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Why did you tear my heart apart
You said you'll love me from the start
All those painful things you've put me through
But I'm still loving you
I've tried to give my best to you
Everything has gone to memories
I just wish I knew the truth behind the lise


It's pertinent to note that age is not a barrier to fashion, fun and pleasure. Most fashion today is a remix of what was invented by our aged parents. For our generation to move forward and be blessed we need to acknowledge and celebrate our parents. 
However For this reason we decided to organize an event which will put smiles on their faces and also give us a glimpse of how swagg and fashion was in the early 50s and 60s. I present to you to an event first of its kind to celebrate our parents from 50 years of age. Follow link for forms.http://www.godsfanaffairs.com

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Today making "Oreo with Love and Fried Oreo" 😎
Alasan buat Oreo Love ini karena kepikiran mimpi tadi pagi bertemu dengan seseorang 👦 yang seakan2 istimewa dihidup saya😍 yang udah lama ga ketemu 😐. Jika dia berpihak kepadaku ( I'm PROMISE will making that for him. Sometime. Maybe ! )
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