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Jan 21,2017 top left, Jan 21, 2018 too right, yesterday Jan 20, 2019. #keto works! I started this way of life on Feb 25, 2017, because #fibromyalgia was stealing my life. I was off all medications within the first 6 weeks. I feel better, have more energy, and the weight loss is just a bonus!! #ketorocks #ketosavedme #ketoweightloss #ketogenicdiet #fibrowarrior #livinglife #ketolife #bodybybacon #lchf #thisis47 #carbietobarbie #imnotfinishedyet #saygoodbyetocarbs


#whatdoyoustandfor - in the US, many of us celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King was a civil rights leader who had the courage to live, love, and die for his passion and dream of racial equality and the dignity of all people. I was fortunate to grow up in a very neutral, a-culture environment..or was I? When I served in the military, I learned that my fellow Women Marines attended “Second” Baptist Churches, served as servants to white families in the South, and were horribly exploited due to race. I was horrified that they had to live like that!!! Dr. King was an amazing futurist!!! His brain was trained to see a beautiful future of freedom for the oppressed!!! He learned from great leaders such as Ghandi and he took action. Our culture lacks passion and therefore greatness. It’s easy to sit in mediocrity and anonymity. It’s easier to just let it go. But greatness requires that we take a stand. I stand against exploitation and abuse in any form. No one is “better” or superior. We all have amazing and beautiful gifts and aspects to our being and for someone to exploit trust, beauty, or even naivety for their own ego, power (read insecurities), selfish gratification, or money is unconscionable and should never be tolerated. I stand for the dignity of others. I stand for love, light and hope. I believe that we all have the capacity for greatness but that requires appreciating differences and uniquenesses. It also requires actions like loving the unlovable or oppressed, taking risks, being selfless, failing, being laughed at, and maybe being killed. WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR???? takeastand #passion #greatness #equalrights #love #hope #light #loveisgreaterthanhate #imnotfinishedyet


Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3! Drive me crazy but can’t live without them! It’s been hard to be a single parent, but to me, Their happy faces have been worth everything I have gone through. #ImNotFinishedYet #myworld


The real glow up🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💯💯💯💯 I’ve been through hell and back so proud of my growth and I’m not close to being done 🙌🏾🙏🏾👑💪🏾 #10yearchallenge I went from being used, abused, mistreated, insecure, gullible, and living check to check, hanging with the wrong crowd.....To loving myself, building myself up, gaining confidence , being happy being alone, being a better mother, having a savings account, controlling my temper, building strong bonds with my mother, father, and sisters, And my brother, learning new things and traveling the world 🌎.... Now I’m living in a whole new state, happy, building, and loving every minute of it 🗣🗣🗣😘😘💪🏾💪🏾👑👪✈️🌎🙏🏾🥰 #imnotfinishedyet #livingmylifelikeitsgolden #betterdays #family #livingoutsidethebox


#dowhatican - fractured hand and it just started snowing heaps out (which is SO BEAUTIFUL) What’s a girl to do??? Treadmill it!!!! Life happens and things are not always as I want but I am going to do what I can do for my mind and body to stay in congruence with the vision I have for my life. Tonight it was a short but sweet interval w/o with 10 x 60 btwn 7:07 and 6:58 pace and 30 secs rest. It was perfect!!! Running is not on my goal sheet this year but i can get a quality interval workout in - with 20 minutes!!! And I am confident that I will do what I need to do when I am healed and the conditions are better. I have learned that a break from the norm is actually really good for me - my mind and body. So, I focus on what I CAN do- even if it’s not “perfect”. Keep the vision of your future close. Do what you can, with good positive emotion and effort:) and be patient:). Okay, I’m headed for some leg work and for another snowy evening walk with Luna. #keepmovingforward #treadmillfun #mindandbodybuilding #vision #imnotfinishedyet #lifeguru #performanceguru #athlete #cyclist #runner


Being able to do what I do. Every day. It's something to smile about!
I work a full time job but still make time for my side hustle....on my lunch hour...and when I get home. .
90 minutes every day is all it takes to change lives!
Pretty spectacular if I do say so myself!
I've opened up spots on my team just for you, girl! Drop me a 🦄 and let's get some magic going!
#noexcuses #noregrets #trusttheprocess #enjoythejourney #mommasgotgoals #imnotfinishedyet #letsdothis #unapologetic


#reflections - a year ago today I did my first mountain bike race. I have done running, road cycling and triathlons for many, many years but never mtb. It is not my strong suit but I really wanted to face my own fears. I wanted to do one and finish - even if I was last. And I did it ALONE. It’s easy to do things that are easy for you, but what about those things that scare us??? What if we have to go alone? Of course there are those people that want to see us fail - and they may laugh at us when we are last. But they aren’t laughing on the inside as they know those of us who do things that scare us, those willing to take a risk, and those willing to go unsupported, are really STRONG. We face our fears humbly and with courage. This was a huge step for me - a foundation which I was able to face other giants and do some super cool things in 2018 and beyond. #agoodday #mtbchick #notaboutthebike #courage #strength #imnotfinishedyet


#10yearchallenge I lost 25lbs in that 3 week coma. I woke up to a #sixpack I hadn’t seen since my #20s!
10 years later...I still walk with a limp. But it’s a #swag ass limp though.
#imgood #bxbbklife #neardeathexperience #lifeafterdeath #caraccident #coma #medical #marvel #imnotfinishedyet


What can you in 2.5 months?! Lose 30 pounds 🤯 and make your bed🤪!!! I need some more accountability partners, who wants to do this with me!! I've got big goals by the end of March and I want to help you reach yours too! #inspire #believe #healthyliving #empower #imnotfinishedyet #finalpush #herewecome


The difference one year makes. 1️⃣ Last year, after grieving the loss of 3 close family members that I love dearly, 💗emotional eating became an unconscious thing for me. I had no idea how out of control I was until people started asking me when I was “due” 🤰🏻I would take pictures like the ones on the left and literally be disgusted with myself. 🤮I hit the highest weight I have ever been and I was horrified. Being over weight is hard... But doing something about it is harder. I knew I was about to embark on the most difficult physical struggle of my life but something had to be done. 🤯 I made the commitment to run #1000milesin2018. Long distance running has been a love of mine since I was about 12, it was a matter of getting it back. But I was weak... it was challenging. 🤕 Fast forward a couple months and @burnbootcampsarasotafl was opening. I said I was going to complete the first 30 days for free and leave.... Two weeks into my journey at Burn, I canceled my gym membership and signed a 18 mo contract. 🎉 It was the best choice I have ever made. Everyday I get stronger. 💪🏼 In just 9 months I have shaved 2:20 off my mile. This journey has been a slow struggle. 🐢 I had a miscarriage this year, broke my knee, broke two toes, jacked up my ankle among many other injuries and I am currently facing some really challenging health issues (that’s another post). My treatment is causing me to retain a ton of water💦 and some days I feel like I have made zero progress. BUT, these pictures came up on my #timehop so I took new pictures... I can see the difference. 👀 My results in my focus meetings say I’m making progress. People are noticing a difference. We are our own worst critic. 😢 It’s easy to pick ourselves apart. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why? My body birthed 3 beautiful children... it’s capable of amazing things! I share all of this not for empathy, sympathy or a pat on the back... but to say that progress is progress... I’m not striving for perfection but I am striving to progress and create a new stronger 💪🏼, healthier 🥗 and happier 😀 version of myself! And I can honestly say with 100% of my being that I am doing just that! 🤗 Keep moving my friends!


I’m calling it. 2019 is the year I’ll grow my business by 1000%. 👈 That’s not a misprint. Big things are happening this year and I couldn’t be more excited for what my business will become over the next 365!


You remember I did something to my back before Christmas? I had to really tone down my exercise Challenges... Well I've just finished at the chiropractor
and he said of of my vertebrae were all locked up. He's now freed them and I have a nice little back ache where they are back in place firmly where they should be 😵

NO muscle damage and NO nerve damage 😊 so happy, can resume abs Challenge after 48 hours 😊😊😊 I'm back in the game BABY 😍🔥🙏🏽


Do you have BIG dreams? I mean HUGE?
I do. And I want mine to come true this year. And I have a date in mind for mine! 📅
So I'm hustling to achieve them! But I can't reach my dreams alone! It takes a team. A village! 👭👭👭
I'm looking for like minded people who are:
+Focused on living their healthiest life. +Focused on earning an extra paycheck. +Focused on building a business. +Focused on helping others do the same. .
🔥You have to a fire inside of you. 🔥A passion.
Does this sound like you? Send me a private message or drop me a 🔥 in the comments! We got work to do!
#passion #wegotworktodo #bigdreams #goalgetter #buildingmytribe #buildinganempire #imnotfinishedyet #mommasgotgoals #noexcuses #noregrets #unapologetic


When life beat you down and ask's you, are you ready to give up?...."my reply" 🖕🏾#KING #KINGTHOUGHTS #NEVERGIVEUP #FUCKYOU #IMNOTFINISHEDYET #HOLDTHETHRONE #MYCROWNSTILLFITS


Well everybody I kinda hate to do this but I am quitting this account.Not because of all of the amount of support I have gotten from you guys but because I wanna make something more of this page,find a bigger passion and start making a following.Plus most of the time most people that follow me back always have a private account or always expect me to follow them back just to get an accepted request but that’s beside the point anyway I’m gonna miss you all.#thisisforthebest #itsnotyouitsme #dontworryillbeback #imnotfinishedyet


I hadn't been 230+lbs since 2013! Lifestyle changes were in order... #WeightLoss #NewMe #ImNotFinishedYet!! #20lbsToGo


1 year apart! My hard work but I couldn’t have done it without the proper nutrition and programs that I’ve gotten from jimstoppani.com
#jymarmy #garagegym #jymgirl #ImNotFinishedYet #NewYearNewMe #jymsupps


The picture on the top is from November 30th, the one right under was taken December 17th. And the big photo was taken today. Sometimes I get discouraged & feel like nothing is changing or I still look the same but when I look back at my photos... mannnnn I can’t even complain #imnotfinishedyet #fitness #gym #gains #lafitness #lafitnesssecacus #motivation


#transformation - thats my goal. Though i know one never “arrives”, there are areas and thought processes that hold me back. I think we all have areas like that. But i want to deal with them...and as I begin this processnof transformation, i understand that other (problem) areas may present themselves. But injust want to see where i get. I just want to thrive and be ALIVE with love, enthusiasm, health and over all abundance! So, here goes...time to rewire the brain:). #rewireyourbrain #imnotfinishedyet #thrivelifestyle #lifecoach #transformationcoach #lifelongstudent


Happy New Year! I have a good feeling about this one. 😉 #offpiste_portsmouthnh #portsmouthnh #getshitdone #imnotfinishedyet


I have so many reasons why I should throw in the towel and give up. ☆
❌I'm 43
❌I'm overweight
❌I'm a slow loser
❌I've lost the same 10 pounds all year
❌I work a full time job
❌I have 2 kids that keep me busy
❌I'm tired, girl!

But I have so many reasons to KEEP GOING!

➕I'm more toned (inches lost!)
➕I eat healthier than ever
➕I feel better when I workout regularly
➕I am setting an example for my children
➕I have better energy throughout the day
➕I may not lose a lot of weight, but I'm not gaining!
➕I am healthier, mentally, because I workout

you have to do YOU. you have to set YOUR priorities. ☆
you just have to decide if YOU want it. ☆
you either have an excuse....or you find a way.

when you're ready - I'm here. 💕

#finalworkoutof2018 #nyeworkout #nye #happynewyear #nevergiveup #imnotfinishedyet #trusttheprocess #enjoythejourney #mommasgotgoals #noexcuses #noregrets #momstrong #bringon2019


Waiting with a grateful and expectant heart! 💗
His endings are THE BEST!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Butterfly Box creates monthly subscription boxes to encourage women in their faith...
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