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I've heard mixed things, buuuut I love #jeremysaulnier and #jeffreywright. #nowwatching on #netflix with Mrs. Smith. #holdthedark #alexanderskarsgard #rileykeough #netflixoriginal


Jeffrey Wright @jfreewright was on with Trevor Noah @trevornoah Monday night (I just watched the interview, since I record The Daily Show). If you haven't seen the documentary "We Are Not Done Yet," check it out on HBO https://www.hbo.com/documentaries/we-are-not-done-yet

Jeffrey was our lacrosse goalie when I was a midfielder back in high school, so it's easy to be a fan of such a talent! He produced this documentary film, and it provides great insight into the way that art and poetry can help heal the men and women that have served our country in the military.

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Shaft (2000) REVIEW:
My score: 7/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
IMDb score: 5.9
Shaft is an action/crime film starring good ol' Samuel L. Jackson as the titular character, a disgruntled cop that seeks justice after being assigned to a case of a hate crime perpetuated by Walter Wade Jr., the son of a wealthy man played by Christian Bale. At some point a drug lord named Peoples Hernandez (Jeffrey Wright) gets involved in the plot, providing a new enemy for Shaft and an ally for Wade.
Samuel L. Jackson delivers a top-notch performance, as usual. Christian Bale really knows how to pull off a villain, as he seems threatening in most of the screen time he is given, altough one might argue that is just a small echo from his previous big villain role in American Psycho (2000). Jeffrey Wright is also a stand-out as he provides a magnificent performance as the menacing drug lord Peoples Hernandez.
Overall the action was pretty solid and engaging; although there were some scenes that just didn't make sense, for example: an infuriated Shaft throws his badge nearly hitting the judge and gets no punishment? Wade goes into a rough neighborhood unaccompanied with a bag full of cash? Ridiculous.
Besides, I felt that the ending was a way for the writers to wrap the story up really quick, leaving a sensation of rush and abruptness. In this case for me, quick equals lazy. But you be the judge, I still found an entertaining movie that heavily relies on the acting to be barely sustainable, because without Samuel L. Jackson, Jeffrey Wright and Christian Bale, I would have probably given this movie a 5 star rating.
Oh, am I forgetting something? Yes! Isaac Hayes' theme song is back, although we know that the lyrics talk about Shaft and his women, there were no women to be found around Shaft in this movie (besides Carmen Vazquez, played by Vanessa Williams).
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Jeffrey spending a cold day on set with his biggest fan. Thanks for a great booking @campbellagencykids


HE SAID: Like the bleak Alaskan setting of this existential horror, there is an ice cold feeling of dread running through its veins. Unsettling from the opening until closing scene, everything just feels ...off!
Like Saulnier’s previous movies, the excellent Green Room and Blue Ruin, the filmmaker knows how to sustain tension and put the audience off balance. Moments of beautiful stillness are permeated by brutal bursts of violence including a show-stopper of an action set piece midway through the film.
The mighty @jfreewright is perfectly cast as the solitary man of few words - he does more dramatic lifting with a pause than most actors do with entire scenes of dialogue. Alexander Skarsgård is well cast as a tightly coiled soldier out for revenge - his hulking frame and detached demeanour are suitably intimidating. @rileykeough casts a disturbing, haunting spell across the film and the always welcome presence of @jamesbadgedale gives the film some much needed warmth.
The film which is wonderfully shot by Saulnier(shades of Nolan) keeps you at arms length and creates some detachment from the characters but at the same time I was drawn into the films hypnotic snare.
SHE SAID: Brutal and barbaric, this film was not at all what I expected.
Jeffrey Wright is quiet and sombre, and as he is lured into the savagery of the Alaskan plains to hunt down a deadly wolf, the true savagery of that wilderness howls to him.
Riley Keogh is outstanding, both heartbreaking and chilling at the same time, which adds to the tense mystery that evolves in the snowy barren landscape.
The film is creepy and even confusing at times, but it does offer an exploration of humanity and the animalistic need to survive. While last year’s superb Wind River offers a clearer narrative and is more stunning in its filmmaking, this carries a more subtle, more chilling look at the severity and superstitions that are moulded in the most inhospitable of regions.


#OnlyLoversLeftAlive (2013)
Director : Jim Jarmusch
DoP : Yorick Le Saux
Writers : Jim Jarmusch, Marion Bessay (Adaptation)


Hold the Dark (2018)
Dir. Jeremy Saulnier
DoP. Magnus Jønck
My score: 6/10

As a huge fan of Jeremy Saulnier, I was sadly dissapointed by his newest film 'Hold the Dark'. Despite the gorgeous cinematography and Saulnier's signature use of ultra-realistic brutal violence (which I love), the dull and baffling story brought it down and made it a difficult watch as there were many times where it seemed as though the film didn't really know what it wanted to be and where it wanted to go.
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This guy booked an episodic off tape. Awesome to see the reward for hard work and training. #bookedit


What a great weekend. Jeffrey had the opportunity to work with @ryglo in a fun workshop this weekend at @dtvstudios Then moved straight to prepping for a taped audition. Busy weekend doing what he loves most. #childactor


So Hold The Dark (2018) is a relatively new movie that flew under the radar. At its core its a thriller/mystery. But it becomes much more as the film progresses. The premise is that our main protagonist, a writer, had a near death encounter with a wolf and lived to write about it, but this event happened a while ago (you don't get every detail about it other than passing details some characters mention). So switching over to a quiet little Alaskan town, a woman's kid was recently taken by some wolves who roam in the towns forest. She has read this book and decides its best to contact the writer and see if he can hunt down this wolf/wolves to which he agrees to. Thats just the beginning, and theres a bigger mystery at work. The first half of the film is a slow burn (the movie is an hour and 30 min) so bear with it but sh!t quickly escelates around the 30 minute mark on. One thing to keep in mind when watching this film is to keep an open mind. I had gone in thinking it was just some guy hunting wolves but boy was I wrong. Some questions you have will get answered if you HAVE AN OPEN MIND, cant stress that enough because this movie is really outside the box when it comes to mystery. Without spoiling, it does have gore, nudity, and a really gory shooutout scene. The acting was really good but the real star is the town/setting. Yes theres other villagers and families living nearby as well as a small police force but you really feel isolated. The coldness and mystery surrounding the wolves and the town really blend in well. The wolves also feel as their own character because they have a prescence felt throughout the film. As its title, this movie is dark and grim. You might recognize the actors but its mainly a small cast. Although everyone has there own uniqueness to the film there wasn't anyone who really stood out other than the main leads. I liked the ending but its very 'unconventional' and basically wtf but again, OPEN MIND as its not a traditional mystery. I'd recommend watching it at night because you get a sense of coldness as well when watching this movie lol. ❄8/10❄ #HoldtheDark
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Regreso a #netflixlat aprovechando que aun hay largometrajes entre tanta serie, y mi película número 329 del año es un relato algo complejo, oscuro y frío, que parecía prometer ser algo como "Wind River (2017)" de Taylor Sheridan, pero resultó ser algo aun más complejo. Es difícil que los acostumbrados visitantes de Netflix vean esta producción completa, ya que su ritmo no es el más dinámico y eso haría que fácilmente el dueño del control opte por iniciar otra serie aprovechando que "no hay muchas".
La propuesta de Jeremy Saulnier es altamente elaborada con un arranque muy fuerte, pero que se va desvaneciendo al no encontrar la forma de cerrar o resolver las propias preguntas.
Un interesante ejercicio reflexivo, con un sobresaliente trabajo de Jeffrey Wright y un Alexander Skarsgård que nos sigue acostumbrando a sus personajes perturbados.
Review by @fred_jim .
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First of two #NetflixOriginal watches today: #jeremysaulnier’s #holdthedark starring #jeffreywright and #alexanderskarsgard. It’s very slow, quiet, reserved and moody which can work...but this doesn’t. By the end i felt nothing for any characters and was transported nowhere. There was no immersion, no interest, no depth. Most of the movie just feels like scenes out of order with a very thin story that changes up way too many times. It’s well shot and well-performed but I was bored and confused at the lack of...anything. Stay tuned for my full thoughts to be wrapped into my #reviewroundup soon! #netflix #alaksa #greenroom #blueruin #murderparty #antonyelchin #winter #wolves #rileykeough #film #movie #reviews


"This is a non-partisan space. In this country, this is an American space."
@jfreewright explains the importance of veterans issues with us on the latest SOFREP Radio up now, link in bio.
Be sure to watch #WeAreNotDoneYet premiering tonight 8 PM EST on @HBO
• • •
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Celebratory lunch after Josh’s print job. Thanks @agent_diana for the booking! #campbellkids