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by @wingspan_av

Today’s office won’t be soon forgotten! Huge thanks to Sabin for an epic adventure.


by @bettylouisestudio

Jumping into Monday like... This is another "little" project our family has been working on! We're getting into the final stretch of building our new home (and by build...I mean we're using a builder, not using our own hands...🤣! Big shout out to the incrediblely talented team @mainecohomes)! This has without a doubt been the most exciting project of my life. We custom designed this house to meet all of our family's needs and it's been a wild ride getting to pick everything that fits our style! I've always loved decorating our homes and have never passed up a chance to put my own personal stamp on them. In the coming days & weeks I'm planning to share in my stories the behind the scenes of it all coming together! I hope you'll follow along with me! Now off to shop for furniture!


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Longchamp eyewear, jamie ça !
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Brewer, Maine

by @mainely_eyes

Make your statement with Nat & Coco eyewear #optika #natandcoco


by @bettylouisestudio

Sailing into fall with a picture perfect weekend! I'm ready for the change of seasons but keeping my fingers crossed for a few more warmish days! 🍂🌞


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Giving a damn doesn’t really go with my outfit. 😝🤟🏻 @delacruz_boutique got it righhttt. •

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Portland, Maine

by @bettylouisestudio

It's my favorite day of the week...as I'm sure it is for most you, too! Friyay!!! I've been busy crocheting up those sweet "Maine Lobster" hats all week. I wish I could crochet & knit ALL day long, everyday... but, you know, these wrists of mine occasionally need a break! When I don't have a hook & yarn in hand, I really have a hard time not doing something creative. The designer side of my brain never rests & is usually running 100 mph...I only wish my hands could keep up! I have a daily need to make and create. I started weaving last winter and thought it might be fun to give bead weaving a try. Before we moved, I wove friendship bracelets for all of my besties using delica beads. I enjoy making my own jewelry and also love that it doesn't require a ton of space (which I'm sure my hubby appreciates since yarn takes over everything this time of year 😂)! It's something I can keep out on the table and pick away at whenever I have "free" time (or procrastinating🤣)! This is a fun piece I made over the summer for moi using gorgeous 24K gold plated delica beads. I'm on to earrings next! I'm *thinking* about selling these in the future. If I did, do you think this is something you'd like to wear!? Would love feedback! Happy weekend! Xo