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Calling all fitness, health and image coaches and/or enthusiasts who love looking good, feeling good and making others feel good! Please contact me now. I have an amazing job opportunity for you!! 😃😃😎😎 Call or whatsapp me 074 284 1378!! #healthcoaches #business #opportunities #fitnessenthusiast #fashionfit #skyezeefashionfit #instamoment #healthylife #fitfam #fitness #coaching #trainer #image #stylists #fashionguru #trending #work #2018 #newyear #beginnings #adventure #teamwork #progressnotperfection


The Truth is simple. Please wake up to it already. PLEASE!!! Wake up and become conscious. Your choices have an effect...every single one...every single choice...every single meal.

There is absolutely no reason to consume animal flesh. No reason to eat eggs. No reason to eat dairy. No more denial, please! It is all only for gluttony. That is just the Absolute Truth.

I am not telling anyone what to do, but I am trying to spread the awareness and education that there is another way. Regardless of your lifestyle, athletic requirements, and even your taste buds, a Vegan diet can easily provide all and is better for your body, health, the environment and certainly the animals.

Animals are our friends...our family. Love them...share Love with them. They are so naturally loving, just like you are deep inside.

Don't abuse, rape and slaughter them thru your choices. Please! Don't be in denial that this is exactly what you are doing if you are consuming any animal products.

Become a Real and True Animal Lover, not just a convenient pet lover! Put your actions and choices where your mouth is. Stop making excuses and just do it!
If you feel challenged to do this, let me help you find the best and balanced way for you to approach this. As a nutritionist and plantbased exercise trainer, I have been helping people eat deeply nutritious, great tasting plant based diets for 32 years. I can design a completely customized program for you to meet your individual goals. Contact me thru DM/PM or at Wohlistic@gmail.com
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San Diego, California

Summer blooms for special teachers who have helped my boy make it through, what has proven to be a really tough year for him. Always grateful for earth angels who touch my life, and my family’s life, in ways they’ll never know. ♡


We were running on about 3 hours of sleep so we neededdd a power nap badly😆😴 2 much needed #HerbaTeas and getting some work done before we head out to enjoy the night here in #Vegas 🎰✨ Being able to continue to run our business while we are away from home is what we love the most about what we do💚 best life evaaaaa🙌🏼

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Whatever you got done today was just the right amount.
Whether you checked twenty five things off a list, or two (sleep... eat...).
You’re amazing no matter how much you did or didn’t “produce”. (Check out my stories to see how much I got done today) 💌

Columbus, Ohio

"Every woman can have her own kind of beauty, if she's willing to look for it and try for it". -Mae West ❄️ www.misstatianazoe.me

Paul Bunyan's Farm & Nursery

Couples who workout together...😉
Together since 2006 married since 2011 and still going strong 💪🏼
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Your current state does not define a future outcome, nor does it represent a fixed identity. We must embrace the lows, we must scrape and fall, in order to grow. Growth may only occur from vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and the unknown.
How could one possibly know how to deal with the unknown until facing it?

Your inability to immediately master a foreign concept or problem doesn’t render you weak or stupid; it renders you fierce for facing it. Stare it dead in the eye and your confidence will grow. You’ll come back to center when you see that on the other side of fear is life per usual, only a little different.
You’ll have gained something. An understanding, intuition, dexterity…confidence.
Commit to the process. Face your fear.

Los Angeles, California

Did you know that chewing gum 15 minutes before a big meal can trick your brain into thinking that you’re already eating so you may actually eat less later? Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


Today I want you to envision your life. I want you to feel it.
Having money saved in the bank.
Living without anxiety around money.
Being able to spend more time with family & friends.
Being able to travel wherever you want.
Feeling confident with your money & independent.
Not feeling overwhelmed.
Having a healthy relationship with yourself & food again.
Having a thriving relationship with your significant other.
How amazing does that sound to you?
It’s not something that has to remain a dream anymore.
It can become your reality.
You just have to choose to want those things more than you want to do keep doing what everyone else is doing.
Make yourself a priority. Make the life that you want to live, a priority.
Start creating that life right now.
Make your finances a priority.
I want you to look back one year from now and be so damn grateful that you started today instead of “someday.” Because someday never happens.
If you want to take control of your finances, now and not “someday,” join a group of women who have decided to take control of their lives now, in my Debt Free Women Facebook group (link in my bio). It’s incredible what you can accomplish when you make your finances a priority. 💙

Venice Beach L.A.

Last Call!!! Only 12 hours left to register for the Vision Board workshop on 12/12 at 12:00 PST. (Recorded, so even if you can’t be there live, still register!!) Link in profile 👆🏻. Start 2018 feeling inspired, uplifted and empowered!!! 💥✨🌟


Happy Monday... Todays wellness word of the week is "Holistic". Here at BPM Holistic Wellness my philosphy is, that we cannot 100% focus on one area without other areas suffering. A holistic approach means that I am are interested in engaging and developing the whole person. You can think of this as different stages, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual for example. It’s the concept that the human being is multi-dimensional. We have conscious and unconscious aspects, rational and irrational aspects. Not just intellect, but emotion, instinct, intuition, as well. Holistic coaches support people in using all of their ‘multiple intelligence’ that means insight, rationality, logic, emotion, hunches, gut feel, creativity, a sense of harmony and rhythm.
Comment below by saying yes to learn more about bringing this philosphy into your life...

Adelaide, South Australia

Pace yourself this week... You will need your energy for all those Xmas cookies and parties!

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Because some rules are meant to be broken & quite often they’re the most fun to break. Be a rule breaker. Love hard. Be vulnerable. Be brave. Be kind. Ask questions. Speak up for those who are unable too. Live your life how you want to live it, not because it makes other people happy. Play your music loud in the car and sing along just as loud. Wear those outrageously high heels because they make you feel good. Do what makes you feel happy, a little naughty and satisfies your rule breaking appetite. It’s actually really healthy (and a whole lotta fun). Happy Monday Beauties. ♡


I believe in you, and I know that learning HOW to approach your diet is far more important than the specifics of the diet itself. It’s the X-factor that no “diet book” or meal plan has ever touched on.
Over your entire life, you’ve conditioned yourself to respond to certain environmental and emotional triggers by eating specific types of foods. This isn’t rote behaviorism, you’ve conditioned your mindset to believe you need these foods to feel better. Which conditions the way you think about yourself and your health. And once set in place, it’s really really hard to see outside of that paradigm you’ve built up. Your poor eating habits are 100% the cause of this evolutionarily-engrained operating system—the habit loop.
The process is how we attempt to get from Principle to Habits. It’s a term I’ll use over and over again. Trust in the process, believe in the process. And most importantly BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Los Angeles, California

Checking out a new coffee shop @lo.cal makes for a fun Sunday morning.


Hub life.... two guys who changed their lives around with herbalife. We were given a second chance to uplift and rebuild our communities through a healthy positive lifestyle and nutrition. Herbalife is changing our communities for the better just look at us @beastmode24fit #changinglives #impact #positivevibes #healthylifestyle #healthcoaches #pov #sundayfunday #thehub

Secondrunatfitness & Nutrition Center

Better late than never. So glad my clients and I haven't waited until mainstream news sources validated natural medicine. We'd have lost years of quality living.

I'd love if #Pgh Post-Gazette did a piece on how Andrew Carnegie set natural medicine back by shutting down holistic health care research and hospitals that many women and minorities were doing in order to standardize medical education in order to benefit his businesses.
Let the truth continue to roar!
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Every season teaches us something new. And, sometimes, seasons will repeat themselves until you get the message. This world focuses so much on the hustle—the go, go, go of it all. However, no one tells you that often the price for nonstop hustle is exhaustion, injury, and frustration about elements you could never control. But what happens when you slow down? When you watch your step before moving forward? When you take time to check in with what you really believe to be true about the path you’re on? Very few tell you that the slow down...the intentional movements...and the focus on what matters most...is really the way to get all the things you think you’re after in the midst of hustle. So in the days and year ahead I will be more present, more kind to myself, and make choices that are best for my life and what I value most. I am not a victim of this life, and neither are you. What will you aim to do to take charge of your life and live your best days?

Stafford, Virginia

El frío esta terribleee!!! Así que me puse como 20 abrigos, bufandas y me preparé un chocolatito caliente. He usado el chocolate como sustituto del café y me encanta. Les dejo sus beneficios:

1. Rico en antioxidantes
2. Fuente de fibra
3. Regula la presión sanguínea
4. Anticancerígeno
5. Mantiene integridad vascular
6. Antiinflamatorio
7. Previene enfermedades neurodegenerativas
8. Previene diabetes

Para hacerlo hazlo como si prepararas café, calienta agua o leche vegetal, agrega 1 cucharadita de cacao en polvo y 1 cucharadita de azúcar mascabado o stevia al gusto.. Y listo!!!! Queda deliiii
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On a scale from 1 to freezing... 🙃 Miami woke up extra cold this morning but we’re kind of loving it just a little bit lol! . . .
Started our morning with a hot shake to enjoy the weather outside and stay warm 💚 .
Happy Sunday Insta Fam #Sundays

Doral, Florida