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Huge congrats to my mentor and fellow FIFA team-mate Max Martin for being inducted in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame!! You are a true inspiration and a pretty good FIFA player dude but you need to pass the ball more often I mean c'mon Im usually wide open what happened to "leave your ego at the door", Jesus. 😁 #maximusmartinius


They say never meet you idols, because they will let you down. Well, I got the exact opposite experience, working with one of my biggest idols, and the most humble and nicest guy, @justintimberlake . Thank you for letting me jam on this soundtrack with you! And a big shoutout to the teamwork! @awsuki #maximusmartinius #PeterSvensson @shellback666 @oscar_holter @arianagrande @gwenstefani @soirodgers @theonlyjeffmiller
The Trolls soundtrack is out now!!! Go get it!!!
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This is gonna be awesome! Sweden is awesome!
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