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Over the last week or so, I've gotten several messages asking "why do you drill holes in your tubes?..." Well, there's two answers... the straight to the point one; and the "Alex Brown" @cavemanwelder esk answer 😂. Being I'm only a handful of so credits from completion of a PhD in cellular and molecular biochemistry (I won't complete cause I don't wanna) I figured I could lay some insight on the subject... In short, drilling a hole in the "coped" tube being welded to the "base" tube reduces the occurrence of weld blowouts. (If you don't know what that is, google it or I'm sure @weldmonger has done a video on it by now). The more scientific answer is defined by Gay-Lussacs Law, which states that in order to maintain a constant volume of gas in a sealed container (roll cage in this instance) the temperature of the gas is directly proportional to its pressure. So, what that mean is, as the temperature increases the pressure increases as well and vise versa as the temperature decreases so does that pressure. That temperature increase, can easily be observed while watching a weld puddle through an arc shot. As the weld puddle becomes molten the ambient oxygen present within the "coped" tube develops an exponential amount of kinetic energy (which is a byproduct of heat transfer in this instance). Being that heat is directly proportional to pressure, as that heat of the tube(via the welding process) increases, so does that pressure (kinetic energy) within the tube at the same exponential rate. If the tube was capable of expanding its volume at the same rate as the heat transfer, such as a balloon does, weld blowouts would be non existent... Being that's not the case, that increased oxygen (gas) pressure has to go somewhere since the tubes volume stays constant, and it's favorite place to escape is of course riiiigut at the end of the weld into your freaking diffuser/ gas lense/screen stack. 😂 Drilling a simple 1/8" hole in the tube in an easily accessible area allows you to fully weld out your tubes and then simply fill the hole and DA sand it like it never happened. 😉🤙👊 #overkillracingandchassis #theweldlife #instawelder


💥 RENEGADE: Portable. Lightweight. Tough 💥
As the most compact and lightweight welder in its class, the ESAB #Renegade is the definition of a field machine. Three handles make it easy to grab, push, pull, or throw it over your shoulder so you can get to hard-to-reach areas that have limited access.

It's also built for the harshest environments, making it perfect for the ups & downs of Aussie weather.

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Out with the old, new battery brackets and straps on the way....#kishracing #golfcart #rebuild #instawelder #fabrication #weilerabrasives