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Kat + a lot of her roles over the years
Sorry for the quality about some of them, it was hard to find good pictures of the some of the movies
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Alec POV
FanArt Cover: @/noksindra •Chapter 14•

The warm water trickled down my neck to my bare back. The water was hot, but I felt so numb from my feelings, that I couldn’t feel it anymore. Steam filled the insides of the shower, and the mirrors were all fogged. My thoughts ran wild, who would do such a thing to Magnus? Will I ever talk to him again? I angrily turned off the shower, trying to think about something else until I hear the doorbell constantly ring, followed by banging. “Just wait! I’m coming!” I shouted, putting a towel over my lower body. My hair was still wet, but its whatever. The impatient person behind the door continued, “Okay damn!” I yelled. As I opened the door, a nervous Jace flooded quickly inside. His hands were fidgeting, and his eye constantly moved everywhere. “Jace? What are you doing here? Are you okay?” I asked him, closing the door behind me. “I...I witnessed something Alec” He says nervously, now pacing around the living room. “Okay, you’re starting to freak me out..what happened?” I say, carelessly dripping on the carpet my mom will soon kill me for. “I-I don’t know it-it just happened and I didn’t stop it..Alec I don’t want to go to jail” He cries out, now sitting on the stairs, with his face in the palm of his hands. I went over to him, placing my hand on his back, comforting him. “Jace, as much as I want to comfort you...What the hell did you witness that makes you this scared?” I asked, getting straight to the point. “I know what happened to-“ Jace starts, but was immediately cut off when Izzy barges inside, looking really pissed. “Izzy” Jace greets. “Jace, can I talk to you?” Izzy asks, giving him a death glare. “Uh.. okay” He says, getting up slowly, while following her. I took that as a hint that she didn’t want me to listen to their conversation so I didn’t. I went up to my room where I changed into something warmer. All of a sudden, I hear a door slam loudly, and as I peek my head out, Jace ran out..leaving. “What did you say to him? He was going to tell me about something he’s witnessed” I complained. #meanttobemalecff ⬇️⬇️➰THE REST IN COMMENTS➰⬇️⬇️