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by @isihealth

ISI exercise tip:

Coach Robbie goes through a hybrid of two exercises. From coach Matt Nichol and Dr. Serrano. Call it what you like or call it the Robbie raise lol. This is fantastic for overall shoulder wellness. Don’t be fooled by Eoin making this look easy you will not need to use free weight for this one as it’s very difficult once performed correctly.

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by @eva_lewis87

Over 30 years ago my mum dressed her girl in this peter rabbit onesie and now I’ve dressed mine 💗#peterrabbit#sentimental#happy6weeksgracielew


by @greensayurveda

Kudos to our students Sabrina and Patricia for completing Marma massage course 👩‍🎓👩‍🎓 Follow @greensayurveda for more 🌿🌿🌿 Marma is a sanskrit word meaning "hidden or secret" . A Marma point is a juncture on the body where two or more types of tissues meet

It can be a junction where muscles,tissues, veins ,bones or joints meet

When these Marma points are massaged it triggers body's biochemistry in order to produce neurochemicals and hormones which are vital in healing of body

If you are an ayurveda enthusiasts, contact us today to enroll in this course

Visit our website today

Link 🔗 in bio

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Kozhikode, Kerala, India

by @paskar_ss

#экопоомс 👫

Анализы для квоты на #ЭКО сдают оба партнера – это обязательное условие❗️
 Всего обследование состоит из 31 пункта❗️
Вот основные анализы и обследования, которые нужно пройти для того, чтобы попасть в программу ЭКО по ОМС 2018:
. * Исследование гормонального фона
* Обследование молочных желез ( УЗИ или маммография)
* Анализы на инфекции, передающиеся половым путём * Анализы крови
* Исследование маточных труб на проходимость
* Обследование у терапевта (ЭКГ, заключение), эндокринолога, маммолога, генетика по показаниям
* Спермограмма (при патологии не менее 2 спермограмм и заключение уролога с рекомендациями)
* Флюорография .
Что нельзя ⛔️ получить по программе ЭКО по ОМС 2018:
* криоконсервацию эмбрионов и их хранение * биопсию тканей яичка, а также его придатка
* донорскую сперму или ооциты
* суррогатное материнство
* генетическое исследование эмбрионов #PGT-A
* обследование перед лечением методом #ВРТ


by @nataschanielsendk

How and why do you move your body?
Is it to look good?
Feel good?
Prevent/treat injuries?
Compensate for what you ate?
To make room for more food?
Or is it something else?
For me personally I do my yoga for my mind it’s like meditation for me.
Strength training is mostly to prevent injuries and to sculpt my body. Also I LOVE feeling strong.
Walking because I love being in nature it always puts me in a good mood and has a grounding effect on me. .
I would love to hear from you how and why you move your body on a weekly basis?
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Marbella, Spain

by @insideoutnaturalmedicine

MACA ROOT POWDER.. Maca is a Peruvian root vegetable and is especially great for Hormonal health. It is:

Rich in Antioxidants for all-over body health and reduced inflammation

Enhances Energy, Mood and Memory

Improves Female Sexual Health

Balances Oestrogen Levels

Boosts Male Fertility

It's a great one to pop into your daily smoothie, as hormonal health ususally takes a few months to start seeing a change. Incorporating it into your daily routine makes changes easier.

#nutrition #hormones



by @kittehcatt

*Essay/daily musing* I have been having the WORST cravings for Red Rock balsamic vinegar chips. ALL. FUCKING. DAY. which are my absolute biggest vice lately 🙄 I even stood in front of the chip aisle for a good 5 minutes on my lunch break debating (they were even on sale 😭) But they only sold the full size bags and I knew as soon as they were opened the entire bag would be gone... I wish that all the little wins I’ve had lately would just overpower these stupid cravings but its still so hard and kinda exhausting every day trying to battle with myself 😔 In the end I resisted and got some popcorn and balsamic glaze, which is actually pretty delicious and a much healthier choice and I feel good about it now but it wasn’t an easy road to get to that choice. Weight loss is hard yo 😔💛🥔 #cravings #potatochips #weightloss #weightlossjourney #struggletown #hormones


by @vickys.diary.x

😂😂 Defo forever... Day 2 😩 no energy and feeling emotional today 🤷‍♀️ #hormones #overdue #tired #40weekspregnant


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Both of us in our own Puppy pose 😆 ❤️ #yinyoga #sausagedog #puppypose -----------------------------------------------
✔️ Women's Health & Lifestyle Coach.
✔️ Healing the root cause & balancing the body.
✔️ Facebook - Hooked On High Vibes.
✔️ Twitter - hookedonhv.
✔️ Pinterest - Sarah Hook. ✔️ Health Coaching-hello@hookedonhighvibes.com ✨ www.hookedonhighvibes.com


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Acute kidney failure occurs when your kidneys suddenly become unable to filter waste products from your blood. When your kidneys lose their filtering ability, dangerous levels of wastes may accumulate, and your blood's chemical makeup may get out of balance.
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Chandigarh, India

by @the.womenseries

Menstrual Health 🌡♥️
Today Holly got to experience what it meant to be a women, her #period came at the same moment this video of her climbing a rope was filmed (im pretty sure you notice the exact moment 🤣)
Periods are not a user friendly term, with not only #men being uncomfortable but #women believing a period is something to hate, look away from and wish they never had. This doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, our periods and our entire #menstrualcycle should be something that is celebrated. .
It offers so much insight into how our body is functioning. If it’s painful, that could be an issue with toxicity. When they disappear, then deficiencies could be at play. If they become sparatic, take notice of how stressed you are (both physiologically and mentally)
We want to change the conversation around periods. They are there to give you feedback, not to de-friend you!
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by @ebonywan

After 18months of being fobbed off and pushed from pillar to post with no real answers.... I'm finally getting the tests I NEED! .

#Hormones #Fertility #Tests #Bloodtest #MRI #Scan #Dr #Hospital #Fibroids #Uterinefibroids


by @evagrin_upkeep



1»It Increases the collagen production under the skin cell, to make the skin smoother, supple and also prevent and minimize the appearance of Stretch marks & makes the skin bright by giving it a natural and healthy glow.

2» It helps in fading away dark spots and acne scars on the face and all over the body. There by giving the skin a flawless and Radiant Appearance.

3» It aids in slowing down aging process of the skin, hereby reducing wrinkles and slowing down ageing process. Making the skin appear younger, smoother, fresher and healthier.

4» It also boost the hair growth and aids in moisture retention for the hair and scalp, to prevent hair breakage and loss. It also aids in transportation of blood to the hair focilles in order to increase rapid growth and thickness of the hair and hair shaft.

5» This wonder working capsule also helps in firming, enlarging & strengthening the breast tissues and muscles.

6» it also replaces the female hormone at the menopause stage.
7» it also helps in propelling a good menstrual flow, as it causes the menstrual blood to flow freely without clotting. It also aid in subsiding menstrual cramps and discomfort. »8 it reduces cholesterol and unhealthy fat in the system. It also helps enlarge the vascular system »9 it increases the moisture retention gland for eye tears, as tears are healthy for cleaning unseen dirt in the eyes. This will enhance bright and clearer vision.

10» This Wonder working Herbal Capsule Is the Best Formula. For the General Beautification and Well For All Ladies Out there, As it Helps to maintaining and Restoring Natural Beauty, Brightness, Shine, Glow, Body Physique and Health of Women. Regardless the age, colour and Body Structure. The Goodness and Richness of this Lady Capsule is innumerable
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by @moniquekairau

These pregnancy hormones are on fire this last week or so. I'm such a moody cow and even worse, my kids get the brunt of it. This makes me feel like a shitty mum, but I'd do anything for my kids. Time to sort my crap out and pay more attention to these beauties.
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by @brightgirlhealth

New Yourube video is up! (Link in bio). EVERY GIRL NEEDS TO KNOW THESE PERIOD HACKS! They really did change the game for me and help me have a better period! I talk about what to eat for a better period, how to beat period cravings, how to minimize your waste with @modibodiaustralia underwear and the @saaltco cup... and more things! HOPE YOU LOVE IT!

Sydney, Australia

by @avyukta_ayurveda_rishikesh


Целлюлит — это накопление определенным образом жира в подкожной жировой клетчатки, что проявляется в виде неровности кожи и небольших впадин на ней. Это не болезнь, а, скорее, социальная проблема. Статистика показывает, что целлюлит чаще встречается у людей с высоким уровнем холестерина в крови, которые любят жареную, жирную пищу и другие продукты, чрезмерно раздражающие капху, а также у тех, кто использует при готовке много оливкового масла. Хотя целлюлит встречается и у худых людей, чаще он все же сопутствует тучности и его можно рассматривать как один из признаков ожирения. С точки зрения Аюрведы при целлюлите под кожей ослабевает меда агни (агни, отвечающий за жировой обмен), в результате чего там оседают непереработанные жиры. Цель аюрведического лечения в данном случае — разжечь или оживить меда агни. Увеличьте физическую активность Первый подход к лечению целлюлита — регулярное занятие физическими упражнениями. Важное значение имеют ходьба, плавание и другие аэробные упражнения, причем некоторые упражнения должны быть «местными», то есть ориентированными на область формирования целлюлита. ☘ Характер питания. Удостоверьтесь в том, что ваша диета не способствует увеличению капхи. Сведите к минимуму потребление жирных молочных продуктов, сладостей, холодной пищи и напитков, а также жирной и жареной пищи. Не используйте при приготовлении пищи оливковое масло. ☘ Витамин К. Растирайте кожу кремом с витамином К, который поможет устранить сетчатое расширение мелких подкожных вен и будет способствовать уменьшению целлюлита. ☘ Массаж. Массируйте область целлюлита смесью кунжутного и горчичного масла в равных количествах. После массажа посыпьте кожу в этом месте порошком аира и разотрите. Это тоже помогает устранению целлюлита. Также способствует устранению целлюлита касторовое масло. ☘ Ежедневно, по крайней мере пять дней в неделю, совершайте пешие прогулки хотя бы по полчаса в день. Плавайте или занимайтесь какими-либо другими аэробными упражнениями по меньшей мере три раза в неделю.
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by @mums_bubs_nutritionist

Up there with the best recipe I’ve ever created. A firm household favourite and a firm favourite with clients too!! Naked Spinach Muffins that kids will Enjoy.
1/2 cup apple purée or apple sauce (unsweetened)
1 large egg
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup fresh spinach, packed
1/3 cup rapadura sugar
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour or spelt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt

Bled the spinach sugar oil and applesauce until it makes a green paste. Add flour, baking powder and soda and fold in until there are no lumps.
Put into mini muffin trays and cook at 180 degrees for 12-15 mins

Nutrient dense and you can't even taste the spinach at all. They freeze well and make fun coloured cakes without any preservatives or dyes.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

by @anser_ursus

I'm sympathetic to sufferers of gender dysphoria as well the exceptionally tiny percentage of the population that is actually intersex, but I am unabashedly bigoted against trannies. Your entire identity structure is subversion. You do not deserve sympathy for embracing your disease as something other than disorder.
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by @fitteryoutoday


Hidden sugars added to processed foods can add lots of Calories to your diet and get converted into fat if you eat more calories than you burn. Foods themselves vary in how they deliver sugar to your body and this is captured in the measurement of Glycemic Index or GI. GI measures how fast a sugar in foods raises blood sugar compared to pure glucose which has a GI of 100. Table sugar which is half fructose and half glucose has a GI of 50 because fructose has a GI of zero since it does not raise blood sugar. Glycemic Load or GL is used by researchers and multiplies the GI by the number of grams of glucose. So a purple berry or grape would have a low GL but a glass of juice would have a high GL. GL is hard to use so simply select low GI foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains over cakes, cereals, and other refined carbs. Starches and vegetables are digested lower down in the intestines together with your gut bacteria and raise blood sugar more slowly than refined carbohydrates. Proteins and your Protein-Rich Shake have a low GI between 20 and 25 and like a fruit or vegetable, your shake provides other important nutrients , vitamins, and minerals. Start every day with a Protein-Rich Shake and build the rest of your diet with low GI foods!

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by @comfortzone_uk

The Sublime Skin Hormon-Aging oil serum is a nourishing, regenerating oil serum with Cell-Support TechnologyTM,
designed to stimulate cellular regeneration during the night and combat extreme dryness, thinning and loss of density, which are typical of menopausal skins. .
Thanks to eco-sustainable Maracuja oil, it re-energizes the cellular turnover weakened by the estrogens drop.
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by @jessieannecoleman

Now, where’s my glass of wine?🍷I’m FINISHED!💥
The 21 Day Hormone Detox was definitely an experience. Today was final results scan day & I had some pretty cool results & feel pretty proud of myself, {see my stories from today for all the before & after pics etc) but it’s definitely not the sort of eating program I could personally sustain 24/7 as a future lifestyle. 💗I was feeling far too restricted in the final 5 days, which meant I was irritable & wasn’t my normal happy self, which meant my balance was off.
💫HEALTH = HAPPINESS - not just a ripped body.😁
💗However, there are some core things from the detox which I will continue practicing permanently (generally) as part of my balanced lifestyle:
➕all organic when it comes to meat, eggs, veg, & wine (at least as much as possible.)
➕keeping up an intake of 500g-1kg of veggies per day.
➕have my biggest meal in the middle of the day rather than at night (where possible).
➕continue caffeine-free living (been doing it for a few years now so pretty used to that part).
➕have additional fibre with my main meals.
➕reduce how often I eat red meat, & increase my seafood intake per week.
💗I like to do detox / cleanse / challenge programs as experiments on my own body for the fun & the research of it.🤓 #imanerd
However, I believe some of these more extreme types of programs are only beneficial in the short term for some of us. With this particular detox, it was used to target my estrogen dominance to see if we could achieve any sort of change to my hormone levels & the estrogen related fat I was storing, & for me this program worked. Doesn’t mean it’s gospel for all though.😊Everyone’s body is so unique, so different, we really have to tune in to our own bodies & find:
1️⃣What achieves results in my body;
2️⃣What lifestyle can I manage in the LONGTERM, rather than yo-yo-ing from fat to lean between detox to diet fad;
3️⃣When am I at my happiest AND healthiest? The 2 go hand-in-hand.👏🏼 If you’re lean but not happy, you’re not healthy.
💗I’m very happy to answer any questions you may have about this detox, just flick me a DM.💌

Burleigh Beach

by @boazs_gina

Alleen al door anders te denken over jezelf en de wereld om je heen zal je veranderen in diegene die je wilt zijn. En ja, dat geldt ook voor jouw wereld. Want mijn wereld kan heel anders zijn dan de jouwe. Alleen maar door hoe wij denken. Denk anders en je bent anders. Zo simpel? Yep, zo simpel. #curlyhair #ballet #elegance #healthy #women #girlpower #hormones #instalike #glasses #coaching #motovation #mentalhealth #psychology #middelburg #nerd #picoftheday #quotes #philosophy #love #zeeland #fashion #blogger #fourthdimension #thinking

Middelburg, Netherlands

by @eatburnsleep

Yesterday, during my live video, someone asked me about TIPS for dealing with PRE MENSTRUAL SYNDROME 🌸 I have written a blog post about this, and will do a video soon ✨
I sometimes curse being born a woman. No two days of the month are the same for us! We have ups, we have downs, we have days where we could conquer the world and we have the dreaded…premenstrual syndrome or PMS.

It is, of course, all worth it as we have been blessed with the ultimate creating ability, which is to carry babies.

So… How can you reduce your PMS symptoms and stop writing off 4 to 5 days a month?

1/ SLEEP. I can never say it enough, but sleep is the biggest healer. Sleep regulates hormone, mood and lack of sleep will always worsen health struggles. I regularly take an essential amino-acid called L-Tryptophan which helps with sleep function, mood, immune system, circulation, nervous system, and digestion.

2/ Magnesium citrate or glycinate. A deficiency in magnesium has been shown to increase PMS symptoms. Around that time of the month, many women suffer from constipation due to the rise in estrogen. Magnesium citrate powder has a mild laxative effect, so this side effect can be beneficial too.

3/ Evening Primrose Oil has been shown to help balance out hormones. Taking it regularly can help PMS.

4/ Fish oils, DHA in particular. Omega 3s decrease inflammation in the body and DHA is beneficial for hormones. A study has shown that women in Japan tend to store less fat thanks for the higher levels of DHA in their bodies due to their high fish consumption. ✨

Full article on Eatburnsleep.com in the Health section!

Have a beautiful day! ☀️

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by @themenopauseroom

Self care isn’t selfish. Remember to schedule in ‘Me Time’ and don’t feel guilty about it! 💐


by @nourishingamelia

Carbs please 🙋🏻‍♀️ You know when you just get those cravings? Listen to them! ✨ Your body tells you what it needs!
Since coming off hormonal birth control I’ve been tracking my cycle. I’ve been using an app and putting in how I feel every singe day, commenting on everything from how my digestion is to food cravings, my mood and energy levels. It’s been a few months and I’ve already noticed a real pattern! It’s amazing to see what my body does naturally without any artificial hormones disturbing things 🙅🏻‍♀️ I’ve noticed I get bloated and exhausted during when I should be ovulating and the week leading up to my period I’m RAVENOUSLY hungry and crave alllll the carbs. Have you ever tracked your cycle? I’d really recommend it, especially if you suffer with hormonal imbalance or PCOS like me ✌🏼 P.S this is my homemade beans on toast and it’s dreeeeamy ❤️


by @healthshopbrisbane

HAVE YOU BOOKED?🏃🏻💚🍃 You won't want to miss this!⠀
The SWITCH ON YOUR HEALTH Seminar, presented by Greg Haglund @switch_nutrition will cover a load of health topics and get you on your way to your health & fitness goals! Details below. SAVE THE DATE! 👇⠀⠀
Tuesday 9th October, 6:30pm⠀⠀
Hosted by Healthshop Strathpine @strathpinecentre
Earlybird tickets $10/person [inc. $20 instore voucher toward Switch products!]⠀🙌
The seminar covers all things:⠀⠀

✔ Fat Loss⠀⠀
✔ Increase Energy⠀⠀
✔ Improve sleep patterns⠀⠀
✔ Ketogenic Diets⠀⠀
✔ Intermittent Feasting (IF)⠀⠀
✔ IIFYM and Calories⠀⠀
✔ Hormones & Fat Storage⠀⠀
✔ Stress & Adrenals⠀⠀
✔ Thyroid Dysfunction⠀⠀
✔ Gut Health⠀⠀
✔ Detoxing & Inflammation⠀⠀
Purchase your tickets instore (Healthshop Strathpine), or click on EVENTS via our Facebook page to book online. 🍃 facebook.com/HealthshopBrisbane 🍃 Grab your spot, you'll be glad you did! 👍
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