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I get this question a lot from Dolphins fans, so I thought I’d make a post up about it.
What is the direction of this team? Why get rid of the ‘stars’ in Miami? Does this count as a rebuild?
I completely understand all of this frustration and confusion - I’ve been right there with a lot of you on some of the moves this franchise has made. Not necessarily because it’s bad for the team, but because I loved these players. I’ve spent the last years of my life being a die hard fan for these players and now they’re all gone.
I’m sure a lot of you can relate, and in terms of “star power” this team is definitely lacking from where it was at just a few months ago. The Dolphins know this, the league knows this, we know this. It’s not a surprise. Getting rid of 2 of the best players on your team in a 2 day span just screams rebuild.
But this isn’t a rebuild. It’s a reload. A retool. The Dolphins saw that with the present roster, they weren’t going all the way. The pieces they had in place were either underperforming, overpaid, or asking for incredible sums of money that would set the team back.

The culture that Gase changed in year 1, it was disappearing. Locker room leaders weren’t leading the same way. Gase stated multiple times that certain players were not smart enough nor spending enough time learning his challenging playbook. Won’t name names, but those players aren’t here anymore.

The Dolphins want culture. The Dolphins want people who do it right. The Dolphins want people who love football and aren’t in this just for the money.
Their moves portrayed this vision in every way possible, and now they’ll have the opportunity to continue to build through recent draft success and finding the right guys.
It was apparent that the Dolphins could not fill all of their needs with the contracts that they had on the table. They asked for pay cuts, and both players said no. They both got released. It’s the way this league goes.
While we may have taken a step back talent-wise this year, I believe the moves were necessary. I believe the Dolphins (after an offseason where I can’t complain about a SINGLE addition they’ve made), are headed in the right direction.


Where will Suh end up next? The defensive tackle and interior force is set to meet with the Oakland Raiders today. He met with the LA Rams yesterday. Could you guys imagine Aaron Donald and Suh anchoring the interior of your D-Line together? 😱


¿do ppl even read captions anymore?😉

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