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Straining some yarrow & echinacea root infused avocado oil this morning!! This liquid gold will be mixed with some already infused calendula oil & beeswax to become the Deep Healing Skin Balm. It’s basically a medicated salve that is whipped to have a light, easily spreadable texture. And a little goes a long way, so this jar lasts months! My favorite thing about this product is how much my maker friends love it. From bakers, to jewelry makers, potters, metalsmiths and farmers... my gals that work with their hands LOVE this stuff. It is so deeply nourishing to the skin and protects from the harsh winter elements. Get some this Sunday at @retrocraftfair !!!


People often ask me what my thoughts are on vaginal steaming. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Is it safe? Is it effective? And also... how do you even do it?? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I’ve seen many women transform their cycles and reproductive health with V steaming, including me! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If done correctly, steaming may rebalance pH, support the regulation of your cycle, increase fertility and ease cramps.
Here’s 5 of my favorite herbs that I love to add in steams for clients. 🌿 Go to the link in my bio to order your steam kit or book a 10 minute consult with me to customize the herbs to EXACTLY what you need with your cycle. ✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Have you tried steaming?


I gotta be real with you guys.
My feeds are filled with Coaches proclaiming energetic hacks to 7 figures. Money is great. Financial freedom is ultra appealing. But it's not the holy grail.
I have long been called to lead, teach, heal and share. I easily could step into business coaching having built a 6 figure business in one year. But I KNOW that's not my purpose.
My purpose, my WHY, my reason for stepping out and stepping up is SO much bigger, and in a way, so much smaller.
It's showing up as the most authentic, aligned, healed version of myself to those right next to me. My husband, our daughters.
It's identifying and healing my triggers, limiting beliefs, patterns, and ancestral karma.
Why? Because my role as a mother, giver of life, shepherd, tender is the greatest honor I will ever have. It is my honor to whisper the workings of the Universe to my daughters.
To support them as they stand in their personal strengths through energetic mastery. To heal generations of unawareness of the great power that is in the heart of us all, our ability to co-create our reality.
I hear all the time "Oh, your girls are so lucky to have you. I wish my mom was like that when I was young." Its funny because I'm not the "cool mom". I am probably over strict. I am aware. I am vigilant. Yet I treat them with trust, compassion and a deep knowingness that they chose me. I chose them. We chose eachother.


Dance Woman! Fulfill your traveling spirit with earth clothing that you can’t help but express your inner child in~ the creme guaze tiered skirt brings lightness to your being, comfort to your soul & looks stunning in all natural settings 🌲🌊🌵🌸🌴✨


Wow- this amazing site makes necklaces out of astrological cosmic imprint!!! This is mine! Although I follow Vedic astrology - which is slighlty different. In Vedic I have an Aries Rising which makes much more sense. •
Check it out! @asabovejewelry
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Amigas y amigos, les cuento que ya estoy en Santiago de Chile nuevamente y desde el próximo lunes 25 de noviembre comenzaré a atender quiropraxia en promoción a $12.000.
Estaré un par de semanas por la cuidad por lo cual les recuerdo reservar sus horas con anticipación.
El horario de atención será de lunes a viernes de 10 a 17 hrs, en nuestra consulta ubicada en Mac iver 484, of 154 a dos cuadras del metro Bellas Artes.
Para más información ↙️
@cynthia_yogatantien 📲+56986921541

Un gran abrazo para todos y que tengan un maravilloso día jueves 💚🌱🤲
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Are you a witch? 💫🔮NYTT på Youtube 🔮💫 Är du en häxa ?
The Swedish 🧙‍♀️witch🧙‍♀️ and 💫lightworker 💫
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A drum beat meditation to lead you into a trance state of your own. No voice guiding, pure Shamanic Drum. Continuing to provide affordable gentle guidance. Tasstwocrowsflying@gmail.com
#drum #shamandrum #tranceculture #drumbeat #medicinewoman
PayPal accepted from countries outside South Africa.


✨ À force d'expériences personnelles et d'échanges avec divers personnes, je me rends compte à quel point les pratiques spirituelles peuvent être encore mystifiées alors que nous vivons une époque de démocratisation intense de ces dernières...
✨ Malgré L'abondance de documentation disponible, nous sommes parfois dérouter...
Les sources d'informations sont multiples et il faut le dire, ce n'est pas facile pour le néophyte de s'y retrouver...
✨ En chamanisme, pratique présente depuis la nuit des temps, il y a autant de façons de faire que de peuples sur Terre...
En effet, le chamanisme est un système de révélation direct et tous les pratiquants chamaniques ou les chamanes décrivent leurs expériences différemment.
✨ Mais parfois, on ose pas... On doute...
~ Suis-je capable ?
~ Je ne sais pas par quoi commencer...
~ Je n'ai pas ce qu'il me faut pour pratiquer...
~ Est-ce que ce n'est pas mon mental qui me joue des tours ?
✨ Alors j'ai envie de dire que oui, c'est vrai, on est pas tous des chamanes mais on a tous, oui TOUS des capacités que l'on peut développer pour un peu que l'on ose se lancer, expérimenter et observer.... 😉
✨ Je vais donc vous proposer et vous partager ici, des exercices glanés ici et là, tirés d'ouvrages de divers auteurs ou trouvés dans de la documentation que je possède et/ou que je découvre...
➡️ Suite en comm 😉


Sexual Healing and Expression!!! (Pause to take the time To read this - thank you 🙏🏾) I’m bringing SExual healing and expression to the forefront of what I do and offer in the world. I have been a sexual freedom and positivity advocate for some time now as well as offering sexual healing modalities to my private clients in my work for the last year.
My own journey with sexual healing began at 18 years old after childhood and teenage years of sexual abuse.
When I was 18 I had my first boyfriend that didn’t just want to sleep with me (up until this point I thought all I had to offer was my body- so this shook me- also my first sober and of my choice sexual experience) I began therapy at the rape and sexual abuse center and I began my journey with meditation! These 3 things created a foundation for me to be who I am today.
At 19 I had the sexual freedom and enterprise to enter into my first full relationship with a woman which lasted 3 years. This was apart of my sexual healing and expression as I had been shamed when I was caught kissing my first first official official girlfriend when I was in middle/intermediate school.
I never received the “sex talk” and learned everything through my own seeking and searching. I now realize the “sex talk” is never ending and ever expanding.
Freedom IS my religion. Sexual intelligence is a key to this freedom. This year I’ve been able to guide womb healings and yoni egg journeys. I’ve been able to utilize the Breathwork as a conduit for healing sexual trauma, disconnection from body and pleasure.
Last year I held workshops called Breathxpression that were about reconnecting to our bodies, pleasure & freedom. I’m happy to say I will be presenting this workshop in Asheville on Dec. 7th!
This beautiful sacred work to me is not about orgies or even INTERCOURSE- posting nudes or sexy pictures BUT about having the enterprise and connection with your sacral power and dispelling the shame! It’s an intimate journey.
On Monday my first podcast episode about Sex will drop. This is my full coming out and claiming this huge aspect of me while holding power in my stance as a spiritual teacher- conduit!


Treating Endometriosis (continued):⁠

4. Physical Movement⁠

When you have endometriosis, exercise is important to keep your energy moving throughout your body and to get your blood pumping. Twists can be effective in “wringing” out your organs, and these are often incorporated into a yoga class focused on twists. Even a brisk walk can help reduce the pain and discomfort often associated with endometriosis. ⁠

There's no need to get overly intense regarding exercise, and lifting heavy weights or very strenuous exercise can actually further stagnate your energy and blood flow. So gentle methods to get your blood pumping are best.⁠

. ⁠
. ⁠
Define your Destiny &⁠
Be Fertile✨⁠

. ⁠
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This King Street Herbal Apothecary prescription gift set comes with the full line of our herbal infusions. Each set includes a keepsake holiday gift box that holds the 2 ounce sized bottles of
🍃Alchemy Body Oil
🍃Aphrodisiac Body Oil
🍃Calendula Relief Oil
🍃Harvest Ritual Oil
🍃Nightcap Body Oil
🍃Yoni-Verse Body Oil
💨FREE 2 oz Smokeless Smudge Spray.

Included in the full set is a journal with an opening chapter that speaks to the importance of a Mind + Body + Spirit connection.

Also available are half sets that include three (3) of the most popular herbal infused oils - Alchemy Body Oil, Aphrodisiac Body Oil, and Yoni-Verse Body Oil and a FREE 2 oz Smokeless Smudge Spray.
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New episode of The New Monks coming soon! ✨


MOON PHASES 🌙🌙 // do you follow the moon phases? I totally do. When I learned the power of moving through life alongside the moon cycles, I was able to navigate life so much better. Setting my manifestation intentions with the power of the new moon and letting go of all that no longer serves my higher good with the power of the full moon. 🌙🌙
Tuesday November 26th marks our next new moon. This one will be in Sagittarius and it will also be the last new moon before the solar eclipse on December 26. 🌙🌙
A refresher for those that work with the moon (new info for those that don’t)... the new moon is when the moon 🌚 is in its darkest phase. It represents the end of a cycle and the start of another as the moon turns on its axis, moving away from dark to full and bright (aka the full moon). It’s a great time to make a fresh start, start a new project or search for new ways to evolve. 🌙🌙
Sagittarius ♐️ is optimistic. It’s represented by the archer, the centaur. So the hunt is on! It represents stamina. And shooting your shot. It also likes to grow and expand, to inspire and ignite. They are also wise and prefer the long term benefits of wisdom over the fleeting rush of a thrill. 🌙🌙
A new moon in Sagittarius ♐️ asks where you are going? What are you learning? Is it making you a kinder and wiser person? 🌙🌙
Use this new moon to stretch your legs, get on your horse and charge fearlessly into a grand new adventure. Make a vision board of the dreams you hold for your life, list the places you want to visit (inner and outer) and what you wish to manifest. This is a time to see life through fresh eyes with deeper meaning. Freedom isn’t free. Every journey has its cost and it’s benefit. This is the time you can use this energy to drive you toward an awakening or gather speed behind your intentions! 🌙🌙


Do You need Resting BLISS face?
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Hi my sweet family, I need your help with an idea I’m floating around.

I created a 7-week Embodied Chakra Course over 4 years ago that has been both enlightening + successful (check out the reviews in my Highlights!)

The best way I’ve found to teach the chakras is by guiding my students through their own personal experience of the energy centers.

This Course does exactly that.

Through a process of spending time each week focusing on opening, unblocking + strengthening one chakra at a time, we are able to teach ourselves how the chakra system functions.

One thing has been clear to me on this journey:
No one can tell you what chakras are.
We have to feel when they’re off, whether there’s too much energy flowing through or they’re blocked up.

Through experiencing the energy running through our own bodies and witnessing our own divine technology in action, we become masters of understanding these integral pieces of our multidimensional selves.

So here are my thoughts:
1. A Course that I email to you, and you are responsible for practicing the techniques on your own every day.
2. I email you the techniques + create YouTube videos of how the practices are done properly that I send to my students.
3. I send you the emails, create YouTube videos + create Instagram and Facebook lives where I answer questions about your process.
4. All of the above + I create a Facebook community where you can chat about what you’re learning in your journey home to your energetic self.
5. Having an option for the above + being able to chat with me, where I lead you through meditations to clear your chakras every week (which is what I have done before, with excellent results).
Obviously each tier would need to be a bit more expensive because of the time I would be putting in, but I think I would start the first one out at $49, which would be $7 per chakra.
What do you think?
Do you ever wish you could figure out chakras for yourself?
Once I found the powerful energy within myself, sharing it is all I’ve wanted to do.
And now I have a platform to do it! I’m getting my website completed and I’m ready to share the wisdom.

Let me know what calls to you!


Girl, if you got 3 min TODAY check out my latest article! I am so THRILLED for this 3-part series on the @goddessceremony blog with Cassandra Wilder aka @menstruationqueen . I love writing and supporting my badass women kicking a** spreading their message + impacting people every damn day!⁣

She leads women on retreats and educates women on the importance of women’s circle + health. She is a source of great wisdom for that empowered woman in you. I met this soul sister by way of @yogabycandace virtual tribe and forever grateful for all the blessed communities that I have encountered throughout the years.⁣

Cassandra has a phenomenal podcast that just got ranked top 10 in Wellness in under a year! I love listening in cause it educates you a lot on how you can heal naturally through lifestyle choices and herbs; has tons of wisdom and transformative stories. Definitely add her on your podcasts listens search ‘goddess ceremony’⁣

I have so many great nuggets of wisdom for all of you across the next 3 weeks. So, subscribe to her blog to keep yourself posted or hit me up on DMs so I can drop you the link.⁣

Tune in and Share Loves!Sharing is caring.⁣

Be Inspired and TRANSFORM dat 🍑 !⁣

Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop, be better than most and take ownership of whatever you have been delaying.⁣

Your health, your body, your energy, your happiness.⁣

Make a change today that will support you for the future.⁣

It’s a choice and a lifestyle.⁣

Once you start – you don’t look back and drive forward towards your higher vision.⁣

You can begin with as small as saturating that mind with great podcasts, good inspo and reading your heart out.⁣

With that said ITS JUNIOR FRIDAY! So get excited for that weekend life VIBE!⁣

Once you read the article, LMK if anything resonated by sliding into my DMs or sharing it across your insta story community – tag a sista! 💋 ⁣

Okay, I am going back to listening to Bey’s homecoming album #workmode ✌🏼


Good Morning Witchy lovelies 🧙‍♀️ Hope you all have a Thrilling, Terrific Thursday. I thought I would share a photo taken this morning by our local photographer "John Walker" (can be found on facebook). So beautiful, looking out to sea and Dartmouth Castle on the River Dart. One ❤ 🖤💜🖤🙏🙏🙏🧙‍♀️🦋🧚‍♀️


“It may be the first day of your life, the prime of youth or several decades in, when Medicine Woman calls you. Your name on her list. Her new initiate. She crept in whilst you were sleeping, when you over-exerted, when you kissed him, or ate that, or lived there or pushed too hard just one time too many. She crept in and curled up in your cells, your heart, waiting to meet you. Longing to know you. Longing for you to know her, at last.
And what feels like the end is in fact a beginning, of a new road, an unknown path of pain and healing. She will show you how to slow down, she will run her fingers roughly through your life and help you sort the busyness from what matters, she will show you how to find support… and who you really are, beyond your roles and expectations… and even more beyond the System the world has forced you into. She transports you into the timelessness of big pains and tiny joys. Initiates you into your strength. Into your love. Into your courage. Into a world beyond your control.
She has sent me an invitation. I see yours too, tucked in your bag, amongst all the receipts and bills, the pens and detritus of life. Take it out.
It is time.” #lucyhpierce #medicinewoman .
Photo by @rohithsarcar .
Jewelry by @bhavyaramesh


💫 Działa na worki i cienie pod oczami,
💫 Ujędrnia skórę,
💫 Skóra jest dotleniona,
💫 Lepszy przepływ krwi.
Nie czekaj 👉🏻 zapisz się👌🏻