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Just trying to fly through the rest of the week with a killer back workout🐥

After a mini weekend getaway, I couldnt have gotten through it without @bangenergy MASTER BLASTER 😛💥 @vpxredlineceo @bangrevolution.apparel .


Well, He Has the Coolest sister😉😁 About Last Night 😇💕
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The Talking Tables

A good physique is a plus... it's one of many REASONS to keep doing what I love to do. But adding value to other people's lives... that's my PURPOSE. There's a difference. I'm not here for good looks or competition. Im not the prettiest. I don't have the best body either and that's okay. Helping others in their fitness journey is important but there's more to life than physical appearances. Looks fade and before you know it there's someone younger, and better looking getting all the hype. You can only help so many people reach their fitness goals by telling them what you do, and how to do it. But what about mental strengths and mindset? What about being selfless and humble..? When your values go deeper than looking good and being better than everyone else, attention and validation aligned with that type of mindset doesn't mean shit.... Being aware of your power and influence and using it to better someone else's life.. that lasts a lifetime.
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