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Lush day. Crafting with the girl this morning. Fab meeting with my colleagues this afternoon and ending today with a 2 syn #optionsbelgianchoc in a Christmas mug, watching Dory for famo film night. 😊❤️ #lovemyfamily #lovewhatido #bestjobever #slimmingworldcommunity #slimmingworldmum


Project of the day.Roof deck with a Brazilian style grill. #design#interiorsbymichele#sketchup#lovewhatido.


After a long crazy week I'm finally back to work! Hopefully I get some new items listed this week. Stay tuned 😀

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The other day I get to work and sit to for a minute at the nurses’ station. I am in & out of conversation with ppl behind me talking about their fitness and nutrition journeys as I’m looking at the computer.
All of the sudden I feel a hug around my shoulders and hear my friend and co-coach say “I’ve lost an extra 9lbs and it’s all thanks to Sarah” ☺️🤗 Oh my gosh.....this is why I do my side thing! To ❤️ helping ppl finally get the results they’ve been longing for, feel good about themselves, feel confident about themselves, and be proud of their hard work bc it’s finally showing and paying off!
I’d ❤️❤️❤️ for you to be this person! If this is something you’ve been wanting to do then comment below or message me! I love getting results and helping others get results (and lets be honest, I love getting paid to help others too)!!!!!


BUT I DONT HAVE TIME.... The most common thing I get is from people who look at potentially working with me is 'I don't have time' ... Well how much time do you think you need?
Within Forever there are so many people from different backgrounds....some who work full time, others part time...There are some who work in busy corporate jobs, teachers who have hectic schedules, busy sales managers, senior nurses working long hours and soon to be mums or stay at home mums.

They don't have spare time, no one has spare time ... I fill every second of time I have with something!
But I make time, I shrink wrap my flexible business into the nooks & crannies of my life - it's a networking business, networking is simply chatting ... How many times do you chat everyday?
If you don't have time - you need to do something in the short term to make time in the long term
I took on the forever living opportunity to have more time freedom. I work my job around my commitments and my Sofia Initially I made a commitment to work flat out for a short period of time. I gave up some of my social time and non productive tv watching for that period - I was prepared to work day/ night & weekends on my business
Making small sacrifices initially to be in the position I am now is the best decision I've made.
So if you think you haven't got time, then I can show you how to work smartly in the short term to have amazing long term results.

Will it be worth it....absolutely Yes!!! #diamondgroup #time #freedom #teamleader #businessmum #newyou #flexible #lovewhatido #workwhereilike #amazingteamtraining #supportyou


🎃👻 just 5 more sleeps till the Halloween event at kiehls Milton Keynes,why don’t you come along and help us raise lots of money for @willen_hospice at this time of year we should be helping people around us and be very thankful for all we have... so please come and join in the fun and games and maybe even let us help you with your winter skin needs?! We can do a check to see if we can help you achieve skin goals and we all want that 😊 can’t wait to see you @kiehlsuki @kiehls #kiehlscreates #kiehlsmk #miltonkeynes #beauty #lovewhatido #kiehlsrepresentative


#mysundayzen #nofilter вот за что я люблю 🇮🇹 🏖️️ (помимо прекрасных фабрик @arteco.casa, конечно) всего 1 выходной под солнцем, и я готова делиться энергией с вами 📲 уже завтра снова на связи 😎 #lovewhatido #travelover #designlover #artlover #sundayzen

Bagno Tarifa Porto Corsini

As a photographer, I have no greater satisfaction than helping clients feel beautiful and confident in front of a camera. My passion and purpose have intersected...and I couldn’t be happier. . .
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