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Yes lord #pointblank. Real #teach sad 😭 but #true that's why I #help myself. I been a #leader baby.. God knows bitch I don't #follow no one ☝️ but the lord...💯👌🏾✅☝️️🤑🙌🏾👅


If you do what is easy now, you the future will be hard. If you do what is hard now, your future will be easy...


Every entrepreneur is afraid.

What separates the successful entrepreneurs from those who aren’t, is knowing how to manage the fear so you can take action anyway.

The #1 thing that removes fear from any situation is education. The more you know, the less you fear, and the more confident you will become when taking action.
Let me be honest with you, I have a few fears as an entrepreneur. Now that I am a mom I have new fears as a woman.

My biggest fear as an entrepreneur... is making money and not being responsible with it. I've heard too many stories of successful entrepreneurs making $500K but only profiting $5K. Sorry, that's not my idea of the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship.
My biggest fear as a woman... is not being able to follow my dreams because the expectation of today's woman is to be mom and wife... not entrepreneur. I sometimes fear that I will lose my identity in being a mom!

In my mind, I know these items are simply fears that I need to release to get to my next level.

During my maternity leave, I spent time working on my mindset. I invested in Money Bootcamp program and 1:1 mentoring with a success guide.

Being an entrepreneur requires a healthy mindset and releasing of fears.
I worked with my colleague and friend Alexis Logan, a Success Guide and Mindset Mentor to release my fears and get in better alignment with my business.

She helped me get to the bottom of my money and mommy fears. I'll share more of how I've overcome those later.

Alexis is hosting the Face Your Fear Summit, which is all about facing your fears about the different aspects of entrepreneurship. She’s coached entrepreneurs from startup to multi-millionaires to achieve what they thought was impossible in record time.

I will be talking about the 20 Minute Project Plan and how you can release your fears as a CEO to take your ideas to reality without going crazy or giving up.


¡Qué rico tener quien nos motive!

Cuando alguien nos motiva a diario, plantamos una semilla para el emponderamiento , para el autoestima, para programar la mente en positivo.

He ahí la importante tarea de un educador. ¡Anima a tus muchachos, a tus niños a encontrar la mejor versión de si mismos.
Tarea diaria.

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Happy birthday to the woman of many talents, my real life Wonder Woman of many talents, the one who always takes care of me, the one who pushes me out of my comfort zone to do things I wouldn't normally do (like get on rollercoasters & be social), the one who motivates me to be and do great, my favorite person to bug, & my first best friend, my momma 💜🎉 I love you more than I love mint chocolate chip ice cream 💓🍦 #Mom #Daughter #Sister #CakeBoss #CandyLady #Treasurer #Teacher #Dancer (for Jesus of course 😜) #Leader #TheListGoesOnForever