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This is a critically endangered helmeted hornbill, found only in Sumatra and Borneo, with rare residence in the Malayan peninsula and southern Thailand. Unique to this hornbill species, the casque of this bird is solid ivory, and because of this they have been heavily poached in the ornamental trade. The hornbill’s casque, or “helmet”, allows them to pick up and manage food, helps to resonate sound when calling, and it has been suggested that the hornbill can also use the casque like a hammer. Another threat to this species are native peoples in the Malaysian Peninsula, who hunt them due to the belief that their casques can protect them from evil spirits. The Penang Bird Park in Malaysia where this bird was photographed works to conserve this species and breed them in captivity. This bird is one of two helmeted hornbills at the park that were saved and donated by a local lumberjack who found the female and a her baby in the tree while he was working. Knowing how rare this species was, he made sure to deliver the hornbills to Penang, where they have been carefully taken care of and kept healthy since their arrival. #Photoark #helmetedhornbill


Photo by @FransLanting A setting sun cradled by a forked palm tree. Sometimes less is more. Follow me @FransLanting for more moments of serenity. #Beauty


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How amazing is this waterfall in Norway??? 💚💚💚
Picture by ✨✨@skeye_photo✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature 💚


#followmeto romantic nights with @natalyosmann in Paris.
What is the most romantic thing you have done for your beloved one?? Personally I think that I am an ideal husband and do romantic things to Nataly every day! (Don’t ask her!!!))😂
#следуйзамной на романтический вечер с женой @natalyosmann.
Что самое романтичное что вы делали для любимого человека? Я думаю, что я идеальный муж и делаю романтические сюрпризы каждый день! (Только у Наташи не спрашивайте)


Exploradores estudian un misterioso sistema volcánico en Guatemala 🌋
Un equipo partió en una misión para estudiar el complejo de lava dómica más activo del mundo a fin de ayudar a la gente que vive a la sombra de un volcán.
Santiaguito, un complejo formado volcánico por cuatro domos de lava (montículos redondeados hechos de lava viscosa), se extiende en la base del volcán El Caliente. Desde 1922, erupciones leves pero casi continuadas han expulsado chorros de vapor y cenizas desde estos domos de lava. Stephanie Grocke, Gabby Salazar y Ross Donihue (exploradores de National Geographic) partieron en una expedición de un mes con guías locales y policía turística a fin de estudiar estos volcanes activos, probar un nuevo método para monitorear la actividad de los domos de lava y desarrollar métodos para predecir erupciones.
Lee la nota completa en nationalgeographicla.com


Photo by @amivitale
American photographer, filmmaker and writer Ami Vitale (@amivitale) tirelessly shares the story of the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e), an organization in northern Kenya that rescues, raises and releases orphaned and abandoned baby elephants. “I want to shine a light on these unsung heroes that are out there changing the destiny of their own landscape,” says Ami. Due to ivory poaching and climate change, more and more elephants are in need of care and protection. Reteti was founded in 2016 by the native Samburu people to meet that need. “This place is 100 percent indigenously owned and run, which makes it different from every other elephant sanctuary, where there are a lot of outsiders and volunteers,” says Ami. “It’s really unique, and it gives the Samburu people a lot of pride. I want people to know about this place because it’s incredibly inspiring, and could be a blueprint for others.” 🐘

Today is #WorldElephantDay. To celebrate, join Ami at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary today on our story and on our IGTV channel. To watch IGTV, update your app now, then look for the new icon in the top right corner of feed.


[ #WorldElephantDay ] Love and Safety | Photograph by I. Ogila
“Love transcends species,” writes #YourShotPhotographer I. Ogila. “For these little elephant calves, it means that they get a chance to live and die of old age.”

“What a truly wonderful moment! We have done many stories on the elephant sanctuaries and the work these conservationists are doing to protect these wonderful creatures. This image just shows the caring and support that goes into these places that will ensure this species continues to live. I love how close you got with this frame and the expression on both the human and elephants faces.” — @natgeoyourshot Senior Producer Matt Adams (@themattadams)


Does your dog do this?? #dogsofinstagram


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