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🎥 “Good Girls” - Joe (#1997)
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Lagos State

We all need to hear this on a regular @joycemeyer


Through our deepest fears the track of life may lay, through our deepest fears the devil WILL pay, through our deepest fears there will be noise, through our deepest fears the sound of angels will Rejoice. God is working on your life. Will you follow the tracks on the life he has planned for you?? #rejoice #havehope #beblessed #blessed #bottonpoetry #wordsofwisdom #wordsofencouragement #poetry #wordsthroughpoets @buttonpoetry @p4cm


This is my #1000 post & my son said make it a good one. My son you are my heart, my world & I know this year has been #tough we have to #havehope & #believe that God has good things in store for us this new year! #hopein2018
Love you! ❤️


"We all face storms in life. Some are more difficult than others, but we all go through trials and tribulation. That's why we have the gift of faith." --Joyce Meyer ✨ Foundation of Faith, ceramic painting, 2017.


**2018 2018 2018 2018 2018**
I need 10 volunteers needed who want to lose weight, feel great, or build muscle starting in Jan!!!!!!!!!
If you pass the 3 day eat clean challenge you will be entered into the 24FIT CHALLENGE AND ALL YOUR WORKOUTS ARE FREE!!!!!
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Katishtya H.O.P.E (Hold On Pain Ends) - Bringing HOPE to San Felipe Community Members. These silicone bands were used for our Suicide Awareness Month back in September. 💛MUST READ💛

It's okay to feel sad. It's okay to feel out of place. It's okay to be upset and feel lonely sometimes. It's okay to cry once in a while. You're not weak.
You are human and it's normal to feel those things. They do say, there is braveness in being soft. So, don't ever give up. Trust me. Everything will be alright.
You ever need to talk, I'm here! We've all experienced these things & not one person can say they haven't. I want you all to be happy, healthy & appreciated.
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San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico



So much of this is me. A year ago, I would never have thought about going vegan or trying to heal anything at that.... today having a plan, moving forward. I feel safe, I’m connected to great people and I feel I’m going to get my life back... I’ve been going through changes from health since I was 16 and it’s only getting worst. Very scared and very humble. I’m so thankful for the women and men who touches my heart, with kind words in wisdom and lift me up every time I have a question. I just feel blessed to have strangers who care for my own well begin... much love....
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I’ve been faithful to my yoga practice for 2 weeks now.
I’m so proud of that. -
For those of you who know me, know that I looooove a good, tough workout. Come to find out...I equally love YOGA. How is that even possible, right? -
I think this is just what I needed and I found it right when I needed it. -
For an hour the anxiety disappears. My mind isn’t wandering in 1,000 different directions. I can just be.
I think what has finally clicked for me is the fact that this journey has no end. You’ll never be perfect at it. There’s always room for continuous improvement and progress. Your practice meets you where you are. There is so much hope. The possibilities are endless. And you know what’s even better about this? Through it all, you learn to let go and see the beauty and the light.
Needless to say, I’ve found the perfect compliment to my already existing Strength Training routine @allegro_coaching. 🙌
PS - this was like take 52 on my headstand and the dismount was not pretty 🙃

Twisted Hot Yoga

Two cards about making a decision. The message is rather clear. There may be several options available to you, but as I always say when the Seven of Water shows up: all that glitters is not gold. Of all the options, there is one that speaks to your heart and your soul. I really feel like you know what you want to do. Your intuition and your heart are directing you in a specific direction. For whatever reason you are holding yourself back because you are afraid you might be hurt. Possibly again. Remember there are no wrong choices. The universe will always guide you to your highest good, even if you veer off track. Listen to your heart and follow its guidance. I feel that great things and great love are waiting for you. I don’t think there is anything to fear. go after the beauty that the universe has in store for you. xoxo

Love is not a zero sum game. So give it all away. You won’t run out. I promise.

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I WROTE A BLOG!!👇🏼👇🏼Comment if you agree with this☝🏼☝🏼

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We were once sitting at the sinners table. But NOW we have an assigned seat in God's kingdom! 👑

This is why we celebrate and live a joyful life! 🎉



Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except what they see. They think the nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be grownups or children’s are little.
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.
Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies! ...the most real things in the world are those that neither children nor grownups can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that’s no proof that they are not there.
You tear apart the baby’s rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest grownup...that ever lived, could tear apart. Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view...the beauty and glory beyond. Is it real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing else so real and abiding.
No Santa Claus! Thank God! He lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.
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We flow like water, we burn through bushes like fire, we become free like air and we find ourself as one like earth, your purpose is not only what you make of it but how you made it happen. Without a falling phase we don't completely know how to appreciate our stand up phase, you have to feel pain to know you want to be stronger and you have to drown before you make progress for air. My dads words to me almost everyday when I am complain mode is that "Life is not fair, but it's not fair to anyone and that's what makes it fair".
We are like cups and we get filled up with an adequate amount experience to become skilled at being who we are and how we chose to be. The diverse up and down road of life is a fitness challenge for your mental health, run it with confidence, a good attitude gives a good outcome.
Appreciate your dark treasures, that becomes your Gold. 💞


If you pause to take a moment and really think about who you are and what you want...are you on your way to what you hope your life will be....if not change it #HaveHope