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TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY🙋🏻‍♀️ Leslie Comeau-Morgenstern is a fellow coach with a beautiful heart. I always notice her extending herself to cheer us all on.
This is what she shares about her journey: ▶️ “I’ve come to realize that there is NO greater strength than the power of our own mind!
I wasn’t going to move on to the next chapter in my life if I was going to keep re-reading the last one😝

The picture on the left was me before that shift in my mindset took place🙌

I became that person I SO desperately wanted to be💃

More confident, more balanced, stronger mentally and physically! It was through these programs and the amazing support of inspiring women everyday that has truly been life changing💖”◀️


Trivia Tuesday is once again upon us! This week our focus will be on Backwoods Adventure: Snowy Range Backpacking. This is an amazing backpacking trip geared towards beginners in the gorgeous Snowy Range Mountains of Wyoming. Learn more about the trip and how to book it here: http://backwoodsadventures.com/adventure/snowy-range-backpacking/

Here's some fun facts about the trip and area:

1. The tallest peak in the Snowy Mountains is Medicine Bow Peak, standing at whopping 12,014 feet!

2. Wildlife is abundant in the Snowy Mountain Range, including Pika. Pikas (Ochonta princeps) are small mammals related to the rabbit family, even though they look more like a hamster. Pikas are sometimes known as conies or rock rabbits. These cuddly-looking characters have small, oval bodies that are only around six inches long and weigh six ounces!

3. On this trip the group will spend a night in Saratoga, WY. Saratoga is famous for it's Hobo Hot Springs which range in temperature from 101 degrees to 120 degrees!

4.Wyoming Highway 130 runs through the scenic Snowy Mountain Range for over 100 miles, however it is seasonal and is closed in the winter and early spring.

Thanks for stopping by this week, and we'll see you next for for Trivia Tuesday!

#TriviaTuesday #BWA #mybackwoodsadventure #snowymountains #GoOutside #NatureCalls #LiveBoldly #ChooseYourPath (facts courtesy of http://www.wyomingcarboncounty.com, http://visitlaramie.org, and nps.gov)