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Spending some quality time with my baby. He had a day off from school and I got to sleep in! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ™ŒπŸΎ We finally got to decorate our pumpkin and work on his Hydroponic kit. My coworker vacationed in Hawaii and brought back this pancake mix for Jaxon. It was yummy! Counting our blessings and remembering what comes first...FAMILY! πŸ’• #ieshawithay #momandson #qualitytime #family #hawaiiansun #makingmemories #hydroponics #minimalist #plants #kidfarmers #falldecor #hawaii #blackboyjoy #indoorgarden


Diggin' the digs. Putting the earth to bed and living the dream. #kidfarmers #seriousgardeners #farmstoschools #eatwhatyougrow


Oh dear...here we go again...this right here is the biggest different between a "hobby Farmer" and a real farmer. A real farmer would let nature take its course more often than I do. We've lost about 2 dozen guinea keets this spring/summer because broody guinea mamas kept bringing clutches into the barnyard during meal time and the babies were constantly trampled. We've lost a few we've tried to save, resulting in great heartache for our 8 yr old animal activist. Yesterday, another clutch showed up and I found a single keet in a pipped egg (meaning it had a hole but hadn't hatched yet) in the nest so I brought it inside. Today we took 4 from the clutch in the barnyard to add to the loner inside (and to save a few from being trampled)...oh Lord, please, please let most of these babies live to adulthood or guard our hearts against the sadness of more loss. I should have left the pipped egg and let it die but I can't do that. Maybe someday I'll go from hobby Farmer to real farmer πŸ™


A mini harvest from our class garden. Okra and Turkish Eggplant. Had to snap a picture they were so beautiful. I've never had Turkish Eggplant before, but I am very curious to try it. #schoolgarden #kidfarmers #harvest #turkisheggplant #okra #fall #kidswhogarden #garden #myschoolrocks #beautifulnature


Glimpses of the hOMstead this morning. Chris locates an underground water leak with a little help. Juvenile hen (hopefully) Betty pecks happily after her first hawk sighting. Kids take advantage of these cool mornings on the trampoline after chores.

#homestead #deserthomestead #backyardchickens #whitecrestedblackpolish #goats #minigoats #goatsofinstagram #kidfarmers #backyardfarmers


My fall garden is planted πŸ’š and this year I planted some flowers on top of my Tower Garden so add a little color 🌼🌸 I also have celery, a BUNCH of different lettuces, swiss chard, snap peas bunching onions, spinach & basil. πŸ₯— #growingagarden #growingmyownfood #easyandfun #ihopeemilydoesnteatallthesnappeas

Newport Beach, California

So proud of my family and our farm! Today we gave thanks for the harvest of our meat birds. With the help of the whole family and some friends we went from live birds to a freezer full of organic, grass fed chicken and a beautiful roasted bird for dinner with some veggies from the kitchen garden. Our first home grown meal served with nothing but smiling faces! The boys were so excited to enjoy what they helped grow; we all were! It was an amazing feeling! #littledreamersfarm


our pumpkins are here!!!!