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by @luminousnavigation

Vintage Wayne Dyer 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 It's refreshing to my soul to find old clips like these with powerful messages. ✊🏻
I consider Wayne a powerful energy that still lingers in the collective consciousness of many. ✊🏻
I feel a deep connection to his energy; the vibration of his messages we're always so humble and stemmed from an inquisitive nature I relate to. ✊🏻
This is a great one to hear first thing in the morning and talk throughout your day. ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Comment what you prefer to think about!
Video credit: repost/ reshare @sourcemessages 💎 Thank you 💎

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by @nellyzamarleenger

Good Morning. Take care of your body, it's the only thing that won't leave you🍃🏋️‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️💪🏼 #workingout #workingonmyself #eatingclean #healthylifestyle #healthymind #healthybody #healthyself #lift #foodporn #mealprep #fitness #fitspo #progress #girlpower #girlboss


by @sarasvati_sweetsue

SELF-CARE SEPTEMBER Challenge, Day 19: “Boundaries.” OK. Before any doctors out there take this personally, please realise that this post is meant to be extreme to make a point. Not to invalidate the importance of your work as a whole. The subject of setting boundaries in the medical field has been coming up a lot lately - on insta, personal conversations, etc., so I think it’s important to address here. I used to put doctors on the same pedestal many, including themselves, do. I never thought I had any say. I thought I had to accept their opinion & advice like a spoon-fed baby. I didn’t even know it was ok to refuse something! Until one day, a wise therapist pointed out that, in essence, we hired them; not the other way around. *We* chose *them.* Obviously, doctors offer a perspective based on years of necessary study, & it’s important to listen to them. But what they don’t have, is years of holistic study on an individual. Yourself, for example. So when they diagnose, prescribe, advise treatments, assessments, etcetera, remember that you get to weigh in on all this. If you don’t want to be weighed (no pun intended), say no. Other examples - if you aren’t comfortable with taking psychotropic medications/a certain dosage, & prefer homeopathy, own it. If you’re vegan, & they advise animal products to get the nutrients you may lack, educate them on all the different vegan options that offer the same nutrients. If you don’t agree with a diagnosis, tell them, & let them engage in a dialogue. If they refuse, take it as a sign to get a new doctor. You get to decide. It is your body & your experience. And if the choices you make don’t turn out the way you wanted, consider theirs. You are the one who gets to make the final decision. It is your body, your mind, your experience, your life. #selfcareseptember @radicalbodylove #doctors #eatingdisorder #mentalhealthawareness #setboundaries #selfconfidence #homeopathy #alternativemedicine #medical #justsayno #haes #healthyfood #veganoptions #medicalstudent #selfcare #healthyself #alternativehealth #knowyourworth #knowyourself #knowledgeispower #vegannutrition


by @plant.based.jenn

If you guys have been following my insta stories, you would know Im almost done completing my first 7 day juice fast through @tylertolmantt programs.
Its been a tough couple months coming to terms with being a single Mama and taking on a whole new life back in my old hometown of Adelaide. After having met up with my fellow @healthyselfcommunity tribe members here in Adelaide I felt refreshed, inspired and supported and ready to finally start to combat and put to rest my Thyroid Auto Immune disease once and for all. After recieving my extremely eye opening and extensive Iridology Report from the awsome Heal Thyself Coach @mitchellvillani I feel as if I have a solid plan to follow and some clear direction in my quest to attain a state of devine health.

So far I have done the 4 day Colon Cleanse which consists of eating an 'oatmeal' like substance of bentonite clay, chia seeds, psyllium husk and then also water.
I had that for 4 days, then... I started my 7 day juice fast. Ive been having Celery and apple juice for my morning litre and Cabala for my second litre. Cabala being Carrot, green,yellow and red Apples, lemon and beetroot along side 3 litres of water per day.
This fast process includes daily rituals such as breathing excersises, meditation, tibtan rites, oil pulling, daily excerisise, and as I am a weight trainer I have not ceased with my training at all, and have had copious amounts of energy especially since I experienced a huge emotional breakthrough and huge body detox purge.
It was hard and scary when it happened but my body had so much to release!

Once the fast is over I will be moving onto 28 days of Raw Foods using recipes from the gorgeous @chefcynthialouise1 I will be sharing my meals so stay tuned!! Ill also be flying solo to Bali for 6 days soon in early October. Cant wait to revisit this glorius raw food place @devineearthbali for this very meal!! If you are passionate about learning how to empower and heal yourself or just learn how to live life feeling amazing head on over to @tylertolmantt page and follow the links to find out how you can be part of an awsome community of like minded people.

Devine Earth RAW VEGAN Cuisine

by @liveonsocial

“You sit in shit too long it stops smelling”!.
Jenifer Lewis shares her experience with sex addiction. The part where she says “I wanted to love myself” #powerful.
Via:@jezebel cc @jeniferlewisforreal @afrogirlfitness #sexaddiction #sex #healthyself #elevate #liveonsocial #knowledge


by @heruntamedsoul

My soul resonates with this so much. ⁣

We’re all wounded. All of us. In one way or another. But, I ask you this. ⁣

What are you doing with those wounds? ⁣

Are you repairing them and trying to heal? Or, are you picking the scab and forcing yourself to form a scar that will never go away? ⁣

Either way, healed or scarred, you’re always changed. But, you have the choice to decide if it changes you for the better or for the worse. ⁣

For the better. ⁣

You shape whole relationships with honorable people. Gratitude becomes second nature. Your life, more often than not, feels like the warmth of the sun on your face. ⁣

For the worse. ⁣

You repeat the cycle of dysfunction. Revel in your despair. Darkness consumes your being. You become masked and unable to see yourself for who you truly are. ⁣

I’ve been there.⁣

You ultimately, push and block out those who have the capacity and willingness to love you on an immeasurable level. ⁣

You bleed. ⁣

You push. ⁣

You suffer. ⁣

Then you decide. ⁣

Are you going to seep anger, resentment, and internal battles onto the people that didn’t cut you, or welcome them in to save and guide you. ⁣

I chose to welcome. ⁣

My husbands unconditional love, even though my father never gave me that. ⁣

I chose to welcome. ⁣

Friends to become my family when mine left me withered and weak. ⁣

I chose to welcome. ⁣

The wisdom from my wounds. To learn and grow from my battles. ⁣

I chose to welcome. ⁣

Life. ⁣

Wholeness. ⁣

Myself. ⁣

Nicole. ⁣

Welcome the healing. So the bleeding can stop. Then, the wholeness of who you are, can reach and impact others. ⁣Choose to heal. ⁣



by @brandiciampichini

I have a very limited diet right now. It is so hard to find premade bars that don't have the things I can't have😔 So I made my own tonight👌 I purchased all #organic ingredients and as you know it adds up!!
Well I figured out the cost per ball and it worked out to approx. $1.30🤗 Not so bad and works to be a bit cheaper like 10cents less then the ones I have been buying. So 55 balls cost approx. $73. They will last a long time. So I am a happy camper tonight and looking forward to my treat tm✌💜 I followed a basic recipe and kicked it up to my liking😋 I may add some pumpkin protein powder next time?
Ingredients are as follows:
#pecans #quinoaflakes #cocaonibs #pumkinseeds #cashewbutter #coconutoil #rawcoconutflakes #cranberries #cashews #oats #hemphearts #maplesyrup #alphaymushroomcoffee

whole lota goodness there and everything I can eat🙌
#itsalifestyle #healTHYself #letyourdollarsdothetalking #organiceats

Burnaby, British Columbia

by @whos_your_jdadi27

Eye is healing well 👁👍🏼 just finished day 2 of having contacts in with no problems👌🏼 #healing #healthyself #brokenbloodvessel #greeneyes


by @lindsay_madrigal_

There’s beauty in the storm and how it breaks you into pieces.... .
you get to put the pieces back however you decide, differently and much more beautifully than before. .
Healing and recovery from whatever your traumas, wounds, or illnesses were doesn’t mean returning to who you were before. There’s actually no going back. You do not merely recover you reinvent yourself. You become someone completely different from who you were before. Healing isn’t easy and pain will continue to show up until it teaches you what you are meant to learn. It takes time, patience, and grace, but it’s so very possible to put all the pieces back better than they were before🙏🏼🕊💛✨ .
My husband says nice pic. You have a lot of hair😂🧜🏼‍♀️ #healTHYself #mindbodyspirit #bighairdontcare #mermaidhair


by @monkeysonthemoon

#healthyself #🕉🙏🕉


by @orarootyoga

I wrote the below poem in 2014.
Resonating. Goodnight. ✨
THERE IS NO FLAG – July 24, 2014 by Orameh .
There is no flag which has a weave as intricate and rich as our capacity for humanity.

There is no flag that can cover or hide the atrocious wounds of our inhumanity.
If a flag was made of mirrors perhaps we would be inspired and horrified enough to close our eyes and feel the depths of our pounding heart, fluttering gut, swirling blood and racing mind.
If the flag of skin is the barrier that divides us from them, let the life in the air we breathe be that which connects and shakes us to the core of our humility, vulnerability, strength and grace.
Then, maybe then, can we know the flagless, borderless nature of our universal spirit and its infinite ability to heal and love.
#thereisnoflag #healthyself #strength #grace #humility #humanhealing #love #mirrors #humans #ventrallylocated #orarootyoga


by @cariiscomeback

#DailyDishhh ➡️2️⃣jalapeno popper omelette and papaya with #TraderJoes chile lime 3️⃣lentils, chicken, and broccoli 4️⃣chocolate chip achieve bar 5️⃣payday Shake 1️⃣mint chocolate shake ...and if you noticed my 💅🏼...yes these meals are all from today. I just have this habit of making it my mission to take the gel off my nails as soon as it gets put on 🤦🏻‍♀️ I told the nail lady not to do it! Haha Any other ladies have that habit? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #FunWhileItLasted #iLikePaintMoreAnyway #NoGelNails #JustSayNo #StressReliever 🤷🏻‍♀️ #HealThySelf #InsideOutNutrition #FoodIsFuel #HerbalifeNutrition #Lifestyle #MealPlan #MealPrep #WeightLoss #WeightLossJourney #Nutrition #HappyGirl #CariisComeback #HealthIsWealth #GetRich


by @intuitiveheart

Gratitude party ! What 3 things are you most grateful for right now ? I am most grateful for being able to see my client before she goes to the airport,
For deep healing , and for having discretion . #plants #emotions #communication #communicate #healthy #health #selfheal #healthyself #medicalintuitive #intuition


by @jenamariebee

So many people, including myself sometimes forget to be in the moment. Always living in the future or even the past. I think its incredibly important to take the time right now and just be okay with right now.
#meditation #dailycalm #taketimeforyou #healthylifestyle #healthyself #inthemoment #stopandlisten #rest #relax #donthatemeditate


by @rea.superfoods

Easiest way to reduce inflammation naturally and enjoy the process is to make some golden latte 😋 Link in bio for the recipe ✌🏽 #reasuperfoods #goodmoodfood #goldenlatte #healthyself


by @heal.thy.self.702

Quick little hike with the hubby & daughter to get some fresh air and burn 600 calories. Loving all these trails close to home. Get outside!! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ #vegas #exploring #hiking #hikingvegas #getoutside #adventuretime #mrandmrs #teamdavis #nsv #goals #goaldigger #fitfam #fitspo #fat2fit #healthyself #myfightwithfat #vsginstacrew #weightloss #cardio #fatburner #fitness #fatathlete #plussizefitness #bbw #curvesarebeautiful #blessed

Whitney Mesa Nature Preserve

by @kandakeroxxy_

It's only a handful of down to earth, ego-tamed men qualified to LEAD & TEACH and @coachkhayr is indisputably one of them! So many women are flocking to healing on a deep spiritual & mental level and a lot of men will be left stuck in the same ole ug'lass patterns, cycles and situationships if y'all don't get on board. Go to his page. Read his posts. If some of it goes over your head, that's okay King, this is a marathon not a race. .
#RNS #HealThyself #KnowThyself #applythyself