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From my research the changes to logo for the auto brand Ford seems to be the most shocking to those of us effected by this phenomenon. I have only owned one Ford vehicle in my 43 years of life, but it was my first vehicle. In my old reality where the majority of my conscious memories derive from the "f" did Not have this strange curly pig tail piece to it and instead was simply a horizontal line. Has this curly pig tail piece of the "f" always been a part of the Ford logo?
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Although I have never physically owned a Chevrolet I have owned a GMC and was a car salesman for a short period of time. I see two major changes with both the name and the logo. First off, on a reality where the majority of my conscious memories derive from Chevrolet was spelled Cheverolet with an "e" existing between the "v" and the "r". Secondly, the logo consists of two major changes for myself. Number one the center section vertical lines were on a more obvious slant that went from lower left towards upper right. Also the inside of the logo at the center their was never a lime which added dimensions to inner section . What do you think about any of these changes?
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Much like my previous auto related Mandela Effect the Volvo logo change also heavily resonates with me. In 2001 I owned, or leased, not one , but two Volvo cars. In my old reality where the majority of my conscious memories derive from the Volvo logo did not have this arrow piece sticking out of it. Does the Volvo logo look odd to you also?
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One of the oldest and biggest Mandela Effects for myself is the dual change to Volkswagen's name and their logo. Number one the VW logo Never had the break, or line/space, between the "v" or "w". Number two the company was spelled Volkswagon, like a station wagon, and not Volkswagen with an "en". This Mandela Effect hit me like a freight train last year when I stumbled across it as not only did I sell cars for a short period of my life, but I also owned multiple V Dubs, as VW fans often refer to it as. Three of the Volkswagon's that I have owned that never had the break in the symbol were a 2003 GTI, 2004 GLI, and a 2007 Jetta. What do you think about either of these changes?
Much love to @zakdaripper for reminding me about numerous Mandela Effects that I had forgotten to post about.
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