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Sunday Cocktail Hour: Almond Blossom Crusta
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We hung art today with the help of our pals Karen and Rob. The main pieces are two Jad Fair prints. Jad is/was the creator/partner of the band Half Japanese and this afternoon we thought, “there should be a cocktail called the ‘Half Japanese’”. But, I struggled to figure out how to to take the Japanese Cocktail and do a riff where calling it the “Half Japanese” would make sense.
Which leads me here…

Whenever you are doing some sort of ‘Crusta’ cocktail you have to do this long lemon-rind-thingy that goes in the glass as well as a sugar rim.
IMHO… This particular Crusta doesn’t need a sugar rim with the orgeat in the mix. Also, that’s just a mess.
Also, I squeezed the lemons before thinking, “oh, i need the rind”. D’oh!
Sans fruit rind and sugar rim (“sugar rim” is an unreleased Prince song) this is still a lovely cocktail.

1.5oz Cognac (mighty VSOP from Hennessy)
0.5oz Gin (@mulholland)
0.75oz Lemon juice
0.75oz Orgeat

Shake with ice. Strain into glass.
I’d like some egg whites in this. Next time. -

Brooklyn, New York

This is something pretty different from what I usually do on my account but I feel like that’s a good thing. 🌥️ #castle #panorama #sunset #sun #sky #skyporn #iphone #iphone6plus #iphone6plusphotography #ios #iphonecamera #germany #münzenberg #thesgmwee

Münzenberg Castle