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Hello, world! Meet Nelly (@nellysnose), a 5-year-old golden retriever who can balance just about anything on her nose. “The balancing act grew out of basic sit-and-stay training,” says Nelly’s human, Terry, a retired pediatric nurse. “Occasionally, I would add a prop: veggies from the garden, small toys and, of course, the ever-ready stick. Nelly took to our game immediately. She loves it.”
The trick is in the treat — enticing Nelly to show off her skills with a special snack. “If Nelly is willing, she can balance,” says Terry. “She has balanced a small sewing machine, a watermelon, helmets, a raw egg, wind-up teeth and, her personal best, 50 Pringles potato chips.” #WeeklyFluff
Watch our story to see what else Nelly can balance on that talented nose. Good girl, Nelly!


Saint-Petersburg Catherine Palace is definitely worth visiting if anyone comes to Russia. This amazing palace was bombed during the World War 2. Its famous Amber Room was dismantled and eventually disappeared during the war. Before it’s loss it was thought to be an “Eights Wonder of the World”. We were super lucky to have this place just for us for this photo as usually it is packed with people.
❝¿¿What is your choice of the Eights Wonder !? ❞
❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍ #следуйзамной в Екатерининский дворец. Этот невероятный дворец в Царском селе был сильно разрушен во время одной из бомбардировок. Во время Великой Отечественной войны дворец оказался на оккупированных территориях и его знаменитая Янтарная комната была вывезена немецкими войсками. Считалось, что Янтарная комната - это “восьмое чудо света” Нам невероятно повезло сфотографировать кадр без людей. ❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍
❝¿¿Что для вас Восьмое чудо света !? ❞


Photographed by Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo for Far & Away, a new magazine from @natgeo @wsj
I recently travelled to Jalisco, Mexico to photograph the world of Tequila production for a Far & Away. ‘Tequila Rocks’ was an epic journey into the blue agave fields East of Guadalajara, to the rowdy bars and distilleries of Tequila town. Click the link in my bio @arni_coraldo to see the full story online!
Pictured here is Guillermo, a Jimador (agave harvester) working for Tequila Ocho, cutting the sharp fronds of a blue agave plant off of the ‘piña’, the heart of the plant and the main ingredient of quality tequila.
Thx to my assistant @delaney_mar and @tequilaochomexico and photo editors @hopebrimelow and @jamesbwellford for putting me on this super fun journey. .
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Photo by @williamalbertallard // These bison plunging through deep snow were photographed in Montana in 1966. I was fairly new at National Geographic but had been assigned to photograph wildlife in the winter in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone then had a herd of about 400 bison that park management was trying to gather to check for brucellosis, a contagious disease that in cattle can cause cows to abort their calves. I was flying at about 500 feet in a Bell two-seater helicopter piloted by Bob Schellinger, renown for his mountain rescue work and then working for the park along with fellow pilot Elwood “Swede” Nelson. The day’s objective was to find groups of bison that inhabited the park’s Hayden Valley. When spotted, we’d drop down to skim along at tree level trying to drive them into a lane created in some timber leading to a corral trap built along Nez Perce Creek. Once contained, they’d be worked into chutes and blood tested. In the case of this picture a small number of bison had swung around to face and seemingly challenge us and in the combination of the deep snow and the downdraft from the helicopter the swirling snow created an almost watercolor-like palette for my Kodachrome transparency.
Flying with Bob was a great pleasure. He was a superb pilot and a very nice man with a dry sense of humor. At night we used to shoot pool at a bar in tiny Gardiner, Montana where we lived in a place called the Town Motel right at the edge of the northwest entrance to the park. Bob Schellinger died in a crash several years later while attempting a mountain rescue. My essay, “Yellowstone Wildlife in Winter,” the first essay I wrote as well as photographed for National Geographic was published in November, 1967.
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Helmcken Falls - Canada ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨@avisionphotography✨✨
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“ This is Eli! He has a condition called “cerebellar hypoplasia”. It means that the part of his brain stem that is responsible for motor skills such as balance, posture and coordination didn’t form all the way or correctly when he was a puppy. He’s just like every other dog, except he is clumsy, sometimes has tremors and wants to run EVERYWHERE.
He is going to be staying with my parents and they will be taking care of them. They absolutely love him! His previous place was a lot smaller and he wasn’t able to get outside much or interact with other dogs, so it was a huge change. He’s learning so much already, like how wonderful puddles are on hot day. I can’t wait to see him blossom here!” writes @hollyupnorth


#FotoDelDía | En la playa de Binh Thuan, una provincia costera central de Vietnam, los pescadores empujan su bote, llamado coracle, hacia el mar. El fotógrafo de Your Shot, Tran Tuan Viet explica: "Los pescadores que naveguen con coracle deben tener una salud excelente y habilidades especiales para mantener el barco en equilibrio, entre las altas olas y un funcionamiento preciso".
📸: Tran Tuan Viet
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Nice sunset but I’m thinking about that In-N-Out Burger 🍔


I’ve spent the last few days doing some power driving through the midwest, visiting some national park service sites on the way to Denver for a big travel conference.

Along the way I visited the Knife River Indian Village and Fort Union Trading Post in North Dakota. I also visited Fort Laramie in Eastern Wyoming.

I also made a stop at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. I’ve been to Roosevelt National Park before, but I only visited the southern unit, which is about 70 miles away from the northern unit of the park. This time I visited the northern unit and a bit of the southern unit. It was, and remains, one of my favorite national parks in the US.

Over the next week as I leave Denver I’ll be visiting more NPS sites in Utah, Colorado. Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, on my long term quest to visit all 417 National Park Service Sites in the US.

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