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I’ll never turn down an opportunity to letter at my day job


I really needed to hear this today. I’ve been trying really hard to find a balance with passion projects, which have always taken priority for me in the past. But lately, I’ve been lucky enough to feel fulfilled with my day job. There’s still an itch within me to *always be doing more*—blogging more, drawing more, designing more, learning more, launching my own self-sustaining business, etc. But after a life-altering year after things spun out of control for me (due to things beyond my power), I’m realizing that those itches and desires *don’t really matter* in the grand scheme of things.
Like I said, I AM really lucky with my current day job. In the past I’ve needed to do a LOT outside of work to feel fulfilled as a person. But now I am prioritizing relationships and meaningful time with loved ones. *Hard work* still comes to me, but at random intervals when they’re welcome. I no longer force myself to follow a strict passion project schedule.
For those of you who really know me, you know this is a huge shift in my mentality. But I’ve learned and am continuing to learn how to just enjoy side projects and not make them a chore.
More on this later on my HONEYRULE.COM blog... but I’m not in a rush to post it 😜
Thanks to @theminimalists for tweeting this earlier today. It so succinctly describes exactly what I’ve been feeling for the past few months.
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🤫 Shhhh, just a pair of presents shipped off to a certain pair of 🧒🏼🧒🏼🎁🎁 #notanad @rootscanada supplied these gorgeous boxes, ribbon, and gift tags with your goods! Also red plaid tissue paper that was used inside 😍


🎄Joy to the world 🌲🌲🌲
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A little Gilmore Girls on graduation day never hurt anyone 🎶 Happy birthday to this grad who is graduating on her birthday! We put our heads together to come up with a fun way to reveal it on her cap--and she definitely came up with the perfect quote! 👌🏻 Congrats to all of you who are graduating today! 🎓 Grad cap toppers will be back on my Etsy shop in a month or so, so be on the lookout for an announcement!


Creating customized Christmas cards with hand lettered greetings and tiny jingle bells 🎄

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