Video by @babaktafreshi
The World at Night project
Celebrating the Earth Day April 22 with day and night timelapse scenes in Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming, La Palma - Canary Islands, Altiplano - Chile, Alborz Mountains - Iran, and Kirkjufell - Iceland. Soundtrack is Million Skies by @alirainimusic.
Explore more of our planet’s wonders at night @babaktafreshi.
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Take a Peak | Photograph by Saulius Damulevicius
#YourShotPhotographer Saulius Damulevicius snapped this picture of Camp 2 while descending Ama Dablam, a mountain in the Himalayas. With its peak reaching 22,349 feet in elevation, Ama Dablam is the third most popular Himalayan mountain for permitted climbing expeditions.

Today we are featuring @natgeoyourshot photographs selected for @natgeo “Photo of the Day.” To see more, go to natgeo.com/pod.


STORY TAKEOVER! “Let the adventures begin!” writes @doodleandthehound | Be sure to tap our Stories and follow along on a fun day with these two! #dogsofinstagram


Photo by @BrianSkerry.
A Loggerhead Turtle hatchling feeds amongst Sargasso weeds off the coast of Florida. Loggerheads are currently listed as an endangered species, with their populations dwindling as a result of fishing, trawling, and oceanic pollution. Often times, Loggerhead turtles mistake floating plastics for jellyfish, ingesting the debris and endangering these adorable animals. These magnificent creatures can live to be over 65 years old.
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Photo by @bentibbettsphotography
Mountaineering, photography, drawing — it all came together for British photographer and alpinist Ben Tibbetts (@bentibbettsphotography) at university. “I was studying history of art and fine art, and to pay my way, I was working as a climbing instructor,” says Ben, who now lives part of the year in France. Just beyond his doorstep, he’s spent the past few years climbing all 82 of the European Alps’ peaks that are 4,000 meters or higher and is publishing a book detailing the journeys’ technical routes, historical context and personal stories. “The routes range from easy to really quite hard alpinism, and I’ve climbed every single one of them,” says Ben, who took photos of the mountain landscapes throughout his expeditions. “Being in these mountains is humbling. It’s so beautiful, delicate and majestic — and we all need to do our bit to keep it like it is.” Today on our story, join Ben on an alpine expedition. 🌬️


Switzerland ✨💚💚💚✨ Happy weekend all 😃 Picture by ✨✨@chrisburkard✨✨
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A few of the amazing images featured in this year's Earth Day Flash Sale of signed prints. To see more, visit crtve.ng/NG-Flash or click on the link in our profile. This chance to collect hand signed photographs from Nat Geo photographers only lasts until April 28th. Photos by @amivitale, @daviddoubilet, @stevewinterphoto


#HiddenSenses explores the subtle relation between technology and human behavior and takes you through 5 spaces, each w/ unique experiences that allows us to witness richer opportunities that #SonyDesign team are able to integrate into our everyday lives. Besides this photo report, I’ll be uploading experiences from each room in my stories, so check it out! Last chance to visit the exhibition is this evening and tomorrow so if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit, make sure to check it out! #Sony #MilanDesignWeek Via Savona, 56/A, 20144 Milano MI, Italy


Original series with @natalyosmann. Remembering the best and favourite ones that I took and posting them. Our project is 7 years old and whole generation has changed since the beginning. Have you seen this one before?

#followmeto Hollywood, which was one of the most extreme photos we ever took. It was the time, when I surprised Nataly with a helicopter without doors :) #следуйзамной к Голливудским Холмам. Наш проект существует уже 7 лет и за это время сменилось целое поколение. Нам интересно - видели ли вы эту фотографию раньше? :)


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