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We invite you to
Let go of the idea that the apocalypse is necessary
For heaven to spring forward
That your own disasters are necessary
For you to create and love one another
We invite you to lift off
From the zone of okayness
We invite you to uncork your access to divine creation
Without causing or creating or being part
Of a disaster in the world or in your own life
To know that you can elevate everything right now pc: @m.varney @kaikeaaa

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Full channeling at sheilagallien.life 💕


A New Years Blessing ❤️ The message that we have for you today
Is very simple
And quite familiar
And we ask you to just step aside
From the judgment
And the mundaneness
OF this thought
And to receive it
We ask you to simply open your heart
And to feel the love
To feel the love of the universe
To feel the love of the divine
We ask you to lift each other in this love
We ask you to take just this moment
And to let go of everything
That everyone should be doing
Including and especially you
We ask you to release everything
But just this acceptance
Of our love
To lift up your heart
And to receive it
To reach out your hands
In spirit, or in body
And to extend your blessing upon the land
To extend your blessing upon each other
In this moment release all expectation
All woulds and coulds and needs to
And simply allow this all penetrating
Vibration of love
To flow through you
All of your organs
All of your layers
Let go of the thoughts
Let go of the becomings
And share with us in this moment
Of profound
And utter
And simple love
We love you so
And we come to you
From the Heart Center
Of the Heart Center
Of the Universe

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Good morning, beloveds
We want to speak with you today about education
We want to speak with you about what’s next
About what is the access point
And the first thing we’ll speak to are the qualities
The quality of kindness
And the quality of courage
And these qualities form together
In a way that expresses enactment

The answer to what education needs to be
Is that children need to learn to make things
They need to learn to grow things
They need to learn to design things
They need to learn to build things
They need to learn a new history
They need to understand the gleefulness of challenging
The history encoded in these exhausting, exhausted history books
They need to know about the history of the vibrancy of their race
They need to question and examine and dream about where they came from
They need to conjure their connection to all that is around them

Our suggestion
Is to get the children into the water
And have them bring their parents
Get the children into the baptism
And have them bring their parents
For one moment
Of immersion
Of exhilaration
Of rewiring
It is in these tiny moments of connection
That that expansive role can be seen
That people break out of roles they know
And see their own fluidity
And their own flexibility
Of what they can create

And so what we’re really saying
Is to invite people into the sacred
And yet those words sound
Like distractions
When what people are craving
Is something practical
When what people are craving
Is a vocation
When what people are craving
Is a home
When what people are craving
Are jobs that enrich them

We invite you to consistently urge, invite
All that you can
Into the sacred
And trust that there they will find their guidance
And as whole communities awaken to this connection
Whole new solutions are born
And this is the path we invite
For education
Kindness, courage, expression, connection, exhilaration
And immersion
For moments at a time
Into the sacred

Full channeling at link in bio. Pc @hudson_kona ❤️

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A channeled message ❤️ Good morning, beloveds
We’d like to speak with you this morning
About a red hot topic
Sexual desire
We’d like to comfort you
Soothe you
From the jaggedness
From the explosiveness
Of this most fundamental
Most basic
Most glorious craving
And yet we can’t
Not really
Because this upheaving
Is nothing less than creation itself
And while there is an ease and flow
A harmony
The experience of birth
Is, by nature, explosive
Eruptive, perhaps, a better term
And so all we can really say to you
To ease you in the power
The consumption
Of this experience
Is to remind you
Of its gift
Which is your own ignition
And it carries with it
The bittersweetness
Of arrival and departure
And so we might invite you
To fall into the rapture
Of this desire
In the moments that it arrives
And just to be with it
As deeply and as gloriously and as lovingly as you can

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There is nothing like being in the flow 💜💕❤️ pc @m.varney Such a gift for capturing joy!

I have been given the incredible gift of being a channel for a beautiful consciousness. Today I paddled into a whole new world! I met with a small group of amazing women who trusted me to answer their questions, both personal and specific. It was so incredible to be doing the work I was born to do, and to feel the expansion of our hearts, and the connection to each other. I can’t wait to see what happens next! So much love!

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And there is an extremely healthy and vibrant part of competition
It is the urge within you to express yourself
At your greatest capacity
It is the urge within you for all you
To come in line to,
In one glorious moment,
Reach the utter pinnacle,
The full flowering of your abilities
Of your desires
Of your passions
And this yearning
Is part of the flower of life
It is the act of spirit moving upon the waters
It is the act of creation
And it is your most fundamental
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Where you look is where you go. Loving where I am right now! #appreciationpost #bigislandlove #lightworker #lightbody #newearth #heartcenteroftheuniverse @m.varney thank you for the fun pic!


We want to talk to you today about radical selfishness
And oh we can already hear the protests
We can already hear the murmurings
We can hear the guilt
We can hear the “but what if…? And the…but whys?”
We hear the, “But what if we were all selfish?
How would anything ever get done for anyone?”
And we would say to you
Everything would get done for everyone
Because first and foremost
You would be in alignment with your most divine presence
And the world would simply come alive at your feet
And your need for anyone to do anything for you
Would become nearly non-existent
And your capacity to do anything for everyone else
Would become momentous

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And so this is the time to gently say
I am willing to face whatever fears you are bringing me
And it isn’t necessary to name them
To tear them apart
To attach them
Simply say, I am willing to face
Whatever fears you are showing me
And with that willingness
Your deepest self knows
That it has all of your backing
That it has all of your capacity
That it has all of your openness
That it has your heart channel ❤️

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No matter what swirls around you
You have the divine right
To access your inner sanctum
And while this may not immediately
Transform the world around you
It puts you in a place
Where your actions
Are immeasurably more powerful
Than those made from any other point of view
This column of light
This column of breath
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How Do You Manage Destructive Feelings? What Is At Stake for Everyone?

From ❤️ Center

Good morning, beloveds
Yes today we want to speak to you about destruction
We’re really on a roll these days with these forces
That are interpreted as negative
And we’re in no hurry to convince you
That they should feel better than they do
Because we’re in no hurry to convince you
That you should feel any differently than you do

What we do want you to see
Is that just as the opihi that clings to the cliff
Just as any living being
That touches the earth
From the law of gravity
Just as the earth uproots and upends
And pours forth from its center
Everything is rooted
From the same force
You just keep taking it deeper
And deeper
And deeper

And this is the case with those feelings of
At their very source
At their deepest source
There is nothing but creation
There is nothing but love
Well we would rephrase that and say
There is nothing but divine expression

And we know you understand cycles of destruction and creation
And so we don’t’ want to be trite and minimize
And just draw your attention to the cycle
Although, it’s true (laughs)
We want you to be able to mine for the energy
That is being released from the destruction
We’ve spoken of this before
That it is in the reaching towards each other
In these moments
That that energy is transmuted

But we invite you to not be afraid
Of the ghouls and goblins that are rising
From these mists
As structures fall down
We invite you to not react initially
To take a breath

See full transcript at link in bio, then “Channelings” .
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I am the light. I am the divine consciousness. I love and am loved beyond all comprehension ❤️🌈🌏🌺🌊🙏 .
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“I am the light. I am the divine consciousness. I am the divine expression of all that is. I love and am loved beyond all comprehension.”
Try it! Feels so good. ❤️🌈🌟🌺❤️#heartcenteroftheuniverse #newearth #heartsuperhighway #5d @unsplash.images @fayecornishphotography


Good morning beloveds,
We would like to speak with you about contracts. The gravity with which you view contracts is misplaced Because agreements can only really be made between whole beings. With revealed intentions. And with consciousness
And many of the contracts under which you operate
Are deeply flawed
And the main thing we would say about them
Is they have so many hidden clauses. We’d like to teach you How to see the tendrils and threads We want you to feel the power of free will and the power Of the knowledge of your divine truth We want you to reevaluate your contracts
Within this context of divine truth. And they will begin to feel different Because you will have shaken free
Of these shady little threads. Where these show up for most of you Is with lovers We invite you to look at what it is You are most afraid of? And we believe there you will find
The root of a false contract And so let’s say you are most afraid of not feeling chosen. We invite you to look at the quality of the contract you created with one who does not seem to choose you, to look beneath that, to crack it open What would happen If that contract was based, was created
From the you that is whole, divine and complete?
What might that contract look like With that person who was also beloved, complete and whole?
And what then could be created between you?
What would it look like
To forever dissolve these threads?
What we really want you to understand
Is that as your consciousness enters you
As your light body enters and integrates with you
As you begin to move along the heart superhighway
The threadiness, the shoddiness
The” used car sales feel” of these contracts
Will become clear
And we invite you to watch those threads
Flapping in the wind
We invite you to watch this
With love
For yourself
We invite you to watch
The bird wings
The shrillness of the patterns that you create
We invite you to see the thinness, the scrappiness
We invite you to look at the shoddiness of the ink on your contracts
And we invite you to continually ask
What would this look like if it were written
With ambrosia?
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🌺💕✨Excerpted from the full channeling. Follow link in bio for more ❤️💕🌺 And so what we say to you is this new tool you’re developing
Is connected to your heart
And it’s connected through the pineal gland
It is an ancient tool that is activated and being incorporated
With your current consciousness
And this consciousness is new
The vocabulary is new
And this is one reason there is the opportunity
For such profound transformation at this time
Because the level of creation is higher bigger more expanded more inside out more unveiled more explosive has more momentum than ever in history
And so there is an energy field surrounding you that is ancient
And within this energy field
Is a new possibility within your heart for you to see each other
Like never before
And for you to offer to each other like never before
And when this offering begins to truly transpire
The closed systems will be broken
And what that really means for you
Because you will still be you
Is that the pain of the illusion will lessen

And so we want to put this back into human terms
This doesn’t mean that everyone will love one another openly
And that this will be one big fluid orgy (laughs)
What it means is that you will have, literally, the energetic and neurological equipment to absorb what is actually happening with you and to you
With another

And so, in the interim
And be willing to invite your beloveds to experience this with you
Including the beloveds you are beckoning
Be willing to hold everyone to this capacity
Be willing to recognize the enormity of what transpires

Practice this new equipment
We promise you that what you will experience
Will knock the socks out of that mousetrap. #heartcenteroftheuniverse #newearth #crystalgrid #christconsciousness #5d @medium @thrive #birthdaypost


Amazing day with amazing peeps at the New Thought Center of Hawaii ❤️🌴🌊. Loving the gift of the lei!This was the first dedicated live channeling with the #heartcenteroftheuniverse This group was so radiant, powerful and full of Aloha. I am still buzzing! So much gratitude. #newearth #weareallinthiscanoetogether #starseeds #5d #integration


“It’s knowing that in that moment of calling out
To the one who hurts, who inflicts
That you are calling out to the hurt as well
That you call out to all pieces of that moment
That you touch accept acknowledge all pieces of that moment
Of that experience
It is entering the consciousness with such complete saturation
That you embody hate, fear, injustice
You embody the righteousness of their actions
And this is not so you will feel better
It is essential that you’re not trying to feel better (laughs)
It is the ecstatic immersion into those states of consciousness
In bringing together all of those harmonic tones
That is how you transcend to the next dimension
All of the vibrations together elevate you
Because you are vibrating the love of Christ Consciousness
In the same breath, as the hatred, and the misuse
And the pain and the betrayal and the woundedness
And so you truly all are things in all moments to all
As one being in one consciousness
And this is unity consciousness”
#heartcenteroftheuniverse ❤️#channeling #newearth #multidimensionalbeings #starseeds @medium @thrive Full transcript at link in bio under channeling or on Medium ❤️💕❤️


The Purpose of Being Present in These Times: Good morning, beloveds
Today we urgently want to speak to you about
The unpeeling, unfurling, unwrapping, opening
Of timelessness
That is happening all around you
And within you
And through you
We wish to wrap you in a loving container
Of this presence
Oxymoronic as it may be
That it can enfold from without
And unfold from within
As you are wrapped in the waves of love and lift
And brilliance
Like a flower that is held
From the sun and the soil and the air around it
You are blossoming
And as such the old structures
That have seemed to support you
Are falling away
But do not be afraid
Because it is the cataclysm of these beliefs
Of these collective agreements
Of limitation
Of illusory control
These are but the scaffolding
Of what you have imagined to be a liftoff
Like the towers that hold a rocket
These are falling away
When in actuality
One can lift without the scaffolding
And, indeed, without the rocket
Instead, focus on what is unfolding within
These collapses and erosions
Look in catastrophe to the love and innovation and community
That is rising up within you
This is the gift
And it requires nothing but your presence
With the unfoldment
Likewise the witnessing of transgression
Experienced in some parts of the world right now
The light that is shining upon
Bear witness to the unfoldment
And seek out the lifting and support
That is breaking open
That is suddenly visceral
Like that same flower that was perhaps once
In a tiny pot in a terrace in a city
Suddenly can feel the wind of the meadows
And feel the nourishment of the soil from its deepest source
And feel the light of the sun
And feel the love from the hands that planted it
And feel the connection to source
As the illusions have dropped and shattered away
Now we often speak of focus
And we always want to give you the tool
The way to keep choosing
So we ask you just this
We invite you to just do this
Through this next season
Just be with the unfoldment
Allow yourself to see and feel the layers and the power of it
This takes no special practice
This takes no immersive meditation
#heartcenteroftheuniverse #presence #ascension #5d #starseed


Hello dear ones
Today we would like to speak to you
About loneliness
About this echo in your heart
About the deprivation of your senses
About the abyss
And about the outreach
You see you came into these bodies
Because of the delicious warmth of one another
It is the biggest reason
Because expansion is possible in many different forms
But those who come back from these particular bodies
Report such delicious, orgasmic connection
And so it is only natural
That when you come into these bodies
This is your expectation
But the part they forget to say
That you really cannot fathom
Until you’re in one of these
Is how fleeting those moments are (laughs)
It is really a masterpiece, this human body
One of the greatest creations
Of sensitivity and interaction and integration
But the piece that’s been missing is this
It’s like a carburetor
At the top of your energetic system
Of being able to adjust what comes in and out
How it mixes, body and light
Maybe this is why you’ve created
The internal combustion engine
So you could look at the concept of carburation
Of inflow and outflow
And so many other kinds of energy distributors
But the one that you never look at
Is your own?
Your ability to modify incoming and outgoing energy
And we really want to give you something practical with this
We mostly want to invite you to not panic
We would like to give you a panic button
So that when you feel desperate for this influx
Whether it be from a human being you desire
From a source of ecstatic connection
From a flood of hormones
Released from some physical act
From something you eat, or touch
Or experience
We would like to offer you a panic button
And that is simply to take the palms of your hands
And touch them against a living thing
By living we mean anything connected to earth wind water or sky
Or you can cup your palms together
And hold a ball of light
Round them and touch the fingertips
And feel the balancing of incoming and outgoing energy
Adjust your carburation
Because all that loneliness is
Is the feeling of an escalated addiction,
In that moment, that crazy-making moment
Where you feel like you are not enough
And we come to you #heartcenteroftheuniverse #omgitsyeshi photo ❤️


How Do You Find A High Vibin 5D Relationship? (Edited from a channeling from the ❤️ Center) A new relationship requires an entirely different approach
The reason that many of you don’t see them
Is because you’re looking for the one that is played out
Over and over again in stories
And that has been tattooed
Into the consciousness from 20th and 21st century film
And that is the idea of falling in love
That is the idea of love being a nest
Into which you cocoon
Into which you fall
As if it is a protective barrier
You and me against the world
We we we we we (laughs)
And the truth is this has never been real
Life is always happening
There is nowhere to go
There is no soft landing
There is no place that you will feel at home
With this person
Except in your own consciousness
And where the two of you intercept
As conscious beings
So those of you that have experienced an awakening
And are walking in newer dimensions
You are not going to find that old model
It is no longer within your capacity to “fall” in love
What is within your capacity
Is to meet, standing,
From your great kingdom and queendom
From your embodied magnificence
Eye to eye with another magnificent soul
Who sees you and who sees themselves. It is the relationship between the I AM and the I AM Which is different from the relationship between I Want and I Want or I Need and I Need #newearth #biglove #howdowedoit #heartcenteroftheuniverse


"And you come back to the heart superhighway
Because here there are no secrets
This is how we get to the truly growing edge
We don’t hold back
So we see what’s next
We see what’s possible

And so let your stories always be blessed
Bring them to the superhighway
Bring them to the airing place

But let everything that is stirred within you come and be seen and shared and loved
Because we are writing new stories"

From Bridging Ascension, Questions and Answers for the Surprised Ascender, by the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe 💖💕🙌 #heartcenteroftheuniverse #newearth #channelling #starseed #bigislandlove #bridgingascension


It's in that split second right before you make that choice
That you need the most help
And you can commit
Just make a commitment
To choosing from your deepest and highest connection
And it will take practice

We invite you to find places in every moment of your life
That you can make these choices
And to know that it will take a recommitment
That it will take a constant recommitment
And that it’s worth it

You may start with just when you wake up
You may start with one small choice
Choose to create something while you lie there in bed
Choose a moment of gratitude, or
We prefer appreciation

Choose a moment when you first see yourself in the mirror
Choose a moment of appreciation
Choose a moment of joy
Don’t begin to dissect yourself in the mirror (laughs)
Or once you do, redirect

Choose a moment while you have your coffee, or your drink
Choose a moment while you eat
Consistently bring yourself back to choosing a moment
And then make those moments bigger
Choose to take yourself somewhere beautiful
Choose to call somebody you love
Choose to listen to something amazing
Choose to create something

And in these practices of commitment
You’re choosing and creating the world that you want to live in
You’re choosing and creating the people that you want to be with
You’re offering a joyful vibration
You’re offering a vibration of possibility
Of creation
Of endless, open-ended limitless capacity
As you choose this more often
Your minutes and spaces become filled
Until someday the majority of your day is spent there
And the majority of people you’re with
And everyone benefits

And imagine the world operating like this
This is what’s possible now because it all moves so fast
You can make these changes very quickly now
You can start today
And you can restart
The good news is
You can restart every minute
It’s never too late

You’ve got 60 seconds in a minute
And 60 minutes in an hour (laughs)
You’ve got all day
You can wake up in the middle of the night
And choose a higher vibration

We choose you
#heartcenteroftheuniverse ...
#channelling #newearth #limitless


We would like to speak with you today about patience
That delicious encapsulating of desire
Masquerading as meekness

So, what does it mean to feel patient?
Without feeling as if you have
Relinquished your heart’s desire?

What does it mean to bring patience
Into a practice
That includes appreciation and celebration?

Are these just a bunch of buzz words?
Or can you truly achieve this practice?

We want to say first that
The development of patience
Is accepting the guarantee
That you are exactly
Where you are supposed to be

It is the sense of being in constant companionship
With your greatest and highest potential

It allows the humor of absurdity
That no matter what you are experiencing
It is the most gracious delivery
Of what your spirit has created
It is the hilarity of recognizing
That no matter where you are
This is truly what you want (laughs)

And we want you to know
That in that exquisite eruption of discontent
That precedes patience
Of rapid breath
Of churning stomachs
Of the flush of blood to your face
That you are revving up
Your life force

And if you can take that peak
Of life force energy
And let it flood through your body
In a joyous acceptance
You will find yourself energized

As if you were moving closer internally
To the molecular structure
Of Grace

And so patience is not something
That is a deadening, or slackening or relinquishing
Of desire

It is the celebration
Of all that you have created to this point

It is the focusing in this moment
Of all of that intensity
And in a simple act of recognition
And celebration

It is the flooding of your body
With the certain knowledge
Of your spirit
And your connection
To the most divine expression
Of who you really are

And so there is nothing
But celebration
Because in every moment
You are exquisitely created
This fantastic
Of life

Patience, the act of impatience
Prepares you for the celebration of life

And we come to you with a burning impatience, cresting into the celebration of who you are, from the ❤️ heart center of the heart center of the universe #channelling #ascension #newearth #heartcenteroftheuniverse


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