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Do you know which fruits are in season now and are super easy to bake with?
Citrus fruits! My love for them is endless. Their acidity balances out the sweetness of cakes, pies and cream desserts.

Want to give a citrus cake a go? Try my lemon poppy seed cake. The recipe is straightforward and easy as cake. Drop me a DM if I can assist you with any misunderstandings. Recipe on the blog, just search for lemon poppy seed cake.


I’m two days away from opening up my online shop for you all, and wondering how it’s all going to go. I’ve wanted to have an online shop for so long. It’s like when you’ve arrived at a destination that you’ve hyped up in your mind and are also trying to keep your expectations in check. The good thing is that I really don’t know have any expectations since this is all brand new, but one thing that has already been really gratifying is receiving messages from friends and strangers wishing me good luck. All of the DM replies to my past few stories (saved in my highlights if you missed them) have been so sweet. Thank you all for the support. I’m really excited to share this shop opening with you. Tune into my website on Friday if you want to see what I have available! I’ll be sending an email reminder to those that are on my newsletter list. You can still sign up via the link in my profile!
Two more sleeps. 😱


🇵🇹 Está a nevar açúcar em pó ❄️
1️⃣ Separe as gemas e as claras de 4 ovos. Bata as gemas com 200g de manteiga amolecida. Adicione 50g de açúcar em pó, e uma colher de sopa de aroma de baunilha. Pode também aromatizar com casca de laranja ou limão, se desejar.
2️⃣ Adicione à mistura das gemas 350g de farinha, e uma colher de sopa de fermento em pó. Por fim, junte 250ml de leite e misture bem.
3️⃣ Noutra taça, bata as claras em castelo, adicionando aos poucos 100g de açúcar granulado.
4️⃣ Lentamente, adicione o preparado das claras ao das gemas. Assim que obter uma mistura homogénea, divida este preparado em duas partes, para depois criar o efeito mármore.
5️⃣ Junte a um dos preparados 4 colheres de sopa de cacau, ou chocolate em pó, se preferir.
6️⃣ Vá adicionando os dois preparados alternativamente à forma Gugelhof previamente untada, para criar o efeito mármore.
7️⃣ Leve ao forno pré-aquecido a 180º, e deixe cozer por 45 minutos.
Referências dos produtos @grilokitchenware utilizados - faça swipe para ver:
[430141] Forma Gugelhof
[430025] Batedor de 12 Varas
[430070] Raspador de Legumes
[430074] Espátula de Silicone
[490074] Colher Medidora (4 Tamanhos)

🇬🇧 [see comments below]


Back to my my favorite combo of kiwi fruit & blueberries this morning✨
Do you look for organic or spray free berries when buying them? They’re not always available (or affordable) here, but when they are they’re by far my first pick. These super juicy blueberries are spray free 🙌🏼 and because you peel the skin off kiwi fruit, buying organic/spray free isn’t quite as crucial, although great where you can!
Also in my bowl is Dr’s Choice unsweetened coconut yoghurt & @cleanpaleoco Manuka crunch cereal topped with basil flowers✨
What’s in your breakfast bowl this morning?


Our North Hollywood pop up is cancelled tonight due to rain but you can still visit us in Highland Park! ☔️☕️🍩


For being someone who loves to cook, I’m actually shockingly bad at eggs. They never turn out how I planned. Omelets turn into a shoddy scramble, over easy becomes fried and dried out, poached...ok so I’ve recently figured out how to poach but they’re never the pretty instagram-worthy ones. Sigh.

Today’s eggs are another example of an omelet gone scramble, only this time they actually tasted delicious and didn’t look half bad! For once they DID NOT stick to the pan (thanks to a hefty pat of clarified butter...worth it) and as I eat them right now, I’m pleasantly surprised.

They didn’t need any hot sauce or ketchup (yes sometimes I use ketchup, so shoot me), didn’t need anything but a few turns of the pepper grinder and a sprinkle of sea salt. Simple, slightly imperfect but perfectly delicious eggs. I did that today. I may feel behind in all sorts of things, but at least I made a damn good plate of eggs.
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First real day in Germany and at the bakery.
I’d say it’s 10/10 🤙


A simple supper for a wet Wednesday... Tuscan grape bread from @dianahenryfood ‘s ‘How to Eat a Peach’


“I’m too anxious.” 😣
I hear this a lot, and, honestly that’s me too. I can be a hot mess of fear and anxiety at the drop of a hat. Yay!
The way through it?
Nope, I didn’t say perfection!
I didn’t say planning!
Action all the way.
It’s the best way to bust through fear, plateaus, worries, ruts...
Just get out there and DO something, messy action is always better than no action at all.
The more often you take action, the easier it is to consistently keep taking action.
The more comfortable you feel (cuz you didn’t die!!), the more natural it becomes.
Action is practice for being awesome.
And I know you’re pretty freakin great.
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Whoo no classes for the rest of the day 🤩 Got inspired by a @bonappetitmag mushroom recipe and made my own version. Having some white mushrooms and enoki mushrooms on arugula and Greek yogurt 🍋


It became pretty much a mission of mine over the last few weeks to make a homemade version of ANY plant milk which would froth up for a cappuccino as the store bought ones and you know what : IT’S POSSIBLE and with only 4 ingredients !!! I’ve made homemade plant milk occasionally for a while now but never really used it in anything else than porridge so didn’t really matter as much if it would foam up till recently when we decided to cut down on buying plant milk as much as possible - let’s face it : Its convenient (!!) but there’s always a chance it contains something that’s unnecessary, all that packaging goes to waste, it’s really expensive compared to regular milk 🤷🏻‍♀️ AND where all that PULP goes 🧐🤔🙈(???). I’ve searched an internet for clues and tried many and after fair amount of fails I’ve decided to go back to basics I know but give it more patience and it really paid off! I’ve made this chia pudding using my own almond milk and pink pitaya powder from (obviously 🙈🥳) @rawnice (15% OFF your order with “sweetcoco15” 💕) and it was just beautiful 💖💞🥳💁🏻‍♀️! Let me know your thoughts on the PLANT MILK in the comments my lovelies 🥰 .
♡ 1 cup whole almonds ♡ 2 medjool dates
♡ pinch of salt ♡ 5 cups of filtered water
♡ High speed blender (the more powerful the better) ♡ Nylon mesh milk bag
♡ Unfortunately the shortcuts don’t work (trust me I’ve tried 🤣) so you’ll have to soak your almonds in cold water for 12h (or more) and rinse them before blending with dates, salt and 2 cups of water. I use my @vitamix on full speed for around 2min till the milk is white and frothy. Than add the rest of water and just briefly blend together. Now strain the milk through the bag and squeeze ALL the liquid out till pulp becomes almost dry. Optionally for super creaminess blend the strained milk for another 30s and chill in a glass bottle before using for anything - including yummy chia puds and frothing up for cappuccinos!! The foam you get with this is unbelievable and I’ll definitely be posting some frothy drinks using this recipe 😁 Happy Wednesday 💖!


Forever grateful for the incredible moments that are shared at the table 🍽✨

Photo by @evakosmasflores


How about this combo: your favourite coffee or hot chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon and some meringue on top? 😍 An idea that came into my mind when I saw my lemon tart leftover meringue 😉 Had a really nice time with my sis today, having coffee, eating good spicy food and then went shopping, I got again some cloths for my pics and decided to wear more dresses this year, so goodbye jeans 😂 .
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This one hasn't been fired yet, but I wanted to share anyway and express how much I love the blurry color that stoneware has the moment it's lost the water that was once trapped in there.


Привет, ребятки!
Что-то совсем меня в конец одолела лень, и все что я хочу - это лежать пластом и смотреть что-нибудь, желательно как можно более тупое 🤪
Но, как водится, возможности такой нет, и приходится делать все через силу))
А к вам сегодня я с такими хрустящими и таяющими во рту бутерами с мятым аво и яишенкой👌🏻
Ох, уж как мне нравятся эти полосочки-гриль на хлебе💛
Ну и красавец - кейл, одна из любимых моделей для фото👏🏻

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No sabes los que es un PB&J sándwich? 🥜 Pues ya estás tardando en probar este delicioso Sándwich de crema de cacahuete, mermelada y plátano hecho con @thins_esp 💛 Toda una delicia para el paladar. Link en bio para ver cómo prepararlo en su versión mas saludable!
Love PB&J sandwich? 🥜 Then, you have to try this Peanut Butter, Jelly and Banana Sandwich made with the new bread of @thins_esp 💛 Check out the link on the bio to know how to prepare a healthier version!


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“Forma e funzione sono in perfetto equilibrio: in poche parole, i bigoli sono un autentico esercizio di design, come i nostri b Solitaire, che arredano gli ambienti di vita, per soddisfare esigenze specifiche in termini di stile e architettura dello spazio”. @euremainterni per #bulthaupFoodStories
stylist @beatricebeatrice
photographer @giandomenicofrassi
un progetto ideato da @strategicfootprints in collaborazione con @bulthaup_italia
ceramiche di @rinamenardi
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Запеченые Суши.
Психанула и сделала сама.
Столько всего напробовалась на доставке в последнее время у нас в Гомеле, столько денег выкинула впустую и поняла, что мои домашние суши зачастую ничуть не хуже "заказных". В 3 раза дешевле, но надо поработать)
На день рождения я не звала никого, решила в этом году снова не отмечать, но родители и бабушка пришли, и я сделала суши. Запеченые делала сама первый раз, совершила несколько ошибок - напишу какие.

⏺️слабосоленая лосось/семга/форель
⏺️сливочный сыр
⏺️рис для суши или кашистый (не рассыпчатый)
⏺️нори (водоросли)
⏺️икрима или всякие соусы с мелкой икрой (чисто для шапочки сверху при запекании)

Как делать:
1️⃣с рисом я не заморачиваюсь, главное его не переварить, не превратить в "клей", а всё это делается методом проб и ошибок чисто на свой опыт. В свареный рис добавляю смесь из: яблочный уксус+соль+сахар+много воды. Перемешиваю рис деревянной ложкой, пока вся эта жижа в нём растворится.

2️⃣все остальные ингридиенты нарезаем как вам удобно, я палочками.

3️⃣сворачиваем ролы, на ютубе много роликов как это делать - достаточно 1 раз увидеть, с помощью циновки кручу.

4️⃣Прюшку из икримы наверх и в разогретую духовку при t=200' на 5 минут, не более! Я поставила на 7-8 минут, и у меня припёкся огурец.... Надо чтобы он остался свежий и хрустящий, так что лучше даже на 3-5 минут.

Рассказывайте, кто какие суши любит? Кто не любит никакие?) Почему?)



Er jeg den eneste som bliver ramt når vejret er så trist udenfor? Jeg besluttede derfor lige at forkæle mig selv igår med to af mine yndlings ting. Derfor var jeg forbi @torvehallernekbh og købe en kæmpe pose “cool mint” te fra @tantensunivers og derefter ud og hente en smuk buket blomster hos @stalksandroots 💚 så her til formiddag kunne dette syn på billedet møde mig, og min onsdag blev derfor lidt federe og humøret lidt bedre. •

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First stop: Maison Kitsuné. #pfw #uptowndenhaag


Slab is forever on my mind. Whenever I meet friends for a meal, I secretly try and steer the meet-up towards Slab. The secret’s out now. 🙈🙈🙈⁣⁣⁣⁣
Also love that they’re available on the @entertainergcc. ⁣⁣
These are their crispy, soft, mouth-watering Korean Fried Chicken Wings. ⁣⁣⁣