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What's love and it's rejections
Peer and my acceptance
The sand where I lay my feet
Is not where I build my castle
It was a dream,
It was a Delusional scene. - Andy Olson 🔥
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So my mother passed about 17 months ago. I finally got the gumption to stop by a dear friend's home yesterday, to let him know she had passed. This man was like a second father to me, I loved him and his family like my own. We drove up to the house , it was all decorated fir Halloween. I figured he must have moved, but the garage door was open so I thought I would ask if they knew him. I said hello to the man working in the garage. He turned around and said "Tricia!" it was his son . I babysat He and his sister every Friday night for years. His father had passed, but seeing him all grown, with a family of his own warmed my heart. Today he sent this photo to me it's a pin he and his sister gave me when they were little, I must have forgotten it one day. I love this! Why am I telling you this story? Because it reminds me to be BRAVE, I might not get the result I'm thinking I will but I might get something pretty darn good ! RIP Pat & Love you Andy & Lynnie ! #lovelife #bebrave #grateful #theycallmetricia

Sacramento, California

After taking a month “off” of a more physically demanding workout regime I started to shift my mind and body again today!! There’s a couple moves in today’s workout that require all my weight be put on my wrists and guess what?! I DID THEM!!! Did it hurt? Yes but it wasn’t painful
Did I think about quitting? Yes but I know I need to do this
Will I continue to push myself to failure? HELL YES!! Loving this new me! Big goals are going to be hit before the end of the year!! #biggoals #bethankful #lovelife #pushyourlimits


Un par de preguntas.... #Repost @grelabravo (@get_repost)
A veces necesitamos preguntas incómodas.
A veces necesitamos que no haya respuestas.
A veces rendirnos para decidir levantarnos.
A veces vaciarnos para llenarnos después.
A veces marcharnos para volver.
A veces necesitamos necesitar para saber cuánto y cómo.
A veces guardar silencio para escuchar.
A veces no moverte para avanzar.
A veces necesitamos que no nos lo recuerden.
A veces que nos lo repitan.
A veces querer.
A veces desear.
A veces dejarnos querer.
A veces dejar de desear.
A veces necesitamos reír
A veces llorar.
A veces volar sin saber
A veces saber que no podemos volar.
A veces que nos lo digan.
A veces que no lo digan.
A veces necesitamos decirlo.
A veces sentirlo
A veces que no se necesite.
A veces que no se olvide.
A veces vivir
A veces estar vivos.

A veces necesitamos
que nunca hay siempres.

A veces sólo vivir.
Sin embargo, vivir
____________________ ©️Grela Bravo

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