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by @jamello.fbrq

Going around Sydney like a Rockstar! 🎸
So thankful for all the strangers for always nailing the shot. 📸 (The props was offered by the stranger who took this photo... For the gram daw lol. haha 😂)

Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia

by @theministryofaviation

Taking inventory of some of the items used on this last escapade through the storm... been quite the ordeal making sure everything is dried and cleaned up for the next venture coming up on Saturday!

The Waynesville Conservatory

by @krtstfk

Oregon has 61 million acres of public land, including this state park. Wisconsin has 5.7 million acres. Many politicians would like to sell public land to reduce budget deficits due to poor spending practices. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been selling public land for years. Fortunately for us, Walker is up for re-election in a few weeks. I live in Minnesota, so I need my Wisconsin friends to do me a favor: vote for Tony Evers on November 6.


by @rossbarash

Felt chaos in the waves hitting from the side, but she was looking elsewhere with calmness in her mind

📸: Sony a7R III // Sony FE 24-105mm F/4 G OSS
📍: Princeville, Kaua’i, USA

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by @abbyvaliant

The sun beginning to set behind the Tetons. Loved the waves of golden light that were getting shot between the peaks and the wind whipping across the plain. Truly one of my favorite places ☺️ .
Nikon D7200 | 18mm | f/11 | 1/60 sec. | ISO 320

Grand Teton National Park

by @izabella.guerrero.198

Home. I’ve been home for 3 days. Honestly, I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’ve heard this part can be the toughest. I miss the trail and the people I shared it with a lot. It’s loud off trail, there are so many distractions I became use to living without. Mostly though, I think it’s the questions I’m overwhelmed by. I want to answer them all. I want to explain this experience to my friends and family, but I’m not sure I can. I don’t know that I can accurately put this trail into words. It’s beauty, it’s ease, it’s difficulty, the way it simplified life and changed so much at the same time.

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Pacific Crest Trail

by @mydarlingsofjune

Swipe > 🌿
Was very lucky to pick up this beautiful dolls bassinet from an op shop when I was pregnant with Indigo. I had no idea what I was going to do with it at first but i had to have it!! To find a doll this small or even bedding, I thought it was impossible. Untillllll, the gorgeous mumma over at @goodnightbuttercup was so kind to make a custom sized sheet set for me! I'm so in love I could cry, it's so damn tiny 😍😂 and then picked up the lovely little doll from @minimacko. I am so happy that it all came together & it's exactly how I pictured it in my head.
I cannot thank @goodnightbuttercup enough for this, you're amazing inside & out!
P.s New restock date has now changed to the first of every month, do not miss out!
Bassinet is almost the same length as a huggies wipe box & baby doll is 21cm.


by @hausofivy

Beautiful Ranch Wedding with April & Ryan! This dip was unexpected and fun! Shooting along with @dennisroycoronel 📸✨

Upland, California

by @antikwatches

Don’t forget to smile today! Featuring our Gauteng watch with @shanessamarie!


by @lifeofasharkdiver

Eye of a beast, America Crocodile photographed while recently traveling Costa Rica. #costarica #americancrocodile #crocodile #wildplanet #keepitwild

Costa Rica

by @cypris.morpho

Every trip leaves my eyes more open than my last. I return with a heavier heart and fonder love with what South Africa taught me.

1. Experiencing the drought in Cape Town reminded me that all things are finite. It is easy to lose sight when we indulge in convenience and comfort, but remember, our resources are precious and limited. Conserve when you can, and create less waste, our planet needs your contribution as much as we need it to thrive.

2. The game reserve connected me with animals in the most raw way. Watching them in the wild teaches empathy in a way books and documentaries may not capture. It hurt my heart knowing how many species, plants and animals alike, were dying out due to human selfishness. Please think twice next time you wish to book a visit to a sanctuary or conservation. Many times they are not what they say they are. Do your research and find out what your money is encouraging.

The sleeping tigers you get to pet & take pictures with, shark cage diving, elephant riding, walking alongside lions, and so forth, are all activities where either the animal is harmed or stressed being forced to act in undesired & unnatural environments.

These lives are not worth hurting for your instagram shot. Be informed, and fund your experiences mindfully.

Kruger National Park

by @shannonlawrencephotography

Waiting for his 10th daily cup of tea. Just a way of life in #Turkey
Shot on expired #fujisuperia100 #film

Cappadocia / Kapadokya

by @linc_ln

Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.

Lungolago di Lecco

by @hunter_angus

Squitty Bay is one of the places I regularly daydream about while sitting in class.

Squitty Bay

by @iwastoldtheredbewhiskey

waves are Aphrodite’s boomerang 🌊


by @laulausland

Gdansk was fun!

Gdansk, Poland