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by @hadasbtv

These guys have been there through the majority of my career in news so far. Now, the Ochoas are off to Omaha!! Thanks for being pals all this time, @jennifernortega and @richwochoa. Gonna miss the heck out of you both!!!!

Mathers Social Gathering

by @ratt1988

Oh going to miss that face !!! One of the most sweetest men I had the pleasure of knowing !!! He had such a kind soul !! I love his famliy like they were my own ❤❤ you will be missed tom 💔❤#sweetman #gentalsoul #youwillbemissed #justseeyalater


by @nathanegpearce

Said goodbye (again) to one of my best friends. April, thank you for your friendship and support over the years. May God bless your next adventure! #UntilNextTime #NotGoodbye #JustSeeYaLater

Mary Mcarthur Elementary

by @leanptfitness

O N E L A S T T I M E💪 .
This Saturday at 5:30am I will be holding my FINAL group class session, this class is open to all of my current & past clients as well as anyone else who may want to come along and join in for some great fun & hard work for 45mins... I would love to be able to give one last throw down with you all as a massive thank you for being the amazing people that you are before I head off to NZ. I will post the address up in the location so you know where to come, look forward to seeing all your faces.... .

#leanletes #leanptfitness #fitnessmotivation #grouptraining #sweatsession #sweat #grind #Strong #exercise #Fitness #fitfam #nogoodbyes #justseeyalater

Average Kane's Personal Training

by @mrmikesvernon

MEET CAILEIGH!! Caileigh has been with us since we opened, and has been an integral part of our Serving, Lodgetending and Supervising team.
She’s working her last shift tonight before heading off to Southeast Asia for a few months!
Things won’t be quite the same without you, but we hope you have the BEST time!! 👋🏼🛫😄 #notgoodbye #justseeyalater #livinthemikeslife #wevegotthebestteam

MR. MIKES Vernon

by @elizabethdaddysgirl

Megan’s going away party! Super excited for her new sales job and opportunities🙌😊... we will miss you @meglynnc7 ! #seeyouinseatle #justseeyalater


by @jmguzman6876

Today we had to let our girl continue her journey without us 😢. We just found each other and now we have to let her go. @sarahgarland6 you’re going to be amazing and they don’t know how lucky they are to have a rockstar like you coming to join their team! #weworeblackveils #iwroteaeulogy #notgoodbye #justseeyalater #the3bereaved


by @mhull2012

We are def lettuce and tomato kinda chicks. 🎶 🍅 🌮
#thisisnotgoodbye #justseeyalater #weloveyouConnie


by @christianfreakinburge

If you could capture all the tears that mommas have cried leaving their babies at college it would be like the Mississippi River. My tears alone could fill it up halfway. #crymeariver #olemiss #notgoodbye #justseeyalater


by @whoa_amber_energy

To my sister in love,
I'm so thankful for the time we got to spend together this summer, I'm confident you will succeed in anything you attempt for I've come to know a very brilliant and determined woman in you over these last couple months. Ups and downs are part of it, but your resolve to make the best of it and not allow yourself to fall into the traps this world sets for us is inspiring to me. I love you guys so much and I'm gonna miss y'all terribly! Thank you for all the memories and for being the best aunt Header and letting me be aunt hamburger 😂😂 Cooper had the best summer with his "friends" and so did I 😍 #notgoodbye #justseeyalater #cousins #family #friends #love @heatherelizabethmatthews


by @violetrayphoto

It’s hard to say farewell to a friend who’s been there with ya since the very beginning, worked along side you for 12 years, and been a support and encouragement through all the nonesense and best times of your “adult” life. Literally since I was 19, Brad has been my buddy in xray school and at work (16 years!!!) . But here’s to new adventures friend! I wish you all the luck, prosperity, and enjoyment in life as you do something new and exciting! #happytrails #newadventures #notgoodbye #justseeyalater #xrayschoolfriendsareforever #whereamigonnagetmynewjokes 😂


by @carley_raek

Missing a few, but Summer Feeding 2018 has sadly come to an end! So many awesome memories and friendships made over these two months! Love each and every one of you! Till next summer! #notgoodbye #justseeyalater 😂💕


by @brooke_bh_sister

Not only did they celebrate their births.... it is some of the last time they get to spend with Nicko before he leaves for a while. @nickodunfee we love you! Thank you for making these people smile so much! We wish you all the best. We will be praying for you and we will be waiting for your return!! #Friends #NotGoodbye #JustSeeYaLater #WeWillMissYou


by @hnrichardson10

We totally should have spent the whole day packing boxes, but instead we spent most of it playing with friends!! #NotGoodbye #JustSeeYaLater @ashsisk

Monkey Park!

by @_daniellejacobs_

After two and a half years of ministering along side some of the most wonderful ladies, getting to lead and pour into some amazing teen mamas, tonight I had to say goodbye to my Younglives group. It has been a bittersweet day. I’m so thankful for all the wonderful mamas who taught me so much while I was pregnant and raised London. I thank God for all the great memories I take with me to Texas. Thank you for all the gifts, you all mean the world to me. Can’t wait to see how God uses you over the next few years. I love you! 💗 “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,
always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, for your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now; being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” - Philippians 1:3-6


by @twosugarbees

Cookies to celebrate a friends last day of work! #itsnotgoodbye #justseeyalater #sugarcookies #twosugarbees


by @lauren_mccabe86

Playing putt putt during a summer afternoon in south Texas may not be something we’ll repeat. 🤣 #wearenewhere But, getting together again sure should be! 😍

I’m so thankful for the chance to finally get to meet (in person) a dear cousin of Jason’s today and to spend some time with her and her sweet kiddos!!

@honeybeeduran and I have have talked on social media for a while. But, getting to hug her and hang out was such a treat!!!

Thanks for making me feel even more part of the fam, Melissa!! I adore you and your babies!! Hope to include Jason and Chuck next time!! ❤️❤️❤️#cousins😍 #texasinjuly #stillagoodtime #notgoodbye #justseeyalater
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by @tyh12

Well the sun has set on another amazing adventure back home. I am so grateful to have the family I do and the upbringing I did. Until next time. #nevergoodbye #justseeyalater #keepingthe✌🏼️


by @sheenadimatteo

Though we may be miles apart, keep dancing... you’ll be in my heart ❤️ New chapter in Florida for the DeJesus sisters! Show ‘em how it’s done, ladies!!! #notgoodbye #justseeyalater


by @luckylindzer

Tonight’s last strength session @bostonptwellness w/ @runfitdoc was amazing as always! D, thanks so much for being such a great friend and kicking my A$$ when i showed up, you’re an inspirational human & I love ya girl! Wish you nothing the best as you take on your next great endeavor up in the great city of Portland, ME! ❤️ #bostonptwellness #strengthforrunners #thisisntgoodbye #justseeyalater

Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness

by @queenwooddesigns

Moving gift for one of our favorite families! It's not good bye its see you later!

#queenwooddesigns #makeandtake #homedecor #noco #nocosmallbusiness #homedecor #bestfamilyever #sayitwithasign #movinggift #notgoodbye #justseeyalater

Greeley, Colorado

by @em_trev

When I came home at the start of 2016 my mission was to stay for a few mths, collect Frank and head off. Tbh I had know idea what I was doing but never, ever in a million years did I think I’d be leaving 2.5yrs later with a baby boy and leaving Frank with nan & pop 🤔 Leaving my family today was harder than I imagined but the excitement of the unknown and new beginnings has kicked in 😎 Love you so much my beautiful family. Thank you for the unconditional love and support for.. well forever ❤️ See you in the sunshine state 🌞 #catchyasouthcoast👋🏼 #notgoodbye #justseeyalater #howawesomeismyfamily😍 #missthemalready #jettissuperpumped😂


by @lexi_deyoung

Everyone is out there posting their faces next to pretty donuts...and here I am in leggings with my wine🍷😇.
Do what makes ya happy, right?!
Anyways. One last glass with the fam and then it’s adios for a little bit🍷🙆🏼‍♀️. #ItsNotGoodbye #JustSeeYaLater
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Solterra Winery & Kitchen

by @mylifeingrams

151/365 So long 1045 Laughing Gull. I’ll miss this house. It’s seen first steps, loss of training wheels, and a new baby. We’ve had some fights and some tears here, but way more laughs. This house was good to us. I hope that the next family that lives here enjoys this little island as much as we have.
#kotzurfamilypcs #nevergoodbye #justseeyalater #ontoanewadventure #365withthekotzurs

Satellite Beach, Florida

by @jesshicks0301

❤❤❤ My people. I'm so glad Iowa brought us together. Love you ladies 😘

#notgoodbye #justseeyalater


by @nathanegpearce

Because they MAY be leaving....two of the hardest working volunteers I’ve ever met! #NotGoodbye #JustSeeYaLater #kidmin

Manna Church

by @elizabethdaddysgirl

It’s good to love deeply... revival is FAMILY... it’s good to cry cathartic tears because you love people so much that their absence is felt... one of the things @bethel has taught me is you can’t hold back your love knowing people will be launched out soon. You just throw yourself into deep spirited friendships and realize that you now have wildly amazing covenant friendships in EVERY stinking country! If you don’t cry when someone leaves THAT would be far more tragic.... tears are little capsules of love holding a thousand memories each. As these ones head back to their respective countries, I smile knowing Germany, Norway, Australia and Colombia will be better for having them home😭😁😆😌🤗 #revivalfriends #wonderwomen #notgoodbye #justseeyalater


by @micheleengle

I would have never imagined that 3 1/2 years ago care.com would have found us such an amazing, loving, caring person who also happens to be so talented in so many different ways! From cooking to cleaning to gardening to baking the kids birthday cakes every year this girl does it all and man does it break our 💔thinking about not seeing her everyday. Life doesn’t always go as planned but @kirstydoud I know big things are in store for you and even though we will miss you so we can’t wait to see you soar❤️❤️you made me a better Mom and I’ll always be grateful for you.
#itsnotgoodbye #justseeyalater