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Thursday vibes...Ah, the lower back, what a truly complicated, amazing and fragile structure made up of ligaments, muscles, fascia, joints, bones, emotions and energy.
And chronic lower back pain is on the rise in the US. According to new research, a whopping 80% of Americans will experience lower back pain. This can be caused by poor posture, a pelvis that is out of alignment or clenched pelvic floor muscles caused by trauma, stress or fear.
Bottom line is we've got to treat our beautiful back with the respect that it deserves as the very foundation that holds your body upright by giving it a little love every day – you’ll find the investment in prevention will pay dividends if it helps you avoid back problems. -
Here are a few easy tips to keep your spine healthy and supple:
✨Going upside down every day on your #loroxalignedroller feels incredible and will tremendously help restore and heal lower back issues. Inversions are amazing to decompress the discs of your spine and help redistribute your spinal fluids. ✨Try rolling out your feet with a tennis ball to maintain healthy plantar fascia which has a huge impact on the health and mobility of your spine. ✨Be sure to build and maintain a strong and flexible core, pelvic floor and hip rotators especially your glute medius.... ✨Give the #tsytransformation a try to get all of these benefits and much more! #linkinbio 📷 @nickisebastian shooting for @jennikayne 🙏🏼
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Hanging out on my inversion table every morning and night has helped me heal from my lower back problems. I highly recommend you try this torture device if you have back problems, or need to fix your posture. I do 5 min 2x a day and after 4 days I feel the difference. I went to the doctor was told I might have to ease up or stop working out until my back issues clears up. I am back at full activity and almost 100%. #inversiontable #hangingupsidedown #lowerbackrelief #jiujitsu #bjj #cali #lifestyle #healing #decompression


Bridge is a great movement for the posterior chain muscle group and excellent stretch for the anterior chain muscle group. It engages the muscles, such as hamstrings, adductors, glutes and small muscles in the lower back. Once lifted it also stretches primarily your hip flexors and the front of the spine.
The benefits are great: strengthens your core, tones your butt, helps with lower back pain, helps to improve your squats and hinge movements, and believe it or not it will help to decrease your knee pain! Not having enough control of the femur might result in femur sliding forward which causes internal rotation or collapsing to the midline of the body. This movement is fundamental for everyone of us no matter what your fitness level. There are several variations of bridge, such as lifting one leg up and doing movements with only one leg as a foundation on top your shoulders (immediately more engagement in the muscles listed above), incorporating a stability ball underneath your feet, bringing an additional weight on top of your hips or even just marching in place as hips are up.

Set up:
Lie on your back, knees bent 90 degrees, and feet flat on the floor. Feet are hip-width and you bring heels as close to your hips as possible. Place hands by your sides, palms facing down. To protect your lower back, contract your glutes, inner thighs and your abdominals. As you continue contracting lift your hips off the floor so that your body is in one line from shoulders to knees. Hold for a moment and lower back on the mat one vertabrae at the time. There's no rush, take time to pause at the top and feel your back side of the body engaged, and then slowly lower down. Repeat 15 times for 2 sets. Remember to stretch and elongate the back side of the body afterwards.

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Did you know that Relievamed is a natural joint & muscle rub that does wonders for your lower back? We have had some amazing feedback from those that suffer from lower back issues. Packed with natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, Relievamed is that natural choice for helping your back. 🌿Try it for yourself today!

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Have you ever heard of Thai yoga massage? My good friend Mellisa, who is a Thai yoga massage practitioner in Baltimore, joined me on my #livetothrive show today (check it out in my snap feed!) to explain what it is and why it’s so beneficial for your mind and body. 💆🏽‍♀️It’s completely different than normal massage, one of the biggest reasons being that you wear clothes and are on a mat on the floor. This is because she is using her body to stretch you while applying pressure. Pretty much like a yoga class on steroids, without you doing the work. How amazing is that?!
I discovered Thai massage in Thailand last year and had some mixed experiences. Some were great, and some were horrific, to the point where I walked out of a massage after 10 minutes once. When I came back the US and became friends with Melissa, she showed me her way of doing Thai massage and I am now a loyal lover of this practice and regularly get treated from her for my lower back and tight hips.
The pose she has me in releases my lower back while opening my chest. It feels amazing!!
Check out the live video In my snap feed💆🏽‍♀️🎥we made today to learn more about Thai yoga massage and what it may help you with! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Melissa directly through email at melissamp0212@gmail.com or her website at www.melsthaibodywork.com
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מרחפים ונהנים במפגש השני של קורס המורים🙃 #aerialyogateachertraining #lowerbackrelief #inversion #mobility #yoga #pilates
בקרוב קורס נוסף! מוזמנים להירשם לניוזלטר בביו לקבלת עידכונים! 📢📢📢📢📢📢
מהנעשה באוויר השבוע🙃:
מקומות פנויים-
שני 17:55
חמישי 18:30
חד פעמי שישי ב11:00
למתרגלות וותיקות שיעור בדגש אקרובטי -עלות שיעור רגיל בכרטיסיה או בודד שמחירו 80 (כולל מעמ)

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So I know this looks a lot more "kinky" then serene but I guess if you're into that #bondage #shibari #ropebondage #snm #bdsm type of thing you'll probably enjoy #aerialyoga too 💁🏼😹but if you're not into that, and are just looking for a style of yoga that is a great way to open your shoulders, back, and hips and feel weightless while doing so than this class is for you 🙋🏼🤗today was my second class learning some new #aerialsilks and I was not disappointed at all! Thank you to @meredithismia for the amazing class and the 📸to promote your awesome class. She is amazing and she's teaching again on Tuesday at 11am & Thursday at 10:30am our beautiful studio @vanillaskyyoga next week. If you want to learn to fly like a 🦋🦅🦇then please come to her class you won't regret it I sure don't😇

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If you have lower back aches, this is for you (no medicine needed). Download this easy guide to your android, i-phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop now!
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