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I was recently diagnosed with PTSD and this is amazingly accurate! I’ve always laughed when being told I’m a “strong woman”. I believe strength comes through admitting our weaknesses and I’m a positive and spiritual person. I’m not my past, I’m not what happened to me. I’ve never been a victim, and the trauma isn’t something to let go of. Sometimes you just need support, and need to ask for help. I’m very grateful I reached out for help when I did, I recognized that the person I’ve become is not who I once was. It’s now time for recovery! Anyone out there who struggles with PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. big hugs to you. #ptsdrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #supportyourfriends #imnotbroken


It's one a.m. again. Another night. I wish I was one of those teens who went out on weekends. One of those girls who all the guys want to have. One of the teens giggling and spinning around in the night while letting my spirit free and screaming a Fuck you at the sky. But I'm not one of those teens. I care too much. Hurt too deeply. Feel too intensely.

I'm the girl spent bent over a toilet vomiting her dinner. I'm the teen bandaging up my wrists to stop the blood. I'm the girl having a panic attack in the bathroom while my mind spins around and around.

This isn't a fairytale. It's not a romance novel. Not a drama where everything unfolds neatly and the world is perfect. It's just life. My life. My survival. It's two a.m.


feeling so brilliant this morning, smashed a full body workout and hoping my good mood keeps on goinnnng 💕


A shout out to @mental.health.awareness._ Thank you for helping spread awareness🙇‍♂️ Never be Ashamed to share Your Story!!
You are not alone in this 💚

This is my story....
A few years ago I had become really ill & my life was turned upside down✨
I was then diagnosed with a mental illness called bipolar 1 disorder, a serious mood disorder. I had had what is called a manic episode✨
As daunting as the manic episode & diagnoses was, I began to realise, after some months into recovery, that it had in fact saved me✨
I finally have some answers!! I have been given a chance to reach out & get the right help that I've needed all these years✨
Now I am learning so much about myself & I am healing a little deeper✨
I am now still working towards & getting closer to a much more peaceful, happier, stable Me🙏💚
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Feeling broken is a horrible, horrible feeling. You feel alone, unwanted, unloved. You feel like you'll never be put back together again.
This is what depression does to me. It makes me feel broken. It makes me feel like nobody cares. I feel all alone in that moment. I feel like I'm drowning and will never get out.
But then, for reasons I can't explain, it just stops and goes away. I know people care, I don't feel alone, and I know I can get through this.
Today I fixed this wire all by myself after months of keeping it in the basement I decided to try and fix the wire myself and I did it. It's not broken anymore. This is what it's like. You think you're broken, but you're not. Someone or something will fix you again. It will pull you out of your brokenness. You are never alone. And if you need a reminder, ask me, I will remind you. I will be your person. I will help pull you out of your brokenness because I've been there. Because I know what it's like to have no one and have to fight those demons alone. And we shouldn't have to fight them alone.
#mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #endthestigma #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #depression #broken #youareloved #loudertogether #youarenotalone #brittanysnowhuh


GIRL “You’re Mental, don’t be so sensitive.” ”You’re fucking crazy.” Babe being told that your feelings are wrong, that you don’t have the right to feel the way that you do is not cool. Lover, if you no longer trust your own feelings and instincts, then you will start to rely on someone else to tell you how you're supposed to be feeling. Stop this shit pronto. Part of being a sassy honeypot is trusting in your own ability to handle yourself. Congratulations boss... another badass promotion 💅🏼