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It’s #worldwaterday today and I am paid to talk about luxury in emerging markets and so this is it folks! Just divine and a must-have for all seasons: Young Jean Bosco enjoying clean water for the first time. Ever. 📷 @estherhavens
As a child I spent my summers blissfully following my grandparents taking in plenty of guava juice and stories from Africa. They snuck in Arabic lessons in there and then handwriting sessions to practise the new words I learnt. One of my favourites, the word for water, ma’a, is referenced 63 times throughout the Holy Quran with many more to rain, snow and ice. All condemning the wastage of water. I loved that and watching my grandad follow that rule literally religiously was pure entertainment to me. He was a firm and eccentric character, and so would have the gardener use a measured amount of water for his plants and was known to turn the water supply off from the main tank if my (then teenage) uncles exceeded their time limit under the shower🤣

Smiling to myself, I thought of these memories last autumn as I walked home (in the rain of course) in London from the most inspiring evening listening to the superstar @scottharrison talking about the work of his @charitywater with @danielpriestley .This man has so far helped give over 7 million people fresh, clean, running water in the last decade. Incredible. To live a life of service and on your own terms is the ultimate luxury in my eyes let alone to give luxury to others in doing so. Wow. And water, the most essential of treats that we take for granted. My papa and the Quran approve and that is not easy!
I committed that night to audit every textile manufacturer I visit to reduce the water waste in the dye process. It’s been difficult and I’m labelled as difficult, or naive, or unrealistic. I think that means it needs to be done and done bigger😉

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"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one." - Marcus Aurelius

Too often, I've found myself getting caught up in the politics of what makes someone "good". I end up getting more stressed about being Right™️ than actually focusing on being that good person I believe so strongly about! This quote is a good reminder that sharing (or, god forbid, forcing!) opinions isn't nearly as important (or effective) as BEING a good person.

What's your idea of a good person? BE that, to the best of your ability. Lead by example; the world will pick up on it. Most of the people I admire (and aspire to be like) are those who, rather than shoving their beliefs about what makes a "good person" in my face, actually demonstrate their philosophy by being genuinely kind, caring people. ✨

HERE'S A CHALLENGE FOR YOU: What are 3 things (big or small) you can do tomorrow to demonstrate your idea of a good person? Do those things, and share them with the tag #LiveYourValues either in the comments of this post, or in a brand new post. Be sure to tag me in your post so I can give it some ❤️! Let's inspire each other to be our ideal selves. ✨

Have an awesome evening! 🌙✌️😊


I just got a job where I am spending about two hours each day commuting to work, and my ears can't take the constant earbuds. So where do I get headphones that are in line with my #sustainablelifestyle? I am happy to discover @houseofmarley using sustainable materials to create beautiful high quality products. I just ordered a pair that I'll be using on my daily commute! #positivevibration2wireless #conciousconsumer
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Tomorrow is World Water Day. •• #worldwaterday
@i.b.yoga is a values driven company & we understand that the health of our planet is directly correlated to our own personal health. • Makes sense, right? We are bodies on the body of the Earth. •

• About 70% of the human body is made up of water and, as you may have seen coming, more than 70% of Earth is covered in water. 🌏 #waterislife

• Unfortunately, as we all know, much of our water is polluted with plastic, which wreaks all sorts of havoc on our planet’s health, and therefore on animals, plants, and humans. •

• It’s important to us that we walk our talk & encourage others to also live more mindfully.

• Limit single use plastic, like plastic water bottles, straws & grocery bags & live your values by voting with your dollar! •

• There has been a lot of talk in the Yoga community lately about capitalism & supporting our local peeps. Do you know where & how your products are made? 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾 • •
• These “Butterfly Dream” capris by @hottieyogawear are made from recycled water bottles & are an eco-friendly fabric. Plus - they’re reversible, so it’s like getting two pairs of pants for the price of one! Oh - and they’re a small, woman-owned business out of Arizona to boot. 🦋

• This is what we call a win-win! •

• What other companies do you support that are in alignment with your values? Comment below so we can share the love! ❤️

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Butterfly Wonderland

// Things look new around here! After a year hiatus to finish a masters program, I have resurfaced with even more clarity than before (and with an expensive piece of paper that says I completed a Marriage & Family Therapy degree)
Why are we’re here? We all have THOSE wedding stories... of that bride who insisted ___ and a mother-in-law who demanded ___ and that bridesmaid who wouldn’t ___ and that vendor who forgot ___
At the end of the day, disappointment is from unmet expectations, spoken or unspoken. The greater question is not how you’re going to avoid them all, but rather how you’re going to proactively navigate emotional and relational management during wedding planning, whether you’re the bride, groom, parents, siblings, wedding party, friends, guests, or vendors.
Welcome to all who are new here. I’m Betsy, a wedding coach and marriage counselor whose passion is to help you identify your values, stay true to them, and live accordingly. Hence the name change from “A Community Affair” to “Live Your Values”
Double tap if you think the world would be a better place if we lived our values as we planned weddings! #liveyourvalues #lyvcoaching


Take a timeout. Realign and reset your goals.💡#ProHabits


Which #ProTrack are you currently loving? Some of our favorites are apart of the ProFocus track.🙏🏼


How do you find time to reconnect to your goals?💭 #ProHabits


Sharing productivity tips on Blerrp today 📊✅ Check it out 👉 https://www.blerrp.com/blog/15-productivity-tips-to-help-you-reach-your-goals/


#WorldWaterDay: Essential to all life, sacred and scarce.
We recently met Aunty Ivy (NZ), an elder and healer whose mission is to bring Universal Wisdom to assist in the global healing of people and of Mother Earth 🙏🏼
As a front line protector of Earth’s Water, in 2018 Aunty Ivy is visiting 20 countries to bring awareness of our current path, exchange wisdom in ceremonies, and share the healing of peace, harmony and unconditional love, so that we may evolve to being custodians of our beautiful Mother Earth, and help to heal her for our future generations.
The culmination of her walk will end in Africa on New Years Eve, where we can all be part of the celebration of this healing journey, and of coming together to protect and heal our Earth’s Water.
We’ll be following Aunty Ivy’s journey this year - please get in touch if you’d like to know more 🙏🏼💦💙
📷 @french.atoll 🙏🏼💙

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