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Kimchi PART 1😀
Salam..Haii semua..meh sini abang nak ajar buat kimchi.

Mesti tiap kali tengok drama korea ade babak2 makan kimchi kan??
Anda rasa teringin nak makan Kimchi??
Nak tau rasa Kimchi macam mane??
Nak felling2 korea?? Jom2 cuba buat, senang je😉😉 Kalau dah siap nanti makan pulak dengan @wani.ramen @ramen_malaysia @ramen_murahh_
fuhh mmg terangkat dan perfect👍👍👍 Nak rase kelainan cube try,
Makan dengan nasi,🍙🍙
Campur dalam sayur goreng🍲🍛
Makan dengan spegeti 🍝, bihun goreng, ayam goreng🍗🍖
Semua pon boleh..hahah

Kimchi ni special banyak khasiat kalau nk tau sila google ye

Kalau view lebih 100 baru saya upload
PART 2..okay 😊

Kalau nak tahu details bahan2 boleh DM 👌

Ok selamat mencuba..ta ta, ti ti, tu tu,👋👋👋 #makanankorea #akusuka #jjcm
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So here's my edit (swipe to see the filtered and non filtered version) that's dedicated to a very close friend of mine @shiningjongdae ❤️ I'm a bit surprised that she liked it when I first showed it to her and that you all wanted to see it so thank you guys 😭💓 Its been a while since I edited so I'm sorry if it wasn't what you were expecting. Uhh if you want me to do one for you I can especially if you're a friend or a mutual just hit me up 😅


Update on MAMA:
EXO is leading in all categories including the poll BUT the gap keeps on decreasing so make sure to vote using multiple social accounts !!! Btw you can vote through their app now so I recommend downloading it because it's not as stupid to work with.


Update on Kpop Idol ♡:
🚨CODE RED🚨 EXO is still in 2nd place so please vote using your daily hearts !!! Btw you can recharge your hearts by watching ads so if you want you can do that :)


Update on Idol Champ:
🚨CODE RED🚨 10cm X Chen is still in 7th place so please vote so we can get them an award for doing so well (btw xiumin looks so adorbale his curly hair, his glasses, and the fact that you can see his little teeth from his little smile makes my heart woosh) !!!


Update on Peeper:
EXO won yesterday since you can see another win was added as a group and EXO Sehun won yesterday as well since again another win was added as a individual 🎉🎉 Make sure to keep feeding guys !!!


"I wish to be with you until death" 🖤🌠


I got some clips of the Suho and Sehun when they were in Hello Counselor so enjoy I guess? Insta wouldn't let me upload a video of Suho clapping his hands like a seal which fucking sucks because it was so cute UGH. And on a side note I love this photoshoot very much of Xiumin he looks absolutely amazing


When Suho got all sad and upset (at least he looked like it) I just had to urge to go over and hug him telling him everything is going to be alright. They were talking about how the guest with the concern thought about killing herself and it broke my fucking heart so much because he looked like he was about to cry since his eyes were kind of red 😭


I just finished watching Hello Counselor when Suho and Sehun were a part of it they were so cute !!! They were showing lots of affection to each other and Sehun helped one of the guests up. It was so sweet and I feel like Suho is trying to wreak me again by his gummy smile 😭❤️