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I've been wanting to cover my first tattoo for a while. Although I liked it, the lettering was too small and it was starting to get difficult to read. I was sitting on my porch this afternoon and thought, "I'll go to my tattoo artist for a consultation." Turns out, he had time today. So, here it is. The shaded areas will fade after a few days, they're dark right now cuz they're fresh! My goal is to turn this into a half sleeve over time. I forgot how much I hate wrist tattoos. Holy ouch. #tattoo #ink #girlswithtattoos #hibiscustattoo #hibiscusflower #lilytattoo #flowers


Floral (70% free hand) riscado há um ano e finalmente tive a oportunidade de finalizar.
Valeu a confiança e paciência pelas agulhadas no cotovelo @becabsouza 😙😙

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