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Journey Behind the Falls | Photograph by Jose Marvin Ramos Evasco (@marvinevasco)
“This image was taken few minutes before sunrise at Niagara Falls, Ontario. I have been visiting this place almost every winter to capture its stunning view and icy waterfalls,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Jose Marvin Ramos Evasco. “This day was one of the worst weather conditions I have ever experienced in winter photography. A -25C temperature greeted us that morning. A very challenging experience, but in the end, I am still able to capture the beauty of this iconic waterfall.” This photo was submitted to our “For Your Shot Instagram” assignment. Go to the link in our profile to participate and for your chance to be featured on @natgeoyourshot.

“From #YourShotPhotographer Stephanie Thomson: "This is amazing Jose! It almost doesn't look real; the building looks like a miniature on some sort of set against the large waterfall and massive amounts of snow. It's an amazing perspective! Hands off to you for braving the cold. it was worth it!" — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee


Photo by @kiliiiyuyan // A snow-covered basketball court in the Yup’ik village of Gambell, Alaska. Basketball is a major sport for indigenous peoples of North America, even on the sparsely populated and remote island of Saint Lawrence, in the middle of the Bering Sea. Follow me, @kiliiiyuyan, for more images of the Arctic and beyond. #arctic #alaska #basketball #winter #snow #indigenous


#FotoDelDía | Un niño inspecciona un lagarto que capturó mientras jugaba en los en los Ozarks de Arkansas. "Ha sido un buen verano para los lagartos", dice su madre, la fotógrafa de @natgeoyourshot, Terra Fondriest. "Tenemos bebés por todas partes", agrega.


Photo by @noralorek | Rejoyce Tabu, 40, from South Sudan, sits in front of her "milaya," a traditional hand-decorated bedsheet, in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda. ”I don’t know if he’s alive or dead,” she said of her husband, a soldier who stayed in South Sudan. ”In South Sudan I was selling clothes. Here the only work I can do is collecting rocks used for building houses. For the money, I buy soap for my mother who also brought my brother's children to take care of. Together we’re taking care of ten children”, Rejoyce said in February 2018. In August 2017 the millionth refugee from South Sudan entered Uganda to escape war. Most refugees are women and children fleeing at night, and the milaya are often one of the few things they carry. The handmade patterns have been made in South Sudan and Sudan for generations; the tradition continues in what has become their temporary home while waiting for the war to end.


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Photo by @lylexox
For Lyle Reimer (@lylexox), the line between trash and treasure is blurry at best. The Vancouver, British Columbia-based artist creates self-portraits that feel otherworldly, but his technique is very down-to-earth: reuse, reduce, rethink and upcycle. “It’s 100 percent found objects and recycled pieces,” says Lyle. “Even if you see sequins or beads, those are actually pieces that have been taken off of old garments.” Lyle began turning found objects into facial sculptures five years ago. “I love the pairing of literal garbage and junk with luxury together and creating a new language,” he says.
His appreciation for shape-shifting can be traced back to childhood craft time. “One day my mom made this peacock out of egg cartons,” he says. “And I remember thinking to myself, ‘Oh my gosh. My mom is like a magician.’ I saw the importance of taking something that had no value to it, or no perceived value, and giving it a new life.”
Today on our story, we meet some of Lyle’s creations. Tune in now to see more upcycled self-portraits.


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Morning Light in Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest


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