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"When you feel my heat look into my eyes..."✨

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

You’ll never love me....but I believe you when you say it like that 🍁🌺🥀🍂


peekaboo does someone want to lend me their dog for a year? 👀
also this pic was not from this weekend i spent this weekend sleeping

Opening Ceremony

I met Faith and Allan in an online Iceland traveling group and wanted to do a photoshoot while visiting the country. Faith volunteered for the photoshoot and Allan surprised her by proposing on the "free photoshoot". We all became buds after this and they insisted on taking me out for a drink on my 30th birthday here in Iceland while I was alone. They were planning on flying me down to Florida for the wedding and then one day were like "We're gonna get married in Iceland instead, and Sofia, we're bringing you!". Here we are over a year later and ending our photoshoot at Krysuvik in southwest Iceland a spot I fell in love with when visiting last year. Thank you so so much for bringing me to this beautiful country for your wedding Faith & Allan you two had unforgettable wedding weekend. <3
Makeup, Hair and Lighting Assist: Heather @blushartistrymua


{Street Taco} Taco Sundays...cause why wait till Tuesday? 🌮😉

Street Taco

Pho-sho one of the best Vietnamese joints I've been to 👌🏻

Pho 2000

Little sneaky into what we will be doing all week. Staring at photos of this city is definitely no chore! #betheexplorers

Paris, France