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After reading "Perfect Square" by Michael Hall the kids cut up their squares, transforming them into something new. This little artist created an alligator out of his square ❤️❤️❤️


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Just something to warm the cockles of your heart as you go about your day. I read this quote somewhere today and immediately this picture from when we were living in Japan in a van popped into mind. And for more than just visual purposes. I truly do believe life is what you make it. Living in the back of a tradie van for six months would probably be some people's idea of hell. But I still miss my little home on wheels all the time. (I actually bawled when we left it. I get very attached to things 😂😢🚐🏠) but I remember first picking it up, seeing how small and shitty it was and thinking "what did I sign up for! " But I decided that no matter what, I would do my best to make every day amazing. And most days were magical! I mean, some days I got stuck with greasy hair and rewearing dirty clothes because we couldn't find an onsen or a laundromat--and don't even get me STARTED on trying to put skinny jeans on in a van when you're in a bad mood, or having to go out to a public road station in you pjs to do your business in the middle of the night.. .every night for 6 months. .. But you know, I spent enough of my teens and twenties looking into the gutter. Now, I choose to look up at the stars ✨🌠🌟🌌


New book alert! Coming this October! 📣📣📣 Is everybody's book list filling up as fast as mine?